Officials denounce controller's remarks

ERIE, Pa. (AP) -- Erie County officials -- male and female -- are saying that Controller Sue Weber should have thought twice before telling a banker to "learn to think more like a woman" after his company's bid on a bond issue was rejected for arriving late.
Wachovia Bank of Philadelphia was one of three institutions that missed the 10 a.m. deadline Aug. 2, when bids on a county bond-writing proposal were due.
In a letter to Wachovia vice president McBee "Mac" Butcher Jr. on county stationery, Weber said if she was in Butcher's position she would have submitted the bid a day earlier than it was due.
"Much as I hate to say so, men tend to do things last minute more often than women," Weber said in the letter obtained by the Erie Times-News for a story Saturday. "Therefore, if you can just learn to think more like a woman, you won't have this problem in the future."
Butcher, in a letter to the county, blamed the late bid on the delivery service Wachovia used.
County Councilman Fiore Leone said he was "appalled" by Weber's letter and sent her a memo to that effect.
Weber stood by her remarks in the letter.
"I think we have to accept the differences between [the sexes] and appreciate them. It was just kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing," she said Saturday.
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