Forum Health Women and Infants Pavilion
Amy and Dan Fabian, 905 Afton Ave., Boardman, girl, June 28.
Ginny and Jeffrey Hazy, 120 Wrenfield Drive, Hubbard, boy, June 28.
Merry and Joe Wagner, 145 SouthDale, Cortland, boy, June 28.
Jodi and Jim Starcher, 2620 Greenville Road, Cortland, boy, June 28.
Carrie and Mark Hagan, 2433 Frostwood Dr., Austintown, girl, June 28.
Andra and Jay Hall, 3439 Maple Ridge Dr., Hubbard, boy, june 28.
Julie and Mark Naples, 4540 New Road, Austintown, girl, June 28.
Lisa and John Mitchell, 11333 Seacrist Road, Salem, boy, June 28.
Halana and Nick Hink, Canfield Niles Road, boy, June 28.
Nicole and Jeff Gallimore, 7367 West Blvd., Youngstown, girl, June 28.
Kerri and Michael Dunn, 332 Trumbull Dr., Niles, boy, June 28.
Jacquelyn Conners, Youngstown, girl, June 27.
Lensey Hicks, Youngstown, girl, June 28.
St. Elizabeth Health Center
Rosemarie and Marc Park, Canfield, girl, June 27.
Christina Colbert and Jonathan Fields, Girard, boy, June 26.
Kristy Cuevas and Reuben Traylor, Youngstown, boy, June 27.
St. Joseph Health Center
Heather Woolacott and Scott Williams, Vienna, boy, June 27.
Conni and Dennis Musser, Lake Milton, girl, June 28.
Melissa Goodwin and Jeffery Miller, Warren, girl, June 28.
Trumbull Memorial Hospital
Kelly and William Barnhart, 3308 Saltspring Road, Warren, boy, June 27.
Amy Robinson, Newton Falls, girl, June 27.
Candice Ray and Tim Beaumont, 3880 Northwoods Court, Warren, girl, June 27.
Erin and Mark Saksa, 773 Virginia Dr., Warren, girl, June 28.
Allisha and Benjamin Armstrong, 39 Peach Lane, Warren, girl, June 28.
Melissa and Chad Means, 839 Collar Price, Brookfield, boy, June 28.

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