No room for bigotry in U.S. Senate hearings

No room for bigotry inU.S. Senate hearings
Any senator who doesn't know the difference between applying laws and rewriting them to fit their own personal ideology and political opinion shouldn't be sitting on any judicial confirmation hearings.
It's bad enough that the litmus test examines judicial nominations solely on how well they match the ideology of planned parenthood. But this Catholic had better not hear any senator questioning any judicial nomination on matters of faith. There's no place for religious bigotry in our nation much less in determining who should be the chief justice of the Supreme Court.
Judge John Roberts passed with flying colors. But perhaps the senators would like to try it again but next time preferably with the Constitution in mind.
Why risk life and limb over a carton of cigarettes?
I can appreciate the desire of our distinguished men and women in blue to catch bad guys, and of hard-working business people not to be cheated, but I have to ask -- no, demand -- that we draw a line when it comes to how far we will go to hunt criminals.
Recently The Vindicator reported on a high-speed car chase through Austintown and Canfield. The alleged wrong-doer stole a carton of cigarettes from the Walgreen's on Mahoning Avenue. Speeds, you wrote, reached 70 to 80 mph. The accused ran a stop sign at these high speeds.
I was flabbergasted when I read this. Had any law-abiding citizens been driving through that intersection when the man was attempting to elude capture, they and any passengers would likely have been killed. Over a carton of cigarettes? How can anyone justify this course of action?
This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. I do not fault the officers involved. Policy needs to be made by their superiors, by all the superiors in all the law enforcement agencies in our Valley, that there must be an awfully good reason for a high speed chase. There is too great a chance that innocents will be killed.
Good Samaritan is helping keep Fifth Avenue clean
I travel Fifth Avenue in Youngstown daily en route to work. For months I have noticed a gentleman walking picking up trash from the sidewalks, median strip and curbs as I travel toward Liberty along Fifth Avenue.
It is heartening sight that this man is so community oriented that he would perform this task multiple days per week early in the morning.
Hopefully neighborhood residents appreciate this good Samaritan who is making Youngstown a better place to live.
Keep the estate tax
The lack of an adequate government response before and after Hurricane Katrina horrifically illustrates that the Bush administration's tax cuts to the extremely wealthy have resulted in destruction of any safety net for the weak and poor citizens of this country. The estate tax should not be permanently repealed.