Rentals play important role in homemade weddings

Everything from dishes to dance floors are available at a price.
Love makes a wedding, but rented tables, chairs and tents also do their part for the at-home wedding.
A number of businesses rent party tents, and lots of sizes are available, from the compact 20-by-30-foot model to the 40-by-80-foot or even 35-by-95-foot size. Prices begin at about $550 and go as high as three times that for the larger models. Sides for the tent are extra, as are lights for the interior. Set-up costs are usually included in the price quoted.
Tables to seat eight or 10 guests -- the favorite table seems to be a 60-inch round one -- rent for $8 to $12, and varieties of chairs also can be rented, from a dollar or two for a simple folding chair to $6 or higher for a padded, more decorative chair.
Also available -- for a price:
UA rented dance floor with enough room for 100 costs about $800.
UPrices for linens, glassware, plates and silver vary greatly, but a modest place setting, with glassware, costs at least $5.
UPortable restrooms are listed in the Yellow Pages under "Toilets -- Portable," and the options available at Connecticut suppliers range from the most basic unit where, as one spokesman says, "You see the waste," to the big trailer model with a marble floor, marble walls and piped-in music. Prices for the most stripped-down model begin at about $200, and the big trailers range from about $2,000 to $4,000, with setup included.

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