TRUMBULL CO. Election board rejects several candidates

The board wants $57,726 for additional equipment to run its new voting system.
WARREN -- Newton Falls Councilman Kevin Beer made a mistake on his petition for candidacy that cost him having his name on the ballot.
But he thinks his chances of regaining his seat on council are good. He will have to win election as a write-in, making him one of the first trying to win an election as a write-in on the county's new electronic voting equipment.
The system, which will first be used during the Nov. 8 general election, allows a voter to write in a candidate by selecting the write-in option contained in each section of the ballot. The voter then uses an on-screen keyboard to write in the person's name.
Board of elections representatives demonstrated the new system to the county commissioners at their meeting Thursday.
Beer said he filed his petition hastily last week just before the deadline and didn't notice that one of the pages didn't contain his signature.
On Wednesday, the Trumbull County Board of Elections rejected that page of signatures and, thus, his candidacy because he didn't have enough names gathered. On Thursday, he filed as a write-in. He is unopposed for the seat.
Beer said he could have waited to be appointed to the position instead of running as a write-in but he felt he should run anyway to show people he is serious about wanting the job.
Others rejected
Beer was one of two city council candidates who were rejected because of petition problems. The other was Karen Reel, who had planned to seek a council position in Cortland.
Four township trustee hopefuls were also rejected because of problems with their petitions: Scott Davis of Liberty, Anthony Davis of Mecca, Mark Spletzer of Newton and Roseann Kennedy of Vienna. None are incumbents.
One board of education candidate, Denise M. Domhoff of Bloomfield-Mespo, had her petitions rejected; she is an incumbent and is now running as a write-in.
Other board of education candidates rejected are Benjamin Hayek of Hubbard, Robert Moody of Lakeview, Jeff Hughes of McDonald, Keith Capirano and John Drake of Newton Falls and Jimmy Pugh of Warren. None are incumbents.
Six petitions for liquor options were also rejected. They are for Devine's Shop N Save of Hubbard, two petitions for Dairy Mart of Cortland, Mr. D's Food Fair in Brookfield, Fisherman's Cove in Orangeville, and Army & amp; Navy in Weathersfield.
Seeking funds
The board of elections has also asked the commissioners for $57,726 for additional equipment for the electronic voting equipment.
Among the items are security canisters for each of the 766 voting machines to protect the hard-copy votes, surge protectors, rolls of thermal paper that the votes are printed on, absentee ballots and a printer for absentee ballots.
Kelley Pallante, elections board director, said the board's request is not on the commissioners' agenda yet but she expects it to be within the coming weeks.

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