New complaints
Ameritech Publishing Inc. vs. James White, money.
Joy Brown vs. Mark A. Peters, stalking.
Barbara Caruso et al vs. Walmart Stores dba Sam's Club, money.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Danny McGirr et al, foreclosure.
Beverly Taylor et al vs. Paul J. Jackanich et al, money.
Douglas E Wright vs. Joseph R. Debolt Sr, money.
Julie Franco et al vs. Tiffiney Marckel, money.
JP Morgan Chase Bank et al vs. Terri L. Stoffer et al, foreclosure.
Kimberly Washington-Harper vs. Tonya D. Rushton, stalking.
AICCO Inc. et al vs. Stop 26 Riverbend Licenses Inc. et al, money.
National Financial Holdings LLC vs. Barbara A. Schornack, money.
The Mobile Medical Group Inc. et al vs. Carrington South Rehabilitation Health Care Center Inc, money.
Sherman C. Moore Sr. vs. City of Youngstown et al, injunctive relief and money.
Jimmy Myers vs. Sky Financial Group et al, money.
Stefanie Sobinovsky vs. Thomas Cole Jr., stalking.
Chris Breen vs. Daimlerchrysler Corp et al, declaratory judgment and money.
Sky Bank vs. Bruce Eugene Kale et al, foreclosure of mortgage.
Sharry L. Pack vs. Carmen Carter, stalking.
Shawntae Dennis vs. James Small, stalking.
Domestic relations
Deborah K. Spencer vs. Robert G. Spencer, divorce.
Christine Pershing and Samuel Pershing, dissolution.
Tina M. Rogers and Kenneth E. Rogers, dissolution.
Jamian Raye Pesta and Robert Keith Pesta, dissolution.
Real estate transfers
Renmar Development LLC to Homecraft Construction, Inc., Canfield, $35,000.
Greystone Group-Poland Ltd to Labelle Poland LLC, Poland, $5,318,333.
Catherine Leone et al to Glen A. Tohm et al, Youngstown, $76,500.
Neil R. Kennedy to Abraham Williams et al, Youngstown, $85,000.
Jeanette Fagt to William Leombruns, Boardman Twp., 116,000.
Daniel Adams et al to James Robinson, Youngstown, $30,000.
George Pelic et al to Anthony Lattanzio et al, Poland, $421,000.
Brian Pritchard to James Burgess, Youngstown, $550.
Sandra Doroske to Brian Double et al, Salem, $111,000.
Thomas Prosko et al to Lathleen Latore, Youngstown, $155,000.
J. Monroc Development Corp. to Leonard Appelman et al, Salem, $32,000.
Robert Ordrejko to Louis Pagan et al, Canfield, $180,000.
Marcha Mansell et al to Kenneth Kreps et al, Boardman, $62,000.
Ann Kutchel to Michael Fox, New Middletown, $100,500.
John Kirlik to Raymond Ross, Canfield, $66,000.
Miguel Figueroa, III to Milagros Medina, Youngstown, $11,000.
Ulderica Centofanti to Robert Carcelli III et al, Struthers, $84,500.
Barbara James et al to Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp., Austintown, $111,000.
Deborah Yurks to Anna Meyers, Youngstown, $30,111.
Helen Yurchison to James Geller et al, Boardman Twp., $190,000.
William Clark to Tony's Minor Repair, Youngstown, $6,000.
Robert Rohrbaugh II et al, Wendy Fry-McMurray, Youngstown, $180,000.
Green Tree Servicing LLC to Knecht Capital Inc., Campbell, $27,000.
Rose Becka to Norman Becka, Sebring, $2,000.
Barbara Rauch et al to Jimmy Ceballos, Campbell, $8,800.
Phyllis Zaccone to Mary Kester et al, Youngstown, $834.
Chapter 7
Dee Jay Harris, 17581 Normandy Drive, Lake Milton, service technician, Roth Bros.; liabilities, $45,762; assets, $3,645.
Whister Winford Sr. 1241 Rigby St., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $30,811; assets, $3,780.
Ronald R. and Janet M. Will, 122 N. Evanston Ave., Youngstown, he: suspension mechanic, Emch Spring Service Inc.; she: telemarketer, R. M. Window Co.; liabilities, $97,344; assets, $32,050.
Lori Lee Stewart, aka Lori Lee Best, 7420 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, and 8381 Union Ridge Road, Negley, home health aide, Senikor Independence; liabilities, $33,829; assets $4,400.
Shea Marciano, 808 Steel St., Youngstown, nail technician, Nail City; liabilities, $9,536; assets $650.
Sharon P. Keener, 949 Mathews Road, Boardman, Social Security benefits; liabilities, $55,506; assets, $1,267.
Diane Pettway, 613 Fairmont Ave., Youngstown, supervisor, Domestic Linen; liabilities, $25,446; assets, $10,650.
Tina Brooks-Leppert, 2861 Rochester Drive, Lake Milton, and P.O. Box 33, Lake Milton, sales secretary, Hamrick Manufacturing & amp; Sv/Gv Roofing; liabilities, $119,362; assets, $73,050.
Anthony J. DeVito aka Tony DeVito and Sylvia M. DeVito, 4466 Burkey Road, Austintown, he: welder; she: housewife; liabilities, $133,245; assets, $89,775.
Larry L. Patterson, 855 Compass West, Austintown, employed at Camisado Ltd.; liabilities, $44,599; assets, $7,700.
Emmitt L. and Eloise Ellis, 424 Kist Place, Youngstown, both retired; liabilities, $43,129; assets, $19,560.
Robert J. Zielinski, 50 Manchester Ave., Youngstown, sales representative, Sam's Club; liabilities, $9,454; assets $1,255.
Tahia Mary McBride, 3002 Green Acres Drive, Apt. 3, Liberty, cashier, Austinwoods Nursing Center; liabilities, $21,146; assets, $4,525.
Jeffrey and Alma Rae Cummins, 146 Smithfield St., Struthers, he: driver, Ken Greco Co.; she: stylist, Famous Hair; liabilities, $84,281; assets, $78,805.
Mark and Sharon Greenwalt, 1547 Ravine Road, Liberty, he: quality inspector, Product Action; she: inspector, Paragon Industries; liabilities, $52,170; assets, $16,245.
Stanley J. Simmons, 145 N. Meridian Road, Youngstown, auto body painter, Superior Auto Body; liabilities, $18,825; assets, $425.
Anthony C. and Shirlee Ann Stiles, Austintown, he: corrections officer, Trumbull Correctional Institute; she: CT sacan technologist, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $47,559; assets, $163,298.
Antoinio F. DeCicco, 358 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, source provider; liabilities, $18,800; assets, $1,160.
Monica D. Fletcher, 876 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown, desk clerk, Hampton Inn; liabilities, $22,108; assets, $2,250.
Adeline E. Anderson, 506 Sunshine Ave., Youngstown, cook, Commons at Greenbriar; liabilities, $82,659; assets, $29,675.
Carol J. Sallustio, 417 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $64,287; assets, $56,100.
Leslie Ann Robinson aka Leslie Robinson, 524 Willis Ave., Youngstown, housekeeping department, Austinwoods Nursing Center; liabilities, $11,705; assets, $2,015.
Brad E. Blakeman, 12069 South Avenue Ext., North Lima, automotive technician, Wal-Mart; liabilities, $11,010; assets, $2,775.
Jeremiah J. and Katherine A. Bugno, 802 Franklin Ave., Youngstown, he: retired; she: homemaker; liabilities, $16,852; assets, $6,170.
Sandra Lee Testa, 1351 Orkney, Austintown, unemployed; liabilities, $35,702; assets, $1,250.
Joshua and Rachel Robison, 936 S. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, he: Berk Enterprises Inc.; she: InfoCision; liabilities, $28,672; assets, $7,250.
Sirilo Santiago Jr., 82 Terrace Drive, Boardman, postal worker, U.S. Postal Service; liabilities, $152,188; assets, $70,345.
David Jeremy Bindas Jr., 216 Iroquois St., Struthers, sales associate, Hollywood Video; liabilities, $10,505; assets, $673.
Lamika Devon Watt, 2007 Weston Ave., Youngstown, customer service rep, Dinesol Building Products; liabilities, $106,989; assets, $48,100.
Dawn Michelle Nicholas, 178 Idaho Road, Austintown, customer service, Professional Benefits; liabilities, $68,651; assets, $56,640.
Matthew Gorman, 273 North Heights, Apt. 5, Youngstown, retail manager, Kmart Management Corp.; liabilities. $8,784; assets, $755.
Francis R. Suskey III, 3705 Burkey Road, Austintown, retail sales, dba Francis Suskey; liabilities, $84,510; assets, $7,081.
Kevin Dale Petty, 353 Forest Hill Drive, Youngstown, designer, Home Depot; liabilities, $140,378; assets, $1,774.
Catherine A. Harris, 120 Princess St., Campbell, cashier, Rite Aid Corp.; liabilities, $13,167; assets, $760.
Joseph J. Pignatelli Jr., 586 W. Omar St., Struthers, unemployed; liabilities, $28,067; assets, $400.
Nancy Ann Carr, 4475 Kirk Road, Apt. 6, Austintown, homemaker; liabilities, $16,976; assets, $1,950.
Chapter 13
Todd Ethan Whited, 4763 Pine Trace, Austintown, chef, Janos; liabilities, $137,500; assets, $93,801.
Krysten Ann Stanton, 33 Placid Blvd., Austintown, production, West Corp.; liabilities, $12,367; assets, $5,550.
Alex Steven Bagnoli, 8221 Akron-Canfield Road, Canfield, retired; liabilities, $144,579; assets, $42,037.
Irene Biro, 72 N. Hubbard Road, Lowellville, none; liabilities, $41,980; assets, $15,000.
Terry E. Black, 1958 Weston Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $113,031; assets, $86,220.
Danny R. Jr. and Melanie Marie McGirr, 248 S. Main St, Austintown, he: welder, Ohio Structuries; she: none; liabilities, $85,295; assets $49,183.
James E. and Sabrina Marie Hoffman, 3911 Shelby Road, Youngstown, he: quality control engineer, Andover Industries. he: preschool teacher, Easter Seals; liabilities, $174,922; assets, $98,200.
Mark and Elizabeth Morena, 3924 Brandomyne Ave, Austintown, he: Illinois Tool Works Inc.; she: none; liabilities, $156,158; assets, $94,217.
Thomas J. and Helen L. Sheridan, 72 Fernwood Ave., Youngstown, he: maintenance, Burger King; she: recovery, Big Lots; liabilities, $92,548; assets, $57,830.
Deborah Ann Gerak, 25 Rutledge Ave., Struthers, disabled; liabilities, $11,833; assets $1,610.
Anna Jeanette Campbell, 14244 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg, none; liabilities, $54,000; assets, $1,556.
Elmer and Faye Estella Morris, 746 Liberty Road, Youngstown, he: security guard, Rampeo; she: unemployed; liabilities, $121,300; assets $43,188.

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