Ordinance seeks to keep utility poles cleaner

A final vote on the issue is planned for June 28.
GIRARD -- Residents may soon be paying a $5 permit fee to have garage or yard sales.
Councilman Larry Williams said he expects council to vote on an ordinance authorizing the zoning inspector to issue garage sale permits during the June 28 meeting.
Council has passed two readings on the ordinance. If it passes the third reading next month, it will become law.
Currently, there is no ordinance dealing with garage sales.
Council was to vote on the measure during this week's meeting, but Williams delayed it so he could rework some of the language.
"Part of the ordinance deals with where the garage sale signs can be placed," Williams said. "I have to check because we already have an ordinance dealing with the signs. So I just need to check."
One of the main reasons Williams and Councilman Tom Seidler sought the legislation was to help keep numerous garage sales signs off utility poles and streets.
The proposed legislation states the signs are permitted only on the residents' property.
"I will also check if it would be possible to allow people having garage sales to place signs in other residents' yards," Williams said. "We just really want them off the poles. We want to make the city look good. That is our main goal."
Councilman Jeremy Williams, however, does not believe the ordinance is necessary. He said he believes the city's part-time zoning inspector has more important business.
"He works 20 hours a week, and over a year ago I gave him a list of six houses with major zoning violations, and he hasn't had the time to get them," Councilman Jeremy Williams said. "I know he has his hands full, so I don't think we should be adding more [work]."
Zoning Inspector Ralph Chuey could not be reached to comment.
"I just think it's kind of silly to bring that up now," Jeremy Williams said. "If all of our major zoning violations were taken care of, then I would say OK, but I just don't think we need this now."

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