Lobby legislations for sewer, leaders urge local residents

Officials are seeking grants to complete the project funding.
LAKE MILTON -- Local leaders are urging residents to lobby legislators for $2.1 million needed before construction of a municipal sewer system can begin.
Interested Lake Milton and Craig Beach residents heard updates on the status of water and sewer projects during a public meeting Wednesday at the American Legion hall on Milton Avenue.
Joe Warino, Mahoning County sanitary engineer, said $2.1 million is the remainder needed for the $7.2 million sewer project.
Local leaders are asking residents to write to state and federal legislators, asking them for continued financial support of the water and sewer projects and to give specific reasons why the municipal water and sewer service is needed in the area.
Working to get grants
Warino said there are low-interest loans available, but local, state and federal officials are working hard to seeking grants, which are more difficult to obtain than loans.
The sewer project is part of plans to bring long-awaited municipal water and sewer service to Lake Milton and Craig Beach residents. Planning for water and sewer extension in the area began nearly 30 years ago.
Waterline construction is under way in several areas around the lake. Officials have estimated the cost for extension of both water and sewer service at about $20 million.

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