New complaints
Option One Mortgage Corp. vs. Deanna M. Tidswell et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Tom Mastramico et al, money.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Samuel Taylor, money.
Same vs. Juanita Bass Thompson et al, money.
Kathy L. Speakman vs. Byron T. Bezdek, money.
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation vs. Edward J. Schenk et al, money.
John Miller vs. Cargill Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Key Bank NA vs. Maureen Ramsey et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust et al vs. Lori Lomax et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. North Side Citizens Coalition for Community Development Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Allstate Insurance et al vs. Nadine Johnson, other civil.
Docket entries
MTGLQ Investors LP vs. Michael A. Mike Jr. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Key Bank USA NA vs. Judy Rogers et al, sale and distribution.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Jerry Jann et al, sale and distribution.
Firstmerit Mtg. Corp. vs. Dewayne Lockhart et al, sale and distribution.
Curtis Young vs. Joseph Vitrano, judgment for plaintiff.
Provident Bank et al vs. Raymond E. Tally et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank et al to Martha A. Thomas et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank et al vs. Robert L. Devicchio et al, dismissed.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Sys. Inc. vs. Heather J. Smith et al, foreclosure.
Paul W. Giba et al to Joseph Price et al, dismissed.
Zebbie Shannon vs. Paul Boscarino et al, dismissed.
Latasha C. Ware vs. Yolanda Johnson, dismissed.
Glass Molder Potter et al vs. Robert O'Brien et al, judgment for plaintiffs.
Harley Davidson Credit vs. Susan Tabachino et al, magistrate's decision made order of the court.
Rose Jordan vs. Salestine Tarver, magistrate's decision made order of the court.
Martha Castro-Miranda vs. Jimmy A. Williams, dismissed.
Brenda A. Minniti vs. Kathy Fox, magistrate's decision made order of the court.
State vs. John H. Flagg, sentenced to nine months each in counts two and four for forgery, with other conditions, to run concurrently.
State vs. Ken Davis, dismissed.
State vs. Wanda J. Davis, one-year probation.
Donna J. Keener vs. Angela M. Duskey et al, settled.
Alliance Mtg. vs. Laray Thomas et al, sale confirmed.
American Business Mtg. et al vs. Ona J. Chmura, sale and distribution.
Firstmerit Mtg. Corp. vs. Dewayne Lockhart et al, sale and distribution.
Earl E. Cooley vs. Brian J. Hoskinson et al, settled.
Lightning Rod Mutual Ins. vs. Devine Ins. Agency Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Citibank South Dakota NA vs. Carol L. McClain, judgment for plaintiff.
Carol J. Smith vs. Bellas Co. et al, dismissed.
Wayman Thomas vs. Chester Phillips, dismissed.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Christopher G. Hutira, 152 Wilson St., Struthers, none; liabilities, $29,731; assets, $510.
Dolores J. Wollitz, 3110 Flo Lor Drive, Apt. 3, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $30,239; assets, $1,250.
Daniel E. Paine Jr., 3603 Irma Ave., Youngstown, driver, Allied Waste; liabilities, $130,347; assets, $2,065.
Raymond L. Lonsway, 4693 Shields Road, Canfield, manager, B.J. Alan Co. Inc.; liabilities, $1,023,773; assets, $104,439.
Nancy C. D'Amore, 1641 Fountain Square Drive, Youngstown, leasing consultant, GMS Enterprises; liabilities, $5,131; assets, $1,710.
Richard E. and Melissa A. Jacobsen, 355 Marmion Ave., Youngstown, he: none; she: Social Security; liabilities, $71,607; assets, $45,506.
David M. and Lori A. Lennox, 2676 Poland Village Blvd., Poland, he: dispatcher, Bar-Tech; she: dental hygienist, Jeffrey C. Logan DDS; liabilities, $284,839; assets, $131,639.
Robert H.J. and Constance I. Payne, 252 Clarencedale Ave., Youngstown, he: telemarketing, Infocision; she: homemaker; liabilities, $58,648; assets, $9,587.
Marcella L. Lain, aka Marcella L. Grier, 306 Superior St., Youngstown, dietary aide, Ivy Woods; liabilities, $20,990; assets, $9,825.
Angela L. Moore, aka Angela Brooks, 143 Blackburn St., Campbell, customer service rep, Infocision; liabilities, $16,697; assets, $2,490.
Lillie B. Trevathan, 374 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $57,744; assets, $26,700.
Gloris A. Hall, 35 Fincastle Lane, Youngstown, child care worker, Heart Reach Super Kids; liabilities, $46,612; assets, $23,255.
Kimberly A. Kropinak, 4493 Kirk Road, Apt. 14, Austintown, none; liabilities, $31,285; assets, $640.
Brenda R. Dawson, 75 New York Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $7,164; assets, $2,600.
Christina Hammond, 3869 Cumberland Drive, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $122,589; assets, $71,785.
Jason Cosa, 2691 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown, landscaping, Collegiate Lawn Care; liabilities, $50,993; assets, $937.
Anthony And Olivea DeFrance, 160 Mansell Drive, Liberty, he: sales, Reynoldsville Casket Co.; she: day-care provider, Dept. of Job & amp; Family Services; liabilities, $118,562; assets, $35,965.
Michael S. Ascione, 540 E. Avondale Ave., Youngstown, auto tech, Trolios Auto Specialist; liabilities, $47,230; assets, $325.
Michael Yerrace, 909 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $23,086; assets, $492.
Michael J. and Christina P. Roddy, fka Christina P. Lissimore, 164 Prospect St., Struthers, he: mechanic, IBC/Wonder Bread; she: bartender, Izzio's; liabilities, $115,944; assets, $70,725.
Anna M. D'Amico, 4285 Woodleigh Lane, Austintown, driver, MRDD; liabilities, $146,900; assets, $100,665.
Frances M. Harmann, 17596 Denver Drive, Lake Milton, screen builder, Softlight; liabilities, $19,847; assets, $7,114.
Mary Ann Grachanin, 6843 Lockwood Blvd., Apt. 103, Boardman, retired; liabilities, $109,200; assets, $1,731.
William F. Walters, 5755 Norquest Blvd., Austintown, labor, Sovereign; liabilities, $35,596; assets, $1,505.
Thaddeus L. Banks, 471 W. Hylda Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $38,263; assets, $38,500.
Jennifer A. Krusely, fka Jennifer A. Emerick, 5198 Norquest Blvd., Austintown, unit tech, Forum Health; liabilities, $127,574; assets, $93,950.
Eric L. and Carrianne L. Ricker, 13822 Beaver-Springfield Road, New Springfield, he: assistant manager, Papa John's Pizza; she: full-time student; liabilities, $81,395; assets, $12,811.
Willard W. Howell, 328 Potomac Ave., Youngstown, framer, B & amp;P Construction; liabilities, $14,857; assets, $2,014.
Tonia A. Robinson, aka Tonia Fant, 215 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, licensed practical nurse, Camelot Arms Care Center; liabilities, $61,343; assets, $660.
Tommy J. Johnson, aka TJ, 3516 Neilson Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $80,708; assets, $31,700.
Terry A. Sweeney, aka Terry A. Sweeney-Briones, 2003 Chapel Hill Drive, Youngstown, dental hygienist, David A. Morvay; liabilities, $62,247; assets, $7,710.
Christopher M. and Talah L. Tarr, fka Taleh L. Plaskett, 1793 Lancaster Drive, Youngstown, he: accounts manager, Medical Professionals Network; she: care manager, wages unknown, Sunrise Assisted Living; liabilities, $153,164; assets, $86,039.
Kimberly M. Jackson, aka Kimberly Drunks, 445 Imperial St., Youngstown, dishwasher, Caprice Health Care Center; liabilities, $26,736; assets, $3,085.
Valerie M. Orville, 4911 Woodridge Drive, Austintown, medical biller, Medfield Solutions LLC; liabilities, $11,472; assets, $1,150.
Richard S. and Marilyn J. Havrilla, 310 Argyle Ave., Youngstown, he: serviceman, TruTred Tire; she: closer, Home Savings & amp; Loan; liabilities, $311,605; assets, $67,425.
Jeffrey C. and Nicole J. Gallimore, Youngstown, he: firefighter, Boardman Twp./Canfield; she: none; liabilities, $187,524; assets, $82,200.
Janice R. Sontag, 434 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, none; liabilities, $89,582; assets, $1,865.
Robert S. Loboy Jr., 133 Piccadilly St., Campbell, assembler, General Motors Corp.; liabilities, $122,256; assets, $78,575.
Robert J. Garnack, 4249 Belmont Ave., Apt. 112, Liberty, manager, Tallyho-tel; liabilities, $68,110; assets, $9,851.
Edgar Fisher Jr., 161 W. Princeton Ave., Youngstown, pastor, Canaan Missionary Baptist Church; liabilities, $39,587; assets, $6,610.
Joyce A. Williams, 8022 Salinas Trail, Boardman, none; liabilities, $211,560; assets, $53,020.
Laurie L. Saxon, 278 Shields Road, Youngstown, bank teller, First National Bank; liabilities, $42,148; assets, $16,817.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Stephen P. Crisafi, 2675 Taft Ave., Youngstown, sales, Bob & amp; Chuck Eddy Chrysler; liabilities, $91,113; assets, $15,429.
Harold R. and Dorothy D. Rucker, 3536 Cardinal Drive, Liberty, he: sales, Diane Sauer Chevrolet Inc.; she: customer service, Gasser Chair Inc.; liabilities, $160,831; assets, $121,200.
Eugene R. and Mary Beth Paskevitch, 4571 Aspen Drive, Austintown, he: disabled; she: crew trainer, Taco Bell; liabilities, $129,125; assets, $92,265.
Diane E. Matula, 2180 Penny Lane, Austintown, office manager, B Modil, M.D.; liabilities, $128,118; assets, $41,943.
Anastasia E. Budrevich, 633 N. Bonair Ave., Youngstown, health fitness tech, UPMC Horizon; liabilities, $16,607; assets, $5,505.
Khalilah Taylor, aka Classy Brown, 531 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, disability/self-employed; liabilities, $35,065; assets, $29,600.
Joseph E. Sosnowski, 701 Thornberry Trail, North Lima, general warehouse receiver, Tamarkin; liabilities, $81,780; assets, $10,045.
Lenor Ortiz, 123 Haseltine Ave., Youngstown, maintenance part-time, Metro Maintenance Inc.; liabilities, $12,712; assets, $1,629.
Kimberly Clinkscale, 334 Falls Ave., Youngstown, Warren City Schools; liabilities, $68,871; assets, $23,200.
Real estate transfers
Dan A. D'Amico et al to Stewart A. Triplett et al, Boardman Twp., $144,500.
Randy D. Walter to Volpini Builders Inc., Canfield Twp., $46,400.
Jamie E. Dolenic to Brian D. Gries, Austintown Twp., $103,900.
Paul N. Raptor to Roger L. Moore II et al, Boardman Twp., $99,900.
Debra C. Vitez to Travis D. Johnson et al, Milton Twp., $60,000.
Mary J. Makosky to David Clark, Youngstown, $10,900.
Samuel J. Weitzman to Kenneth J. LaCivita et al, Boardman Twp., $76,500.
John Thomas Lyonette et al to Ralph Ocasio Jr. et al, Boardman Twp., $160,000.
James Carwell et al to Daniel L. Snyder et al, Campbell, $82,000.
Harry J. Clay to Philip Wertz et al, Canfield Twp., $500.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Ryan M. Catlin, Austintown Twp., $161,340.
Daniel Kubacki et al to Guy E. Joseph et al, Austintown Twp., $148,000.
Carolyn A. Carcelli to Kenneth Clark et al, Canfield, $65,000.
Michael D. Merelle et al to David Hagendorn et al, Poland, $265,000.
John P. Reed et al to Charmion M. Harrigan, Green Twp., $225,000.
George A. Platton et al to Jose A. Nunez et al, Youngstown, $22,000.
Warren F. Drecher IV to Richard L. Wear et al, Austintown Twp., $35,000.
David E. Clark to Olga Consuelo et al, Youngstown, $21,650.
Ronald J. Reber to John Thornton, Youngstown, $26,600.
Helen McDermott to Edward Wacht et al, Campbell, $82,620.
Kevin B. Powell et al to John M. Congemi Sr. et al, Boardman Twp., $133,000.
Rachel Kolvek to Prudential Relocation Inc., Canfield Twp., $106,000.
Prudential Relocation Inc. to Raymond E. Tarnaski et al, Canfield Twp., $106,000.

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