Youngstown Connection is a tribute to the city's youth

Youngstown Connection isa tribute to the city's youth
On Aug. 23, myself and the entire medical staff of St. Joseph Hospital in Warren had the extreme pleasure of being introduced to the Youngstown Connection Youth Group.
Dr. Carol Baird has brilliantly coordinated a selected group of Youngstown young men and women from our inner city schools to a level that has surpassed any expectations of our youth today.
Their performance was conducted in a very professional and heartwarming style that left the audience spellbound.
The evening has definitely restored our trust in our youth and the strength of our future. This group of students enabled us to witness a phenomenal performance and renewed our faith in the youth of today. We truly wish them the best of luck.
If ever the Youngstown Connection is in your area, please take the opportunity to see their performance. You will not be disappointed!
President, St. Joseph Health Center Medical Staff
Review of 'Gamma' at YSU ruined the play's surprises
After reading The Vindicator's Sept. 10 review of the current YSU production of "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds" I have to ask if the reviewer indeed saw the production or merely cribbed the review from a dog-eared copy of Cliffs Notes.
Out of nine paragraphs, the reviewer devoted one half of a sentence to the production itself which, according to the reviewer, is "superb." The rest of the review, i.e. the next eight paragraphs, explains the play in detail (ruining many surprises for those unfamiliar with the work) without ever bothering to even touch on why the production was "superb." Was it the performances? The direction? Was the scenery unlike any ever produced at YSU?
Perhaps in the future the reviewer might spend at least a quarter of the review considering the actual production itself instead of writing a book review.
How does your garden grow? If too well, share
Many people in our area have gardens that produce high quality fresh organic vegetables without chemicals, and this helps their families grow and also helps the community.
Many of the gardens produce much more than one family can use, and this presents a problem. Should you have a garden and you cannot use all of your yield, please -- please -- give what you can't use to your neighbor. Or should you not want to pick it, ask your neighbor if they would like to pick some.
Your garden is like your pet, it needs special care and attention. God does not want us to waste any of his food, and letting good fresh food rot on the vine is a sin.