Drivers beware of danger at Midlothian intersection

Drivers beware of danger at Midlothian intersection
I am writing to inform the citizens of a dangerous intersection. Recently I was in a car accident at the intersection of Midlothian Blvd. and Shirley Road. I was traveling west on Midlothian trying to turn onto I-680 south entrance ramp. At that intersection, as many of you know, there is a light but the light does not have a protective turning light for left hand turns.
At this light if you are turning and cars are in the turning lane opposite you turning onto Shirley Road (which by the way has a protective turning light) you can if you're lucky have about 25 feet visibility of oncoming traffic. I had to nose my way out so I could see if any cars were coming. When I realized there was a transit bus coming it was too late. The transit bus driver was a fantastic driver. I commend her. She was able to maneuver just enough to barely hit the turning light on the drivers side of my car. Thank God no one was hurt and little damage to either the bus or my car.
I am not denying I was in the wrong, but I am trying to accomplish one thing from this and that is to get a turning light put in on that side. I find it hard to believe if they can have one on the opposite side that they could not have one on this side. I have done some research and in 2003 and 2004, there have been 23 accidents at this intersection and out of those 13 were failure to yield. Do we wonder why? Something needs to be done immediately before school starts back up. School buses and such travel this road every school day. When I think of what could have happened I cringe. I have called the Youngstown engineering department twice so far and have not received a call back. So I am asking the people of this area to help me. Call, take two minutes out of your day to make a phone call to the engineer's office and express your desire to have a protective turning light on this side of the intersection. Let's keep this going. I am not going to give up until I see one there. As this may have been a warning to us all that this is possibly a serious problem. If you travel it you understand and if you do not, take a ride at 7:30 or 8 in the morning when traffic is heavy because of going to work.
Time for impeachment
Every day when I read that more of our military are being killed in that Godforsaken country of Iraq, I want to punch Bush in the face.
I am just amazed and I don't know why I am surprised that this country would allow such a travesty to go on. We all know that the war in Iraq was a mistake, just like Vietnam, yet no one wants to bring our troops home.
The government wanted to impeach Clinton over such a stupid reason, his immorality. Doesn't this fine government know how immoral it is to keep fighting a winless war? We will not win. The people in Iraq are trained to kill and torture with no regard for human life. How can we fight that?
We are allowing a stupid man, George Bush, to keep going on the path he has set. I say we impeach him on moral grounds that he is a murderer since all our troops are Americans. I don't personally know any troop over in Iraq, but I feel that they are all known to me because I am a mom and when I see that a soldier is killed and his family grieve, I also grieve.
Wake up, America.