Today is Saturday, Sept. 17, the 260th day of 2005. There are 105 days left in the year. On this

Today is Saturday, Sept. 17, the 260th day of 2005. There are 105 days left in the year. On this date in 1787, the Constitution of the United States is completed and signed by a majority of delegates attending the constitutional convention in Philadelphia.
In 1862, Union forces hurl back a Confederate invasion of Maryland in the Civil War Battle of Antietam. In 1920, the American Professional Football Association -- a precursor of the National Football League -- is formed in Canton, Ohio. In 1939, the Soviet Union invades Poland, more than two weeks after Nazi Germany launched its assault. In 1976, NASA publicly unveils the space shuttle Enterprise at ceremonies in Palmdale, Calif. In 1978, after meeting at Camp David, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat sign a framework for a peace treaty. In 1980, former Nicaraguan president Anastasio Somoza is assassinated in Paraguay. In 1984, Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney takes office as Canada's 18th prime minister. In 1996, former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew dies in Berlin, Md., at age 77.
September 17, 1980: Despite a rally by 1,000 parents and students outside Reed Middle School, contract talks between Hubbard teachers and the Board of Education fail to reach an agreement in the two-week old school strike.
The Salvation Army is considering closing its Men's Social Service Department on Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown if efforts to unionize employees are continued, the department's co-administrator says.
Congress, rejecting warnings of launching a dangerous new phase of the arms race, gives tentative approval to building a new plant that would make weapons for chemical warfare. .
September 17, 1965: Construction of the proposed Lake Erie-Ohio River interconnecting Waterway would prove a tremendous factor in attracting millions of dollars worth of new industry to three Western Pennsylvania counties, rep. Michael Kirwan, Youngstown Democrat, says at the dedication of the $34 million Shenango River Reservoir dam.
Ohio University's youthful president, Dr. Vernon R. Alden, will be principal speaker at the banquet and dance climaxing the annual convention of the Ohio Conference of NAACP branches at the Hotel Pick-Ohio.
Susan Wright, vivacious star of Minskey's International Revue, heads the show opening the 1965-66 season of burlesque at the Park Theater in Youngstown.
September 17, 1955: A 31-year-old New York City housewife is seriously injured when a five-pound pumpkin is thrown through the windshield of her car on the Ohio Turnpike near Raccoon Road underpass. State highway patrolmen promise "drastic action" against whoever threw the pumpkin from the overpass if he is caught.
The Very Rev. Petro Pankrativ is assigned as permanent pastor of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church on Imperial St. in Youngstown by Archbishop Gregory of Chicago.
Fall enrollment at Youngstown University is the highest in history with 4,674 students, college officials say. The previous high was in 1948, when heavy veteran enrollment drove the number to 4,359.
September 17, 1930: Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge David G. Jenkins questions Harry G. Dalton for a half hour, bringing out information that a pro-merger "board of strategy" was formed March 28 in Bethlehem Steel Corp.'s New York offices. Dalton, who has been described as an "arch plotter" in the merger of Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Co. and Bethlehem left the stand saying he was "confused" about what he could say.
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd will be brought to Youngstown by the Youngstown Education Association, which is organizing a lecture series. Other speakers will be Vachel Linsay, American poet and writer, and Upton Close, lecturer and traveler.
Officials of South Side Hospital appeal for volunteers to give blood for a transfusion needed to save the life of a charity patient, a man 45 years old and the father of three children. No fee will be paid for the blood.

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