1st--Jail House Denise(Miller)3.402.202.10
Buck I St Pat(B Harper)2.802.40
Jj's Message(H Beatty)2.60
Exacta 5-8 Paid $10.40, Trifecta 5-8-1 Paid $30.40.
2nd--Van Anna(S Noble III)34.6014.404.20
Judge Sadie(G Grismore)4.002.40
Kaitlin Lou(B Miller)2.10
Exacta 7-6 Paid $98.60, Trifecta 7-6-1 Paid $238.40, Daily Double 5-7 Paid $48.20.
3rd--Rose Run Hooligan(Noble)3.002.602.10
Master Invader(D Daley)3.202.80
This Sands Hot(J Konesky III)9.00
Exacta 6-1 Paid $8.40, Trifecta 6-1-8 Paid $191.20.
4th--Osborne's Bullet(Kash)35.2015.006.40
Grumpy(D Ross)24.609.60
Private Room(B Miller)8.40
Exacta 1-2 Paid $244.40, Trifecta 1-2-6 Paid $3,657.40, Superfecta 1-2-6-5 $1 PAY OFF Paid $12,803.40.
5th--Tady Strikes Again3.002.102.10
O'cala Kash(R Paver)3.002.80
Lisa's Laser(J Dailey)5.00
Exacta 2-6 Paid $7.20, Trifecta 2-6-7 Paid $43.20, Pick Three 6/1/2 3 OF 3 Paid $82.20.
6th--C C Spice(K Kash Jr)4.602.402.20
Jetstream Cute Cam(S Noble III)3.202.80
Marvel Sahbra(B Harper)5.20
Exacta 5-1 Paid $10.80, Trifecta 5-1-3 Paid $90.60.
1st--Solid Ten (Parker)6.803.803.80
Joanie's Hero (Gonzalez)19.6011.40
Bexley (Whitney)3.80
Also ran: Sandalias, Sunshine Summer, Brevard, Eve Harrington, Astuta, Moving Experience (IRE) and Elevenlittledevils. Perfecta (1-7) Paid $138.40, Trifecta (1-7-9) Paid $1,102.80.
2nd--Beckon the King (Stokes)7.004.802.60
Italian Stogie (Nguyen)15.804.20
Kissin Ty (Parker)2.40
Also ran: Thebigbrushoff, Thermopylae, Funny Soldier, Estimated Prophet, Depository, Shoot It and Horrible Evening. Daily Double (1-1) Paid $28.00, Perfecta (1-5) Paid $80.60, Trifecta (1-5-4) Paid $200.20.
3rd--Reveur Belle (Barria)21.009.405.60
That's Holly (Murphy)13.807.00
Kiri's Beauty (Pereira)11.80
Also ran: Lineuponthelevee, Wicked Wanda, Wild Ruffles (AUS), Cute Cat, Gingerbread Miss, Special Pal and Hopeful Heart. Perfecta (5-4) Paid $249.40, Trifecta (5-4-10) Paid $3,601.40.
4th--Kalookan Prince (Gomez)
Elaines Rocket (Gonzalez)2.802.20
Gacky (Barria)2.40
Also ran: Elusive Reaction, Majestic Park, Swim Lap and Zhanoobee. Perfecta (5-7) Paid $13.80, Trifecta (5-7-4) Paid $31.20.
5th--Lovers Lane (Brinkley)23.207.405.00
Indian Casino (Ganpath)3.403.20
No More Tax (Ramgeet)4.80
Also ran: Rococo, Foxey Broad, Doll Lure, Treasured Heart, Mindy's Time and Doey Wild. Perfecta (7-10) Paid $90.40, Superfecta (7-10-1-9) Paid $1,477.00, Trifecta (7-10-1) Paid $524.80,
Pick 3 (5-5-7) Paid $701.40.
6th--Exit Card (Parker)6.203.802.20
Dancinwiththunder (Walker)4.203.00
Lejos (Whitney)2.60
Also ran: Red At Morn, Run for Fun, Hollor Back and Play It Softly. Perfecta (5-2) Paid $35.60, Trifecta (5-2-6) Paid $101.80.
7th--Rail Spike (Ramgeet)
Play to the Max (Skerrett)6.604.00
Dare He Goes (Whitney)3.60
Also ran: Beaulieu, Classy Legend, Anxious Aly, Gotabeanureyev and Mirific (IRE). Perfecta (6-4) Paid $37.00, Trifecta (6-4-3) Paid $189.20.
1st--Cacamie (Cox)
Jost Asking (Berger)4.202.60
Chase My Wigger (Brown)3.20
Quinella 2-4 Paid $5.60, Perfect 8-4 Paid $20.40.
2nd--Rufflets Sammir (Lipiat)
Tree Top Tall (Popio)2.80`2.20
Surf Connection (Loy)3.20
Quinella 1-2 Paid $6.40.
3rd--Llium Angus (Heasley)
Fluto (Smith)10.804.60
Northvick Albert (Harris)5.80
Quinella 2-1 Paid $32.80, Perfect 1-2 Paid $75.40.
4th--BB Balanced Babe (Popio)8.804.007.80
Sassy Jewel (Miller)5.604.60
Clear As Crystal (Smith)9.00
Quinella 4-1 Paid $87.20.
5th--My Rising Star (Loy)4.402.20
On The Attack (Mueller)2.40
French Magi's (Miswonger).
Quinella 2-1 Paid $4.80, Perfecta 1-2 Paid $11.80.
6th--Rao N Mikla (Lippiatt)8.404.002.60
Anastasia Bubba8.403.20
Quinella 2-1 Paid $57.40, Perfecta 1-2 Paid $161.20.
7th--Lorelel (Cox)
Sweet Preston 52o3.20
Sand Gee Five (Loy)2.40
Quinella 2-1 Paid $49.80, Perfecta 1-2 Paid $88.20.
8th--Brook Side Spirit (Loy)4.402.802.10
Love's The Boss2.10
Quinella 2-5 paid $5.60, Perfecta 5-2 Paid $6.80.
9th--Fax Me The Message 5.802.,40
Gracious (Sturgeon)2.60
Lady Millbucks (Berger).
Quinella 3-1 Paid $3.80, Perfecta 1-3 Paid $5.80.
10th--Speedway Hall (Harris)72.40, 14.20, 4.40
Anatasia Broadway3.002.60
Miss Erica (Thompson)3.80
Quinella 5-4 Paid $36.80, Perfecta 4-4 Paid $104.20.
11th--Anastaia Ajay9.002.403.80
Cinderella's Amm (Larrader)2.802.40
Just Call Me Ike (Lippiatt)5.20
Quinella 4-1 Paid $17.00, Perfecta 1-4 Paid $26.20.
12th--Rapideus (Harris)4.402.802.20
HanginOn (Daugherty)5.402.20
Spirit Of Osborne (Boring)2.20
Quinella 4-2 Paid $9.00, Perfecta 2-4 Paid $9.00.
13th--Oceana Hanover (Sturgeon)7.002.802.20
Rose Run Cordan (Rhoades)4.607.80
Bad Situation (Berger)2.80
Auinella 4-2 Paid $10.00, Perfecta 2-4 Paid $36.00.
14th--Charley's Candee (Smith)3.402.20
CG's Wisper (Popio)2.40
Ragout De La Pan (Harris).
15th--Silky Tag (Miller)4.803.40
Pale Moonlight (Schettig)4.20
Hot Scone.
Quinella 3-2 Paid $8.40, Perfecta 2-3 Paid 12.60.
1st--Bravo Brad (Caminita)9.204.803.40
Cat Tide (Oro)6.804.40
Borrow the Gold (Hannigan)4.60
Also ran: Don't Look, Gitalong Jim, Here Comes Deano, Swiss Alps, My Happy Dream, Little Wink, Siphon's Fire and Forli Country. Exacta (5-6) Paid $67.20, Trifecta (5-6-4) Paid $219.80, Superfecta (5-6-4-2) Paid $3,031.20.
3rd--Two Retired Tires (Moran)27.2013.409.60
Allied ProspectorOro E1164.603.40
A Spunky's Crow (Cabrera)13.00
Also ran: Bumkin McGruder, One More Bragg, Put in Bay, Brave Step, Five String Banjo and Onefortheroad. Exacta (5-8) Paid $125.00, Trifecta (5-8-4) Paid $1,212.80, Superfecta (5-8-4-10) Paid $3,305.60, Pick 3 (5-1/9-5) Paid $367.80.
5th--Cashpoint (Magrell)24.8011.205.00
Top Running (Skerrett)4.002.60
Happy Diane (Hannigan)2.60
Also ran: Clearly Kathy, Limantour, Dinkers Diva, Boo Boo Can't Walk, Cape Love, The Annswer and Shoot for Gold. Exacta (1-12) Paid $101.00, Trifecta (1-12-7) Paid $362.00, Superfecta (1-12-7-10) Paid $939.30, Pick 3 (5-8-1) Paid $1,935.90.
7th--Lone Ranger (Cabrera) 15.006.605.00
Johnduffswood (Urieta-Moran)5.604.40
Gentree (Felix)10.60
Also ran: Coasting Barnie, Zur Guten, Spectacular Dancer, Round Tree, That's Creative, Easy Change, Startle, Orbea and Why Grampy. Exacta (3-6) Paid $73.80, Trifecta (3-6-12) Paid $1,645.20, Superfecta (3-6-12-1) Paid $3,375.40, Pick 3 (1-2-3) Paid $1,113.40.
9th--Chance of War (Perez)
Millennium Fox (Urieta-Moran)3.803.20
Grifton (Mailhot)4.00
Also ran: Captain Binge. Exacta (1-5) Paid $37.20, Trifecta (1-5-2) Paid $182.80, Superfecta (1-5-2-4) Paid $887.10, Pick 3 (3-2-1) Paid $230.20.
11th--Pyrite Bonds (Feliciano)15.405.003.60
Bold Passage (Chapa)2.402.20
Noon Win (Oro)3.40
Also ran: Silver Sabin, Cho Chang, Misty Tab, Seeking the Honey, Queens Over Jacks, Cloud Forty Nine, Whereabouts, Chatcat, Celestia and Unbelievable Reba. Exacta (6-4) Paid $36.40, Trifecta (6-4-3) Paid $216.00, Superfecta (6-4-3-5) Paid $1,358.00, Pick 3 (1-2/4/5-6) Paid $128.00.
13th--Dinkers Doll (Spieth)3.802.602.40
Shining Beauty (Magrell) 3.003.00
Edge of Destiny (Urieta-Moran)3.00
Also ran: Fargo's Promise, Wayne's On Line, Tangled Mind, Granny's Gal, Heavenly Star, El Ronda, Phantom's Magic, Starhocracy and Press the Bet. Exacta (3-4) Paid $16.00, Trifecta (3-4-8) Paid $65.40, Superfecta (3-4-8-11) Paid $114.00, Pick 3 (6-3-3/6/14) Paid $1,554.60.
MONDAY -- 12 P.M.
1st--Trot 1 Mile Purse: $1,900 Billings.
Keystone Samantha, William T. Bercury; Sharif Kosmos, Dean W. Beachy; Time Inthe Box, Gregg S. Keidel; Piano Mann, TBA; Like Northing Else, bud C. Hatfield; Kipling Avenue, Robert Chapman.
2nd--Trot 1 Mile Purse: 1,900 Billings.
Queenies Express, Keith L. Glsser; I Will Come Over, TBA; Right Rigger, Bob Trover; Two Days Odyssey, David C. Drew; Star Fiftyfour, Roger C. Bartley; dark Scene, Howard A. Gelfand; dark Scene, Howard A. Gelfand; Little Beans, David T. Ehrenberg.
3rd--Pace 1 Mile Purse: $3,506 W Year Old C OHFS.
Bunny In A Storm, Charles L. Wyers; Air Express, Charles L. Wyers; Chautauqua ED, TBA; Sweet William Bay, Jean Abranovich; Rocket Lagg, John D. Wengard; Rocket Laag, John D. Wengard; Direct Ziggy, Daniel D. Ross; Sand Jake, Tye R. Loy.
4th--Pace 1 Mile Purse: $3,506 3 year old C OHFS.
Hananiah Shadrach, TBA; Whata Believer, William P. Popio; Game Benji, Tye R. Loy; Cam U Stop Me, Chris M. Schoeffel; Rusty Connection, TBA; Guttar Town, Charles L. Wyers; C. G's Nipper, dan S. Kennedy.
5th--Trot 1 Mile Purse: 3,007 2 year old C OHFS.
Anastasia buck, Joseph Leonard Urban; Hez A Titan, Daniel D Ross; Strike A. Mac, Robert T. Lippiatt; Mysterous Star, John D. Wengerd; Honkifulikemynose, Jimmy Smith; Dio Lavec, Scott L. Cox; PM Corner Post, Daniel D. Ross.
6th--Trot 1 Mile Purse: 3,176 3 year old C OHFS.
Lincoln Lavec, Daniel D. Ross; Master Flight, TBA; Macaneil, Troy E. Boring; MJ's Master Mind, TBA; Rose Run Groovhy, Charles L. Wyers.
7th--Pace 1 Mile Purse: $3,431 2 year old C OHFS.
Perpetrator, Charles L. Wyers; Buttercup Bob, David M Swaney; Forever Friendly, Martin W. Wollam; Chautauqua Bud, TBA; Sand Adam, Tye R. Loy; Amen Brothers, Charles L. Wyers.
8th--Pace 1 Mile Purse: $3,004 3 year old C OHFS.
Sand Casteel, Scott L Cox; Spirit of Osborne, TBA; Rich Hollow, TBA; Asset, Bruce A. Sturgeon; That Noble Magic, Daniel D. Ross; Noble Temptations, TBA.
9th--Trot 1 Mile Purse: $3,007 2 yer old C OHFS.
Draggin My Wagon, Jimmy Smith; DJ's Wild Card, Robert T Lippiatt; Xtreme Chase, TBA; Day-O, Bruce A. Sturgeon; Carry The Bomb, Charles J. Myrick; Rose Run Home Run, Daniel D. Ross; Stormin Harry, Gary F. Daniels.
10th--Trot 1 Mile Purse: $3,175 3 year old C OHFS.
Son Of Kitty Bowl, Charles L. Wyers; Sturdy Motion, Don L. McKirgan; Mama Sang Tenor, Bruce A. Sturgeon; Laugh Master, Ronald Dale Randall; Charming Looker, Gary A Waple.
11th--Pace 1 Mile Purse: $4,200 FFA.
Hr Absolute Gunner, Daniel D. Ross; Lyrical, Jean Abranovich; Daylon Invader, Michael Alan Mullet; Sid The Squid, Jeffrey L. Lautanen; Elkhorn Bandit, Gary F. Daniels; Colossal Sahbra, Shane A. Heasley; CG's Joey, Robert T. Lippiatt.
12th--Trot 1 Mile Purse: $2,932 2 year odl C OHFS.
Just Abuck Eye, George P. Mueller; Corleeao, Charles L. Wyers; Jack Sparrow, Daniel D. Ross; Disbedaone, Jimmy Smith; He'z Humorous, Jason R. Thompson; Vision, Scott L. Cox.
MONDAY -- 1:40 P.M.
2nd--6 Furlongs Dirt Fillies and Mares 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Special Weight - Purse:$9,500
Dorothy's It, Rojas, 120; Just a Knockout, Urieta-Moran, 120; Louis the Striker, Hannigan, 120; Burning Bridges, Clemente, 120; What a Defense,122; Count On My Feet, Magrell, 120; Ima Lil Lady122; Pickett to Win, Feliciano, 120.
4th--5 1/2 Furlongs Dirt Fillies and Mares 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 8,000 - 10,000 - Purse:$7,300.
Our Leila, Gonzalez, 114; Riverside Magic, Deveaux, 119; Silent Sabina, Rojas, 116; Slippery Devil, Feliciano, 114; P M's Crown, Urieta-Moran, 122; Better N Pearls, Cloninger, 120; Single Again, Felix, 116.
6th--1 Mile Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Starter Allowance - Purse:$8,500.
Canadian Flyer, Feliciano, 116; Pyrite Angel, Martinez, 116; Jubalani, Mailhot, 116; Brother Julius, Felix, 116; Glitter Point, Skerrett, 116;
Wildest, Gonzalez, 116; Tour With Wells, Cloninger, 119.
8th--5 1/2 Furlongs Dirt Fillies and Mares 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 - Purse:$6,300.
If You Say So, Gonzalez, 120; Miss Boldly, Magrell, 120; Alphabetical Lady, Mailhot, 122; Waterkress, Munaylla, 122; Wallendas Winkie, Hannigan, 122; Hurricane Esthel, Martinez, 120; Coaxial, Oro, 122; Pembroke's Daisy, Cabrera, 120.
10th--5 1/2 Furlongs Dirt Open 2 Year Olds Maiden Special Weight - Purse:$12,000.
Taketimetobeholy, Bracho, 119; Dooze, Gonzalez, 119; F J R Onetwothree, Munaylla, 119; Lie to Me, Rosendo, 119; Sargent Striker, Munaylla, 119; Dance to Life, Feliciano, 119; Bill Baby, Felix, 119; True Market, Clemente, 119; Some Kind of Fun, Cloninger, 119; El Ciesto, Hannigan, 119.
12th--1 1/4 Miles Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Stakes - Purse:$75,000.
Watch Me Fire, Walker, 122; Count On My Word, Walker, 122; Scout Me, Camaque, 122; The Potters Hand, Camaque, 122; Premier Court, Clemente, 119; Forest Picnic, Feliciano, 122; Bernard's Candy, Felix, 122; Cruzcat, Martinez, 122; Ready for Roses, Rosendo, 119; Crypto's Prospect, Oro, 122.
14th--1 Mile 70 Yards Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 - Purse:$6,500
Quiero Saber de Ti, Skerrett, 122; Catch a Parade, Rosendo, 122; Christo Wings, Felix, 119; Dj's Bucky Buster, Deveaux, 116; Holy Peak, Skerrett, 116; Wayne's Mister C, Martinez, 116; Rosie's Boy, Cloninger, 119; Acting Tips, Rojas, 119.
MONDAY -- 7 p.m.
1st--Purse $17,100, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Seven Furlongs (Turf).
Skyey, B. Marcial, 115; Tiz a Coup, S. Gonzalez, Jr., 115; City Boy, R. Ganpath, 115; Relentless Fury, J. Sanches, 115; My Cousin Joey, L. Rivera, 115; Find the Mine, P. Walker, 115; Capazuri, R. Stokes, III, 115; Snowman Hustle, M. Andrews, 111; Clooney, R. Ganpath, 115; Wine Maker, J. Barria, 111; Devil Ray, T. Nguyen, 118; Cassidy Loves You, D. Whitney, 111; Captain Ben, L. Quinones, 111; Mahal, C. Murphy, 111.
2nd--Purse $17,100, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Seven Furlongs (Turf).
Kick In, J. Perez, Jr., 115; Zone Stopper, J. Stokes, 111; Film Star, J. Perez, Jr., 111; Bonilla, P. Tolentino, 115; Cala Springs, C. Murphy, 111; Token Tonko, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Running Ryan, D. Brinkley, 115; Altura, V. Urieta-Moran, 115; I'macraftychoice, L. Gonzalez, 118; Patton Pending, O. Pereira, 118; Stoic Endeavour, B. Marcial, 115; Hopso (IRE), M. Andrews, 115; Rich Dude, A. Kondor, 111; Batman Robin, C. Torres, 111.
3rd--Purse $75,000, Stakes, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile (Turf).
Collateral Damage, C. Murphy, 109; Chippewa Trail, C. Murphy, 118; Midnight Arrival, J. Barria, 109; Atticus Kristy, B. Walker, Jr., 112; Immediate Reaction, J. Stokes, 118; Spruce Run, R. Stokes, III, 109; Yucatan, D. Brinkley, 118; Beau Classic, T. Houghton, 112; Inaugural Address, H. Villa-Gomez, 112.
4th--Purse $75,000, Stakes, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), One Mile (Turf).
Melody Maiden, D. Parker, 109; Shi Shi Doll, A. Kondor, 109; Rue des Reves, B. Walker, Jr., 118; Tempus Fugit, C. Murphy, 124; Morty's Legacy, A. Ramgeet, 109; Tip Top, J. Stokes, 109; Slew's Sparkle, O. Pereira, 109; Lady Grace, R. Stokes, III, 121; Mocha Queen, D. Whitney, 109.
5th--Purse $8,400, Maiden Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Irish Luck Is Me, A. Dasilva, 121; Jersey Monster, J. Perez, Jr., 117; Aba's Joy, J. Barria, 117; Kip's Contender, . , 117; Mojo Play, R. Ganpath, 117; Cedar Top, D. Jenkins, 121; Play Fast Ken, C. Murphy, 117; Draw a Hardline, J. Perez, Jr., 117; Schroeder, O. Pereira, 121; Stormin Fury, B. Marcial, 117; Dream of Ava, P. Tolentino, 117; Alcohol, D. Parker, 121; Smooth Bourbon, P. Walker, 121; Charlie Cartwright, D. Whitney, 117.
6th--Purse $8,600, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Venerable Account, J. Barria, 111; Cat Gun, R. Stokes, III, 121; Loyal Deputy, D. Parker, 115; Bomber Beau, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Prayer Warrior, C. Murphy, 115; Quick Thinking, O. Pereira, 117; Septiembre, J. Magrell, 115; Mybabyalert, R. Ganpath, 111.
7th--Purse $8,900, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Miss Happy, D. Brinkley, 115; Mariflor, G. Suarez, 118; Fast Lady J, A. Ramgeet, 115; Perfect Prose, R. Stokes, III, 118; Smart Lovin', D. Whitney, 121; Like to Do, J. Stokes, 115; Mach Ones Girl, L. Quinones, 115; Tracey's Miner, J. Barria, 115; Irish Frolic, B. Marcial, 121.
8th--Purse $10,400, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs.
T E's Secretary, L. Gonzalez, 118; Firstlinc, D. Whitney, 111; Quixote's Quest, A. Dasilva, 111; Timestalker, C. Murphy, 111; Southern Eyes, L. Rivera, 115; Lovely Risk, J. Barria, 111; Silver Plata, D. Parker, 111.
9th--Purse $23,000, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs.
Bella Noelle, D. Whitney, 115; Delivery Cart, H. Villa-Gomez, 111; Shiny Dancer, D. Whitney, 115; Girls Got Skills, J. Barria, 115; Harpist, J. Stokes, 115; Newzig, E. Peltroche, 115; Dinner Ghost, R. Feliciano, 115; Time Gap, C. Murphy, 115; Alpine Singer, R. Stokes, III, 115; On the Defensive, D. Parker, 115; Bohica, R. Ganpath, 111.
10th--Purse $9,000, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile Seventy Yards.
Rural Road, H. Villa-Gomez, 121; Morethanrisque, P. Walker, 121; Shilukwa, J. Stokes, 121; Potri Jealous (ARG), O. Pereira, 121; Lover Iam, D. Williams, 121; Floor It Man, D. Brinkley, 121; From Charlie, B. Walker, Jr., 121; Borntoberegal, R. Ganpath, 121; Aphonic, D. Jenkins, 121; Petion Pat, R. Stokes, III, 121; Trents Special, O. Pereira, 121; County Cat, O. Vargas, 121; Bold Creek, P. Walker, 121; D K Dickens, A. Dasilva, 121.

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