DRIVING IDEAS Spiritual time Families can use time in the car as an opportunity to discuss many topics including spiritual ones.

Pray for injured people and emergency workers when you hear sirens.
Talk about behaviors you observe: road rage, rudeness and so forth.
Discuss billboards -- how they're designed to make you want things you don't need.
Talk about a recent lesson from church or Sunday school.
Watch for "teaching moments." Children often open up in the car in ways they won't elsewhere.
Put the phone away. Concentrate on being present with, and for, your child.
If you have a group of children in carpool, just listen. You'll learn so much about your child's world and collect topics for future discussions.
Try a little silence. Turn off the radio. Use car time as quiet time.
Discuss important questions. Have some conversation starters ready -- questions about current events or concerns of your family.
Explore ways you should respond as people of faith.
Source: Gloria Thomas, retired Christian educator, United Methodist Church

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