SEPTEMBER Sacred times

Here is a list of primary sacred times for world religions. One dot (*) indicates holy days usually beginning at sundown the day before this date, and two dots (**) indicate local or regional customs using a variation of this date. Definitions of the holidays may be found at the source Web site.
1 -- Ecclesiastical Year begins, Orthodox Christian; Lailat al Miraj, Islam.
7 -- **Ganesa Chaturthi, Hindu.
8 -- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christian; Feast of Nativity of the Theotokos, Orthodox Christian.
11 -- New Year, Coptic Christian.
14 -- Elevation of the Life Giving Cross, Orthodox Christian; Holy Cross Day, Christian.
17 -- Feast of Mithra, Zoroastrian.
19 -- Lailat al Bara'ah, Islam.
21 -- St. Matthew Day, Christian.
22 -- *Mabon -- Fall Equinox, Wicca.
29 -- Michael and All Angels, Christian.

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