Marriage licenses
Christopher A. Gillott, 26, Williamsburg, Va., and Veryenia J. Georgiadis, 27, Aurora, Ill.
Frank A. Kaydo, 29, of 3484 Maple Springs Drive, Canfield, and Nicole M. Campana, 31, of 7506 Oregon Trail #2, Boardman.
David R. Higgins Jr., 29, of 16222 W. Garfield Road, Salem, and Tonya R. Davis, 27, of same.
Richard J. Franczkowski Jr., 23, of 836 Ewing Road, Boardman, and Monika M. Hoser, 20, of same.
Bradley W. Straight, 23, of 3711 Indian Run #4, Canfield, and Lisa M. Glozer, 23, of same.
Divorces asked
Jennifer L. Seyler, 7775 Pleasant Valley Court, Salem, vs. Todd J. Seyler, 5915 Stillson Place, Boardman.
Donald E. Walsh II, c/o Downers Grove, Ill., vs. Tami A. Walsh, 576 Oakridge Drive, Boardman.
Robert L. Valentino, 840 Moyer Ave., Apt. 1, Youngstown, vs. Deborah L. Valentino, aka Deborah L. Raymond, 401 Ninth St., Struthers.
Kathy L. Rogan, East Earl, Pa., and August J. Rogan Jr., 2716 Normandy Drive, Youngstown.
New complaints
Governor's Square Co. vs. In Wireless LLC, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Timothy Hough et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Sandra Mae Anderson et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Mackie L. Dixon et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Randy Ware Jr., money.
Frank Faria vs. Maher Mohammad Ramahi, money.
Ellen G. Kimble et al vs. John W. Lewis et al, money.
Cavalry Investments LLC vs. John Mavar, money.
Marion Plaza Inc. vs. John Gardner et al, money.
Marion Plaza Inc. vs. Bonnie Rich et al, money.
Sandusky Mall Co. vs. John Gardner et al, money.
Spotsylvania Mall Co. vs. Regis Corp., money.
U.S. Bank NA et al vs. John Fugate et al, foreclosure.
Volvo Commercial Finance LLC The Americas vs. George H. Rood, money.
Barbara Williams et al vs. Gary Angelo, money.
George M. Dudas vs. Forum Health et al, workers' compensation.
Richard Ricketts vs. Matthew Tekach, money.
Andrew W. Suhar, trustee, et al vs. Nancy Soffos et al, foreclosure.
M & amp; L Construction LLC vs. Augere Construction, money.
Emmitt Jackson Jr. vs. Roth Bros. Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
MICO Insurance vs. Ralph L. Binckley, money.
Christine P. Suszczynski et al vs. Joel Losco et al, money.
Grange Mutual Casualty et al vs. Phillip A. Bannarn, money.
Rochelle Marks et al vs. Suzanne R. Rich, money.
Pacific West Group Inc. vs. Penny L. Whatley et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank et al vs. Dorothy King et al, foreclosure.
Discover Bank et al vs. Daniel J. Zarlingo, money.
County treasurer vs. Michelle A. Green et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer vs. Nathaniel Robinson et al, foreclosure.
Great Seneca Financial Corp. vs. Deidra E. Rosario, money.
Erie Insurance vs. Daniel A. Davis, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Brian M. Moore, one year in prison and driver's license suspended for six months.
State vs. Michael Jenkins, dismissed.
Estate of John King et al vs. Ohio Department of Job & amp; Family Services et al, magistrate's decision affirmed by the court.
Louis J. Rafferty et al vs. Irish Bob's et al, settled.
Marie I. DeLucia et al vs. Ruhlin Co., settled.
Cherisse Minor et al vs. Loretta M. Burnich et al, settled.
Gregory H. Gilford vs. Forum Health Emergency Professional Services Inc. et al, settled.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Neil Mohney et al, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA et al to Elaine C. Davis et al, foreclosure.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Gloria P. Studymine et al, judgment entry and decree.
County treasurer vs. Timothy J. Adkins, judgment entry.
Retail Recovery Service vs. Christine Clay, judgment for plaintiff.
County treasurer vs. Herman Bratton et al, judgment entry.
Latosha Greene vs. Kiesha Jenkins, dismissed.
Ohio Receivables LLC vs. Maxine E. Stevens, judgment for plaintiff.
Ohio Receivables LLC vs. Tamesha R. Cylar, judgment for plaintiff.
Monica M. Robinson vs. William Wilkens, dismissed.
Carole J. Engstrom vs. Christopher Sullivan, dismissed.
Micaela Pegues vs. Kevin L. Talley, dismissed.
Viola E. Rogers et al vs. LTV Steel Inc. et al, dismissed.
Annette Violante vs. Karen Bernard et al, dismissed.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Kelly J. Sargent et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Helen Garrett et al vs. Judy Teamer, settled.
County treasurer vs. Allied Investments Corp. et al, confirmation of sale.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Patrick P. Siciliano et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Youngstown Board of Education vs. Community Based Investments Inc. et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Robert J. Ferreri vs. John W. Lewis, magistrate's decision adopted and made the order of the court.
Joseph C. Stamm vs. Ronnie Malmfaldt, dismissed.
Real estate transfers
Odaline Lyden to Richard Crimstant et al, Salem, $220,000.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. to Layo Enterprises Inc., $11,500.
Robert Miller et al to GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc., Boardman Twp., $117,500.
Carmen Santiago et al to Steven Santiago et al, Campbell, $77,000.
GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc. to Michael Howard, Boardman Twp., $117,900.
Lake of Beaver Development Co. LLC to Stefano Homebuilders LLC, $45,900.
Jim Pate et al to Cynthia Inc., Youngstown, $6,500.
Dominic M. Regis et al to Martina A. Frost et al, Boardman Twp., $75,000.
James Whippo as trustee to Gerald Butler et al, Youngstown, $59,900.
Ronald L. Adams et al to Donald W. Humbert, Boardman Twp., $78,500.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Daniel Kubacki et al, Austintown Twp., $227,352.
John Toriello to Michael Faith et al, Boardman Twp., $130,000.
Gerald M. Decerbo to Michael R. Snyder et al, Poland, $78,000.
Michele Orostin trustee to Carithia Inc., Youngstown, $8,091.
David T. Brown to Rick J. Zubil, Austintown Twp., $78,000.
Carithia Inc. to Rhonda Nelson, Youngstown, $26,100.
Aqua Ohio Inc. et al to Hampton Ridge Development Co. Ltd., Springfield Twp., $25,000.
Robert P. Eichen et al to Kelly McDonald et al, Boardman Twp., $231,000.
David A. Murphy et al to Luis R. Moricro et al, Youngstown, $56,000.
Shannon A. Croom to Bruce Parker et al, Boardman Twp., $89,000.
Dorothy K. Stillson et al to John P. Sheldon et al, Boardman Twp., $80,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Kevin E. King, 765 Lake Drive, Youngstown, HIS, Gateways to Better Living; liabilities, $98,167; assets, $56,750.
Arlene Friday, 4902 Brookwood, Apt. 1, Boardman, retirement, Dr. Richard Engleman; liabilities, $105,920; assets, $2,500.
Teresa S. Christy, 495 W. Oregon Ave., Sebring, manager, Quaker City IGA; liabilities, $58,267; assets, $500.
Barbara A. Guillard, 3033 Frederick Drive #2, Youngstown; liabilities, $33,293; assets, $1,417.
John Bratton Jr., 220 Kendis Circle, Apt. B, Youngstown, press operator, Star Extrusion Shapes, liabilities, $78,266; assets, $11,312.
Kimberly Thomas, 13 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, fulltime student; liabilities, $13,807; assets, $400.
Vera J. Barnette, 421 Lora Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $51,723; assets, $26,235.
Mark L. and Jaclyn D. Iagulli, aka Jaclyn D. James, 4438 Fitzgerald, Austintown, he: machine operator, Gerdau Ameristeel; she: orthodontic asst., Dr. Varum Kalra; liabilities, $132,291; assets, $90,800.
Annette D. Pizzuto, aka Annette D. Albenze, 4150 Pembrook Road, Youngstown, inventory specialist, RGIS; liabilities, $25,444; assets, $735.
Scott A. Mazon, 9249 Sharrott Road, North Lima, bricklayer, Lencyk Masonry Local #8; liabilities, $99,176; assets, $113,650.
Brandi L. Goodrick, 296 Sanderson Ave., Campbell, server, Outback Steakhouse; liabilities, $85,334; assets, $53,970.
Frank A. Napolitano Jr., 779 Glen Park Road, Boardman, service, Alltel; liabilities, $61,964; assets, $1,800.
Denise L. Bancroft, 138 N. Brockway Ave., Youngstown, day care worker, Discover My World; liabilities, $76,384; assets, $37,163.
Leon B. Cannon, 4608 Rhode Island Drive, Apt. 8, Austintown, production, Yo. Iron & amp; Met al; liabilities, $15,339; assets, $4,175.
Diane L. Surko, aka Diane Urko, 3997 S. Schenley Ave. #3, Youngstown, server, Perkins; liabilities, $25,239; assets, $275.
Juanita M. Bunkley, 1088 Eastway Drive, Apt. 6, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $32,465; assets, $600.
Donald R. Jr. and Peggy A. Price, 918 Keogh, Youngstown, he: packing supervisor, Calex Corp.; she: baker, Youngstown City School District; liabilities, $27,798; assets, $3,029.
Jackquelin L. Ebright, 166 Lowellville Road, Struthers, none; liabilities, $80,575; assets, $21,400.
Lashonda D. Cross, 289 Mumford Court, Youngstown, Edge Academy; liabilities, $47,757; assets, $9,895.
Zaher Mohamad Saleh, 3695 Indian Run Drive #6, Canfield, sales, Crossfire; liabilities, $9,642; assets, $1,225.
Terese M. Guerrieri, 1252 Valleyview Drive, Youngstown, admin. asst., Graef Windows; liabilities, $139,841; assets, $105,232.
Philip M. Hayek, 3628 Tyler Drive, Canfield, sales, Energy Wise; liabilities, $89,469; assets, $1,200.
Lashonda Colyar, 225 E. LaClede Ave., Youngstown, customer service rep., Infocision; liabilities, $21,043; assets, $730.
James D. and Lisa A. Knutti, 209 N. Canfield Niles Road, Youngstown, he: none; she: cashier, Wal-Mart; liabilities, $55,075; assets, $3,710.
Michael P. Bair, P.O. Box 485, 1166 E. South Range Road, North Lima, auto technician, Quaker City Auto; liabilities, $63,120; assets, $34,050.
Joseph A. King, 41 N. Navarre Ave., Youngstown, maintenance, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $42,104; assets, $9,050.
Michael R. and Katherine A. Rapovy, 2265 Coral Sea Drive, Youngstown; he: carpenter, F.T. Kreps and Sons Dry Wall Inc.; she: health aide, Christine Valley; liabilities, $99,514; assets, $70,100.
George J. and Kim A. Dobos, 423 Maplewood Ave., Struthers, he: manufacturers rep., West Sales Group; she: underwriter, Arthur Gallagher; liabilities, $141,411; $105,912.
Antikqua N. Anderson, 141 N. Yorkshire Blvd., Youngstown, STNA, Briarfield; liabilities, $11,078; assets, $500.
Gloria J. Jones, aka Gloria J. Mercado and John P. Jones Jr., 654 Manchester Ave., Youngstown, he: customer service rep, Dobson Communications; she: table maker, Gasser Chair; liabilities, $126,026; assets, $78,920.
Francine M. and Michael J. DelBene, 1243 Overbrook Ave., Youngstown, he: finance, CitiFinancial; she; PC/LAN Admin. Coventry Health Care; liabilities, $180,937; assets, $144,700.
Tracey L. Dages, aka Tracey L. Murphy, 535 S. Hillside Dr., Canfield, he: none; she: none; liabilities, $119,695; assets, $2,200.
Latoya T. Glenel, 44 W. Princeton Ave., Youngstown, food service, Arby's; liabilities, $22,924; assets, $690.
Vicki R. Billey, aka Vicki R. Martin, 267 Third St., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $157,388; assets, $700.
Sherry D. Williams, 20 Eleanor Ave., Youngstown, patient care associate, Forum Health Northside Medical Center; liabilities, $64,096; assets, $1,765.
Cassandra Fant, 365 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $16,230; assets, $700.
Charlene M. Pagac, 2240 Elm Trace St., Austintown, homemaker; liabilities, $35,721; assets, $6,900.
Janine Higgins, 7350 North Lima Road, Youngstown, teacher's aide, Mahoning County Educational Center; liabilities, $40,910; assets, $267,719.
John F. Gibson, 489 Francisca Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $99,586; assets, $37,900.
Alexander Morris, 40 Drake Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $34,216; assets, $1,155.
Kevin A. Rapp, 1947 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $17,185; assets, $3,230.
Deborah S. Dangerfield, aka Deborah Dorman Batts, 4588 Washington Square Drive, Austintown, investment asst., Sky Financial; liabilities, $27,597; assets, $4,079.
Jason P. and Amanda J. Krpicak, aka Amanda J. Matheny, 7490 Kirk Road, Canfield, he; network admin., Oriana House Inc.; she: medical records, Youngstown Orthopedic; liabilities, $125,872; assets, $90,611.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Linda J. Hiner, 74 Park Ave., Struthers, receiver, part-time, Something New; liabilities, $53,787; assets, $32,164.
Luz C. Padila, 507 Sixth St., Campbell, none; liabilities, $47,800; assets, $53,335.
Joseph and Patricia Polak, 1866 Wingate Road, Youngstown, he: retired; she: retired; liabilities, $24,309; assets, $4,438.
Travis F. and Dawn T. Bittecuffer, 1987 Woodgate St., Youngstown, he: network specialist, Flood Co.; she: marketing manager, Coastal Pet Products; liabilities, $180,090; assets, $96,367.
Betty L. Hoover, 11827 Market St., North Lima, and P.O. Box 182, North Lima, none; liabilities, $110,750; assets, $42,750.
Gina M. DeGeorge, 1627 Moorefield, Youngstown, senior production, Kinkos; liabilities, $25,772; assets, $5,620.

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