CITY COUNCIL Hubbard to borrow money for 4 projects

A fifth project, which would benefit the police department, was delayed.
HUBBARD -- City council voted to approve requests for legislation to borrow money for four projects, but declined to give the go-ahead on one other.
During its meeting Monday, council approved drawing up requests for legislation to borrow: $420,000 for rehabilitating the fire station; $1.7 million for constructing and repairing curbs and sidewalks and resurfacing streets; $375,000 to reconstruct the West Liberty Street sanitary sewer; and $950,000 to renovate the service center facilities. Council is expected to vote on those matters during the next meeting, city officials said.
However, council voted against requesting similar legislation to borrow $1.9 million for constructing, furnishing and equipping a police station and buying a police car.
The city is planning to borrow the money through the sale of bonds.
"The city did a lot of work on these projects, and I can't believe they are voting no," Mayor Art Magee said after the meeting. "All this would do is let the law director write up the legislation so we can keep the ball rolling and speed up the process. They are slowing everything down."
Short notice
The council members who voted against the request for legislation said they found out only moments before the meeting that the city wanted to borrow $1.9 million for the police station.
"I'm not going to vote to spend the money without the information [in advance]," said Councilman Bill Williams. "I need to get the information before I vote."
Magee said he hopes to have all the information from the architect to the council members by the next meeting.
The new safety center would be on School Street, a block away from the current facility.
Council did pass second readings on resolutions authorizing the city to advertise for bids for the plumbing, electrical, heating and general construction work of the new safety center. The resolutions must pass one more reading before taking effect.

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