PUNK ROCK PROM Canfield event has grown and changed in a year

Bands are now asking to perform for growing crowds.
CANFIELD -- The school year is just getting under way, but it's already prom time.
Punk Rock Prom, that is.
On Sept. 24, 10 area rock bands will play at the all-day affair at the Canfield Grange Hall.
It will be the third, and biggest, in what has become a series of festivals.
Adam Fill, lead singer of the band Made In Canada and one of the organizers of the events, said the first festival, last year's Rock Fest, drew about 150 fans. In April, Rock Fest II attracted more than 500.
Fill expects Punk Rock Prom -- "we wanted a catchier name," he said -- will draw close to 1,000.
Nearest comparison
"We see this event as similar to the Warped Tour," said Fill, referring to the annual nationwide mega-tour of punk, emo and hard-core rock bands that are either new to the big-time or barely under the radar.
Punk Rock Prom's lineup of ten bands is the largest to date.
"After the first two festivals, bands started e-mailing us, asking if they could be in the next one. They love it," Fill said. "It's a chance to get noticed, to get their music out there."
With the larger crowd expected, Punk Rock Prom will be both an indoor and outdoor event. An outdoor concession stand and merchandise booths have been added.
Festival-goers can leave the hall and return at any time. "People will go outside for a while and play Frisbee, and then come back inside," said Fill. "It's a festival atmosphere."
He added that the crowds are "participative," talking to the band members.
The friendly vibe is also shared by the bands.
Unlike at a battle of the bands, the Canfield rock festivals raise the level of camaraderie among the bands. "At battles of the bands, it's like 'we can't be cool to you, we're in competition,'" said Fill. "But we want to work together. There are so many bands here, and we're all friends."
Punk Rock Prom will also serve as a CD release party for Made In Canada, whose new album is entitled "Turn Your Head and Cough." It will be on sale at the event. Fill said the band's pop-punk sound is in the same vein as Blink-182 and New Found Glory.
Made In Canada's other members are Klynt Maston, lead guitar; Brian Westberg, bass and vocals; and Paul Quillin, drums and vocals.
Fill said the band enjoys staging the ever-growing rock festivals. "We don't do it for the money," the Youngstown State University senior said. "But it feels good. It's something we did."
December Son will be the final band to perform, with Ten Count Fall and Made In Canada going on right before them. The other bands in the lineup are: Xccentraphobia, Another Found Self, Wesker, The Rydells, Built to Crash, Our Favorite Hero, Minkus and solo act Ryan Fill.

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