Divers begin experiment living underwater

Divers begin experimentliving underwater
PONZA, Italy -- Scuba diver Stefano Barbaresi exercises on an exercise machine on his first day of a 10-day experiment of living underwater off the island of Ponza. Barbaresi, 37, and Stefania Mensa, 29, completed the first day living 26 feet underwater off the island of Ponza on Thursday.
They have nine days to go to reach their goal of 240 hours -- doubling the 120 hours set by Jerry Hall of Bluff City, Tenn., in eastern Tennessee's Watauga Lake, according to the Guinness world records.
The divers' new home has beds, exercise machines, table and chairs and even a television -- all anchored to the sea floor.
Every five to six hours, the two will be able to enter a dry chamber where they can do such things as dine and change masks as well as undergo examinations by researchers, from several Italian hospitals and Rome's Sapienza University.
Study: Gene shows signsbrain is still evolving
WASHINGTON -- Scientists have discovered a gene variation, perhaps involved in brain size, that showed up only 6,000 years ago -- a mere blink of the eye in evolutionary time.
This discovery, along with another brain gene that arrived about 37,000 years ago, is providing scientists with strong evidence that the human brain is still a work in progress.
"It's very exciting stuff," said Henry Harpending, a professor of anthropology at the University of Utah who was not part of the research. "The brain is still evolving."
The new study was led by Bruce Lahn, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the University of Chicago, and appears today in the journal Science.
Magazine lists BYUas nation's fittest school
PROVO, Utah -- On those annual lists of the nation's college campuses, Brigham Young University is probably best known for its regular ranking near the bottom when it comes to party schools.
But now the university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has earned a new distinction: fittest college campus.
The ranking comes courtesy of Men's Fitness magazine, which earlier this year went in search of the fittest and fattest schools. Working with the Princeton Review, Men's Fitness surveyed more than 10,000 university students from 660 campuses and released its rankings in its October issue, which hit newsstands this week.
Along with BYU at the top of the list are the University of California, Santa Barbara; Boston University; University of Vermont and Northwestern University.
Topping the list of the fattest schools: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, followed by University of New Orleans, Mississippi State University, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Portland State University.
Restaurateurs spooked
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The landlords of an Orlando entertainment complex are suing two restaurateurs for refusing to move into a renovating building because they claim it is haunted.
Subcontractors who worked there and other people have reported seeing ghosts or other apparitions, said Lynn Franklin, attorney for the restaurant owners.
"It's very serious," Franklin said Thursday. "A lot of people are corroborating having seen incidents in this location."
The $2.6 million lawsuit filed last month by the owners of the Church Street Station entertainment complex says an offer to hold an exorcism was refused.
Judge ordered removed
ALBANY, N.Y. -- A town justice who abandoned his part-time post, but not his paycheck, to take a job in Iraq should be removed from office, a judicial commission said Thursday.
The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct said Judge Glenn Fiore's flagrant abandonment of his position requires the sanction of removal because ethical rules require a judge to put his judicial duties over all other activities.
Judge Fiore, 54, said he would not appeal the ruling.
In March, he took a one-year job in Iraq driving a truck for Kellogg, Brown & amp; Root Services Inc.
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