Ethics and independence are what make good judges

Ethics and independenceare what make good judges
Having practiced law in Ohio, primarily in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties, for 54 years, some may feel my opinions to be old-fashioned, but I feel compelled to state them nevertheless. Good ethics should never be out-of-date.
I am greatly concerned with the change in public attitude concerning the selection of judges and, specifically, justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. I was quite disappointed in a recent editorial in The Vindicator indicating that examination of a judicial candidate's view on specific questions to be proper and advisable.
The nature of the attacks by Senate members on specific issues is grossly improper. The judiciary is supposed to be independent. We have a right to be assured that he/she is honest, "hard working, keeps his dockets current, educates himself about changes in the law, and treats each person with respect and dignity." He should be neutral, not chosen because of being labeled as a conservative or liberal, nor because of the individual's sex, color, religion or political party, and certainly not because of his supposed stand on abortion vs. the right to life, the death penalty or any other issue until it comes before the judge in trial.
Questioning a candidate for judge, or justice, about his or her views on political or legal issues is trying to "stack the deck" and get a biased rather than an independent judge. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is credited with this statement: "The law makes a promise -- neutrality. If the promise gets broken, the law as we know it ceases to exit."
Horse whip those liberals
Your headline editor hit the nail squarely on the head last Sunday with "Assault on Bush becomes an assault on America" in the letters column. Succinct and to the point. It's too bad that we have term limits for the presidency. The writer predicts the demise of the Democratic Party, and at the same time the liberal media will also be silenced. We won't hear about the Iraqi insurgents, oops, the terrorists that we are fighting in Iraq.
After all, the Congress of the United States gave President Bush the authority to fight the terrorists in Iraq. Bush was adamant that these terrorists in Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at hand to unleash on our unsuspecting populace. Of course we now know that Saddam Hussein was himself the weapon of mass destruction. Ergo we are now safe.
We are constantly being bombarded by the likes of Cal Thomas, George Will, Thomas Sowell and others who are trying to keep us straight. To no avail. There are still those who do not believe the combined wisdom of these prolific writers on that paragon of virtue G. W. Bush. At this time, as our troops are fighting the terrorists in Iraqi, we are not fighting them in the back alleys of our ghettos. Thanks to President Bush making the pre-emptive strike. What a masterful commander in chief.
It is a good thing that the letter writer is a compassionate person, or all those criticizing the president would be lined up and shot by a military firing squad. No more complaints And the price of gasoline. Why real Americans are willing to pay as much as $5 a gallon before they become discontent; those insolent complainers cause all the problems.
Some of these miscreants are even saying that Social Security does not need fixing. They should be horse whipped at public floggings, just to show how wrong they are.