Marriage licenses
Robert C. Leonard Jr., 24, of 7383 Ranier Trail, Boardman, and Amy C. Corll, 25, of same.
Shane B. Nesbitt, 35, of 1763 Brockton Ave., Youngstown, and Pamela M. Niles, 35, of 334 S. Bon Air, Youngstown.
Matthew C. Mounier, 24, of 32 N. Yorkshire Blvd., Austintown, and Billie Jo Johnson, 18, of 1725 Silliman St., Youngstown.
Russell M. Burrier Jr., 53, of 12617 Beloit-Snodes Road, Beloit, and Julie A. Spellman, 44, of same.
Alden B. Chevlen, 54, of 1260 Boardman-Canfield, Unit 10, Boardman, and Katherine Dombroski, 52, of same.
Todd W. Dicken, 41, of 7360 West Blvd., Apt. 201, Boardman, and Annette A. Ahrens, 27, of same.
Victor A. Gasior, 33, of Youngstown, and Kimberly A. Zbell, 29, of Youngstown.
Docket entries
State vs. George Harper, probation violation, to serve remaining sentence.
Kimberly Adams et al vs. Steve Burnich et al, settled.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Scot Huebner et al, dismissed.
Amanda Bader et al vs. Jessica Burke et al, settled.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. Brian D. Smith et al, sale confirmed.
John Gronvall et al vs. Precision Pools and Spas Inc., dismissed.
Anthony Gallo vs. Jerry A. Black et al, settled.
John J. Lombardo et al vs. Hively Construction Inc. et al, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. John McClellan et al, dismissed.
Clarissa Thompson vs. HLW Fast Track Inc. et al, settled.
Hank Conrad vs. Allan D. Noble et al, judgment entry.
Diane Daugherty et al vs. Tamco Distributors et al, dismissed.
Fidelity Bank vs. Donald P. Pritchard et al, sale confirmed.
Eric P. Mullins et al vs. William J. McDonnell et al, settled.
Jackson Township Board of Trustees vs. James Pedro, judgment entry.
Green Tree Servicing LLC et al to John R. Timms et al, judgment entry and decree.
Carol L. Waddell et al vs. Fisher Gilder and Bord Motor Express et al, default judgment.
Liberty Mutual Insurance vs. Christine M. Figulski, settled.
Green Tree Servicing vs. Richard E. Bilsky et al, judgment entry and decree.
Charter One Bank NA vs. Vincent C. Spoto et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Real estate transfers
Andrew J. Kosco et al to Daniel J. McCarthy et al, Poland, $65,000.
Jon D. Walker to David Brickner, Sebring, $79,000.
Lynn Mokrovich et al to William L. Eliser et al, Boardman Twp., $65,500.
Joseph A. Meyers et al to Christopher Thomas, Canfield, $123,000.
Lucille A. Tillotson et al to Ronald S. Gelman, Austintown Twp., $69,000.
Elizabeth Itts to Kristen E. Mollica et al, Canfield, $230,000.
Harry E. Peck Jr. et al to Lonnie Mills, Alliance, $84,500.
Alan L. Clark et al to Jason A. Smith, Poland Twp., $4,000.
Nancy Slalock et al to Jeffrey J. Naples, Youngstown, $57,500.
Mill Creek Homes Ltd. to Harry Payne et al, Austintown Twp., $195,800.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Christopher Johnson, Boardman Twp., $49,000.
Viswanath Srikakulapo et al to Neal G. Monroe IV, Austintown Twp., $132,000.
Brent A. Pontuti to Shawn P. Laberto et al, Boardman Twp., $149,000.
Lou Yuhasz et al to Ivy Realty LLC, Youngstown, $6,500.
Bartholomew Builders to Gene Malovel, Boardman Twp., $207,000.
Erik T. Derrow et al to Jason A. Tatarka et al, Milton Twp., $63,000.
Larry Clegg et al to Jason Kalish, Jackson Twp., $95,000.
Gary M. Crim Inc. to Darlene Cole, Campbell, $100,000.
John J. Kutchel et al to David W. Cliness, Springfield Twp., $124,000.
Bank of New York et al to Timothy Lowry, Canfield, $42,000.
G. Douglas Ferrell to Milber West Stout Jr., Jackson Twp., $500,000.
Andrew J. Kemmer et al to Sandra D. Sullivan, Boardman Twp., $92,000.
Carmen Neapolitan et al to Dana Klacik, Youngstown, $67,000.
Thomas J. Winson et al to Nicholas R. Piccirillo et al, Struthers, $113,000.
Matthew B. Anderson et al to Vicki A. Davidson, Sebring, $125,000.
Susan R. Henthorne to Jennifer M. Wilkinson, Poland Twp., $45,000.
Mark G. Klacik to Sherri Clay et al, Austintown Twp., $75,000.
Kashleen Borfner to Mark S. Phillips et al, Poland Twp., $144,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Maureen A. McCollum, 3415 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, pharmacy technician, Walgreens; liabilities, $8,213; assets, $1,450.
Joseph Gura, 347 Jackson St., Campbell, none; liabilities, $556,335; assets, $0.
Michele C. Dye, 2368 West Manor, Youngstown, account officer, The Cadle Co.; liabilities, $12,718; assets, $1,745.
Anthony S. and JoAnn Tisler, 1519 Florence Ave., Youngstown, he: disabled; she: cleaning supervisor, Imperial Service Systems; liabilities, $163,176; assets, $64,630.
Madonna S. Jones, 3303 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $22,476; asset, $6,025.
Lorenzo W. Hicks Jr., 51 Halleck St., Youngstown, painter, Anthony Cocca; liabilities, $91,663; assets, $36,595.
Michelle L. Baum, 7544 Market St, Boardman, sales, Kohl's; liabilities, $25,934; assets, $9,500.
Calvin R. and Shawnanna N. Moore, 559 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, he: laborer, General Extrusions; she: Shawanna Moore Clear Channel Radio; liabilities, $82,164; assets, $43,541.
Cheryl L. Walker, aka Cheryl L. Butler, 534 Foster St., Youngstown, nurse's assistant, Youngstown Jewish Federation; liabilities, $118,337; assets, $68,214.
Daniel C. Valentine, 4056 Risher Road, Youngstown, auto technician, Patterson Chrysler; liabilities, $93,577; assets, $59,125.
Dennis A. Stratton, 2712 1/2 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, rentals and sales clerk/delivery, TR Rental (Taylor); liabilities, $18,310; assets, $3,016.
Nukeisha Martin, 554 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, GPN, THI of Ohio at Boardman LLC; liabilities, $38,612; assets, $34,010.
Latasha Mechant, 196 Clarencedale Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $79,718; assets, $39,500.
Mary Jo Shuster, 40 S. Richview Ave., Youngstown, tax specialist, City of Youngstown; liabilities, $105,583; assets, $41,825.
Gary and Jean Pittman, 18278 Grove St., Lake Milton, he: Winkle Industries Inc.; she: none; liabilities, $139,939; assets, $56,660.
Leonard M. and Sandra Koker, 103 S. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown, he: retired teacher, Warren City Schools; she: none; liabilities, $73,245; assets, $77,756.
Paul J. and Margaretha Shuger, 1707 Midland Ave., Youngstown, he: sales, Bob and Chuck Eddy; she: none; liabilities, $119,374; assets, $35,680.
Blaise A. Orbitz, Village Apartments, Fairground Boulevard, Canfield, and Annette Obritz, 55 S. Cadillac Drive, Boardman; he: occupational therapist, Premier Therapy; she: clerk/transcriptionist, Kalfter's Inc.; liabilities, $193,053; assets, $117,710.
Robert A. Stock, 5120 Clearfield Drive, Mineral Ridge, truck driver, CFI-sick leave; liabilities, $139,633; assets, $149,254.
Tonne I. Hill, 3273 Zedaker St., Youngstown, behavior coach, Lincoln Place; liabilities, $23,575; assets, $8,580.
William H. III and Nancy L. Reynolds, 3861 Cannon Road, Austintown, he: yard manager, Delliquadri Landscaping; she: medical assistant, Forum Health; liabilities, $87,786; assets, $72,273.
Claude J. and Lonetta A. Brogan, 5521 Bedell Road, Berlin Center, he: sales agent, Wechert Realtors; she: retired; liabilities, $213,438; assets, $147,900.
Mary A. Davenport, 451 Francisca Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $26,114; assets, $2,100.
Laurie K. Bycraft, 13433 Church Ave., Beloit, asst. manager, Fashion Bug; liabilities, $32,333; assets, $11,675.
Charles L. Achey Jr., 3029 Frederick Drive, Youngstown, craneman, United Steel Service; liabilities, $26,271; assets, $60,980.
Carole A. Inskeep, 238 Boardman Blvd., Apt. C, Boardman, housekeeper, Imperial Cleaning/Sateri Apartments; liabilities, $327,611; assets, $3,800.
Kelly L. Pellin aka Kelly L. Williams, 7115 Harrington Ave., Boardman, medical secretary, NC Domingo, M.D.; liabilities, $165,270; assets, $150,390.
Stefan and Katalin Borbei, 170 N. Bridge St., Struthers, he: truck driver, self-employed; she: none; liabilities, $241,012; assets, $40,950.
Angela A. Brown, 41 DeHoff Drive, Youngstown, operating engineer IUDE Local 166; liabilities, $26,285; assets, $1,768.
Tiffany M. Mays, 105 Lilburne Drive, Youngstown, nursing assist., Park Vista Retirement; liabilities, $108,446; assets, $625.
Esther J. Morgan, 838 Cameron St., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $115,323; assets, $550.
Barbara A. Mulidore, 4150 Westmont Drive, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $134,107; assets, $68,740.
John S. and Tammi L. Petrosky, 5635 London Drive, Austintown, he; disabled; she: secretary, Comprehensive Logistics; liabilities, $20,019; assets, $6,330.
Thomas A. Kuhns Jr., 504 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. GS1, Austintown, assistant manager, Liberty Pizza; liabilities, $29,002; assets, $1,225.
Egbert F. Blunt, 3310 Orrin Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $35,070; assets, $4,089.
Craig L. Milliman Jr., 2115 Elm St., Youngstown, nursing asst., Autumn Hills Care Center; liabilities, $46,406; assets, $4,235.
Ralph A. and Shirley J. Perline, 125 Haviland Drive, Youngstown, he: equipment operator, Perline Paving Inc.; she: self-employed; liabilities, $494,880; assets, $181,680.
Dawn M. Wallace, 31 Romaine Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $100,306; assets, $64,050.
Ronald L. and Karen J. Newhouse, 143 Country Green Drive, Youngstown, he: auto worker, General Motors; she: none; liabilities, $242,890; assets, $140,105.
Betty Jean McPhatter, 1366 Dryden Ave., Youngstown, nurse's aide, Shepherd of the Valley; liabilities, $34,785; assets, $1,750.
Anthony J. Micco, 1317 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, laborer, Indalex Inc.; liabilities, $66,598; assets, $44,770.
Robert P. Jones Jr., 25 N. Lakeview Ave., Youngstown, clerk, Auto Zone; liabilities, $14,696; assets, $925.
William and Dena Wright, 5095 Pine Shadow Court, Mineral Ridge, he: WCI; she: Dena's Nail; liabilities, $193,732; assets, $172,802.

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