Comedian gits it done for 8,000 fans

Fans wore shirts and hats with Larry's well known saying .
CANFIELD -- Larry the Cable Guy mocked his life and the world around him before thousands of fans as the curtain came down on the 2005 Canfield Fair.
Around 8,000 tickets were sold for the final event of the fair Monday night. The grandstands were nearly filled for the second night in a row, after Brad Paisley's performance Sunday.
Larry the Cable Guy is part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Blue Collar TV with comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White.
Hundreds of fans at the show wore shirts and hats printed with "Git-R-Done" ™-- the phrase Larry the Cable Guy's popularized.
Opening act for Larry was fellow comedian P.J. Walsh, who recently returned from performing for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He began his time onstage by saying "God bless our troops."
Walsh's performance included comments on Geico Insurance commercials, women, police and his experiences overseas.
Then, it was Larry the Cable Guy's turn.
Some of his targets
"I got the best fans in the world, and I thank you so much for being here," he said. The beginning of his performance included getting the audience to shout his catch phrase, "git-r-done," in unison.
Larry criticized many things and people in his life and in the world. Some victims of the night's jokes included NASCAR, Michael Jackson, Las Vegas, little people, flying and the Rolling Stones.
"Have any of you seen Mick Jagger lately? When he dies they're going to bury him in a poster tube," he said.
Larry's set lasted more than an hour and was based mainly on his own experiences.
"By the way, if you get a rent-a-car and you want to cheat on the mileage, don't use Wite-Out. They figured that out," he said.
The night's performance, and the Canfield Fair, came to a close with Larry's personal renditions of Christmas carols. He accompanied the songs himself on his acoustic guitar.

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