Divorces granted
Roy Simmons vs. Debra Simmons.
Greta Morris vs. Phillip Morris.
Robert Bebout vs. Lisa Bebout.
Tammy George vs. Barry George.
Divorces asked
Randal Seibert, 24730 state Route 172, Minerva, vs. Barbara Seibert of same.
Susan Lunsford, 223 W. Martin St., East Palestine, vs. Scott Lunsford, 200 Gun Club Road, Pinehurst, N.C.
Deborah Winters, 50500 Front St., Negley, vs. Timothy Winters, 51621 Canelton Road, Negley.
Heather Bingham, 1240 Beard Road, New Waterford, vs. Scott Bingham, 3304 Waterford Road, New Waterford. Jenny Owens, 1120 James Drive, Wellsville vs. Robert Owens, 1301 Frances Drive, Wellsville.
Dissolutions granted
Samuel Entrinkin vs. Tammy Entrinkin.
Dissolutions asked
Robert Zoellers, 803 Lisbon St., East Liverpool, and Miriam Zoellers, 43457 Cameron Road, Wellsville.
Amelia Paparella, 457 E. Clark St., East Palestine, and Randy Paparella, Sunny Hill Drive, Beaver Falls, Pa.
Tera Willoughby, 309 Broadway Ave., Wellsville, and Brad Willoughby, 1825 Harvey Ave., East Liverpool.
New complaints
Service Specialties vs. Spectrum Mechanical Services, money.
Lawrence Parker vs. The Vision Group, money.
Richard Wilson et al vs. Paul McHugh, money.
MBNA America vs. Jamie Campbell, money.
Kelly Oil Products vs. Margaret Rogers, money.
Gettschall Tool & amp; Die Inc. vs. Dickey-Grabler Co., money.
Debra Ickes vs. Melanie Wolfe, personal injury.
MBNA America vs. Brian Courtney, money.
Andrew Boyce v. Larry Rosenberger, money.
Steven Fenton vs. Heather Henderson, personal injury.
Beneficial Ohio vs. Scott Richardson, money
Marriage licenses
Nicholas J. Ceo, 18, of 4631 Crew Hood, Girard, and Stephanie L. King, 19, of same.
Michael B. Rigelsky, 51, of 39 W. Seventh St., Newton Falls, and Dorothy A. Goff, 49, of same.
Brian D. Petrosky, 28, of 1054 Westover Drive, Warren, and Kimberly M. Stamm, 28, of 3236 Dove Drive, Warren.
Don Allen Pyle, 33, of 7829 Third St., Masury, and Nicole E. Carver, 32, of same.
Kevin J. Pieton, 34, of 50 Cheyenne Drive, Girard, and Andrea M. Salvati, 28, of same.
Roger M. Miller, 39, of 101 Pleasant Park Court N.W, Warren, and Infinity K. Darocy, 27, of same.
James E. O'Hara, 46, of 4730 Logangate Road, Liberty, and Joyce L. Williams, 48, of same.
Robert M. Martin, 49, of 3501 Hoffman Norton Road, West Farmington, and Sandra K. Slabaugh, 43, of 6560 Shafer Road N.W., Warren.
Ryan J. Weaver, 24, of 586 Woodbine S.E., Warren, and Holly E. Joseph, 25, of 302 Williams St., Niles.
Anthony J. Fredenburg, 26, of 3657 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, and Lucia Meluch, 24, of same.
Richard A. McGlynn, 59, of 323 Hayes, McDonald, and Patricia A. McGlynn, 42, of same.
James E. Howard Jr., 41, of 2300 Plaza Ave. # 907, Warren, and Kenya A. Roberts, 33, of 660 Martin St. S.W., Warren.
William I. Van Steenberg Jr., 51, of 909 Tibbetts Wick Road, Girard, and Rhonda M. Wiesner, 46, of same.
Eugene R. Page Jr., 32, of 8218 Van Drive, Poland, and Gina M. DiGiacobbe, 31, of 329 Greenbriar Drive, Cortland.
John J. McCarthy Jr., 26, of 70 East Broad St., Unit 2, Newton Falls, and Jessica L. Beabout, 23, of same.
Chase Manhattan Mtg. vs. Justin L. Stevens, foreclosure.
Firstar Bank NA vs. W. Thomas Collins, foreclosure.
Liberty Savings Bank vs. Robert J. Ellis, foreclosure.
Citimortgage Inc. vs. Christina M. McGill, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Mary E. Nash, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Nancy L. Gallison et al, foreclosure.
Superior Walls of Ohio vs. Karle Lutz, dismissed.
Ohio Edison vs. Brahmans Inc., dismissed.
Judith Binion vs. Joyce Campbell, dismissed.
Federal Home Loan vs. John J. Haroulakis, dismissed.
William Helmuth vs. John P. Hake, dismissed.
William Helmuth vs. Christine Holt, dismissed.
Heather Frantz-Christy vs. Eugene Sherman, dismissed.
Romero Minor vs. Jason Franklin, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Frank A. Hanshaw, dismissed.
State vs. Michele M. Barrett, granted probation for theft.
State vs. Marcus J. Bender, granted probation for carrying concealed weapons.
Acme Co. vs. Rhino Excavating, settled.
Carey Sullivan vs. Humility of Mary Health, settled.
Sean Lucas vs. James Haynie, settled.
Clayton McNeil vs. Nancy Lambert, other civil.
Delores R. Southwick vs. Horizon Village, settled.
Sterling Jewelers Inc. vs. Justin Raymond, settled.
Jarome Brown vs. Rao Sudheendra, M.D., dismissed.
Cori L. Direnzis vs. Adam G. Myers, dismissed.
Vivian M. Clark vs. Western Reserve Care, dismissed.
Michael Miller vs. C. James Conrad, dismissed.
Patricia Johnson vs. Western Reserve Care, dismissed.
Progressive Casualty vs. Safe Auto Insurance, dismissed.
Mary Taylor vs. Syad M. Yusuf, settled.
Robert L. Grams vs. Jeremiah S. Grass, dismissed.
Cindy Swaggard vs. Natural Resources, dismissed.
New complaints
US Bank NA vs. Michelle O. Watson, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage vs. Andrew R. Okonek, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group vs. Tammy L. Maenpa, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Albert R. Spika, foreclosure.
Andrew Shoenfeld vs. Kurt O. Seidler, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Paul L. Askerneese, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Theodore E. Akins, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage vs. Jeffrey A. Nyako, foreclosure.
New Century Mortgage vs. Dalonda McMillan, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic vs. James L. Wheaton, foreclosure.
MBNA America Bank vs. Keoni Ngyuen, other civil.
State Farm Fire et al vs. Thomas Moffett, other civil.
State vs. Images Plus Inc., other civil.
MFP Properties vs. American Home Pro, other civil.
CACV of Colorado LLC vs. Christina Lambert, other civil.
Ted Ramsey vs. Ford Motor Company, other civil.
Asset Acquisition Group vs. Keith A. Hood, other civil.
Firstmerit Bank NA vs. Frank Kuhn, other civil.
Anissa M. Daniel vs. L and J Lounge, other civil.
Julie A. McDaniel vs. Myra York, other civil.
William Davis Jr. vs. Randolph Brenner, other civil.
William P. Cupp vs. Andrew Krivosh, other civil.
C-Z Construction et al vs. CNA Surety Corp., other civil.
Loraine Stanish vs. American Suzuki Motor, other civil.
Jeffrey J. Prox vs. Douglas Gadd, other torts.
Barbara J. Brown vs. Safe Auto Insurance, other torts.
Steven O'Hara vs. Vincent Burrison, other torts.
Nicholas Raptis vs. Dale M. Bentley, other torts.
David J. Harness vs. Jessica Kasiewicz, other torts.
Betty A. Harness vs. Thomas w. Morris, other torts.
Charles W. Kingery Jr. vs. Donald Groscope, other torts.
Carl F. Haney vs. Tina Kielmeyer, workers' compensation.
John J. Migliozzi vs. City of Girard, workers' compensation.
Sandra S. Foit vs. Tina Kielmeyer, admin., workers' compensation.
Raymond Walrond vs. American Home Products, workers' compensation.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Richard R. Lawyer, foreclosure.
US Bank NA vs. Ray Kralik, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Jo Ann Robison, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National vs. Kerstin M. Caudill, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National vs. Jerome Bubon, foreclosure.
Eva M. Lint vs. RSL Inc., other civil.
Joseph Divieste vs. Ze Zhong Zhang, other civil.
State of Ohio vs. Charles A. Whittaker, other civil.
Ohio Receivables vs. Ronald Bennett Jr., other civil.
Asset Acceptance vs. Rebecca L. English, other civil.
Nancy Copeland Allen vs. Golden Airways Inc., other civil.
National Check Bureau Inc. vs. Douglas E. Nutter, other civil.
Paul R. Bartholow vs. Dennis W. Wolfe, other civil.
Stacy Green vs. Timothy L. Frazier, other torts.
Acuity vs. Raymond D. Newton, other torts.
Andrew Blakely vs. Renda M. Hanuschak, other torts.
Dissolutions filed
John D. Rich and Arlena M. Rich.
Divorces filed
Katrina M. Goncz vs. Daniel A. Goncz Jr.
Kathryn J. Forrest vs. Terry L. Forrest.
Nicole L. Stamp vs. Justin Stamp.
Victoria Israel vs. Christopher Israel.
Daynelle Crawford vs. Alan A. Crawford.
Ronda L. Danadic vs. Lynette L. McCloskey.
Russell E. Burr vs. Alice Y. Donley-Burr.
Tracy L. Elza vs. Kevin D. Elza.
Wendy L. Gilliland vs. Michael G. Gilliland.
Debra L. Karchut vs. Stephen Karchut.
Nancy Copeland Allen vs. Lee H. Allen.
Lori Swiger vs. Kevin Swiger.
Dissolutions granted
Patricia L. Binion and Carl A. Binion.
Bridget K. Parnell and Steven J. Parnell.
Ross Lehman and Heather Lehman.
Jayme A. Knowles and David G. Knowles.
Lisa Price and Michael P. Price.
Lynda Roszak and Anthony Roszak.
Thomas M. Turcola and Kristina M. Turcola.
Heather E. Tolley and Douglas D. Tolley.
Divorces granted
Tina M. Brothers vs. Gary A. Brothers.
Mary L. Killeen vs. Thomas P. Killeen.
Anna Dutting vs. Dewey Dutting.
Theresa J. Buckner vs. John H. Buckner.
Caroline M. Lucariello vs. Gary A. Lucariello.
Sherry Emerine vs. James Emerine.
Robert D. Graham vs. Diane M. Graham.
Dismissals granted
Roberta R. Culp vs. Matthew R. Culp.
Tab A. Thompson and Patricia Thompson.
Gayle L. McFalls vs. William J. McFalls.
Lisa Layne vs. Edward Morrow.
Brenda Parise vs. Christopher B. Parise.
John R. Greer Jr. vs. Michael Craner.
Danielle Booze vs. Shane Woods.

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