Man sentenced to 22 days for shooting horses

One of the horses will recover from its wounds.
NEWTON FALLS -- A 47-year-old Lordstown man accused of killing two of his sister's horses and wounding a third with a muzzleloader will serve 22 days in jail.
Robert Bingham, of 8831 Tod Ave. S.W., appeared Thursday before municipal Judge Thomas L. Old. He pleaded no contest and was found guilty of three counts of killing or injuring animals.
Judge Old sentenced Bingham to 30 days in jail but suspended eight days that he was held in the county jail before posting bond.
A $500 fine was suspended and he was placed on probation for a year.
Brent Milhoan, Lordstown police chief, said Bingham was responsible for taking care of his horses and those of his sister at her farm next door at 8933 Tod. The sister, Shelly Holton, works during the day, the chief explained.
Milhoan said Bingham told him that the horses got out of their corral. Bingham told police he has to chase the horses down when they get loose.
Day of shootings
On Aug. 25, Milhoan said, Bingham became frustrated when the horses ran free, got a muzzleloader from the house, went outside and fired a blast.
The bullet went though one horse and struck a second. He went back into the house, reloaded, and fired a second shot, striking the third horse.
One horse died instantly and a second was euthanized. The wounded horse will recover, the chief added.
On the afternoon of the shootings, Holton returned home, saw the blood on the horses and called police.
The chief said Bingham wasn't shooting at the horses, but rather trying to round them up.
Bingham was charged with the three misdemeanors, which each carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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