Marriage licenses
Henry E. Heath, 39, of 2238 Knapp Street, Youngstown, and Hildegard Rodriguez, 51, of 2614 Taft Avenue, Youngstown. (Correction)
John M. Crespy, 39, of 409 Seventh St., New Castle, and Casey M. Haviland, 26, of Enon Valley, Pa.
Roger T. Heim, 37, of 65 Moton Ave, Campbell, and Laura Fiorenza, 39, of same address.
Walter C. Mead, 20, of 510 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, and Amanda L. Raynes, 26, of same address.
Patrick D. Vanasky, 40, of Hillsville, Pa., and Melissa A. Zarella, 32, of same address.
Randolph B. Clark, 59, of 4564 Woodridge Ave., Austintown, and Cynthia L. Stevens, 31, of same address.
Andrew P. Fabian, 25, of 4235 Woodmere Dr., Austintown, and Sara A. Accettura, 25, of 4853 Westchester Dr., Austintown.
New cases
Loretta Dillon vs. Alvin Cornwell Jr; stalking.
Columbia Credit Services Inc. vs. Joseph Smrek et al; money.
Heritage Sportswear Inc. vs. Actionwear Inc. et al; money.
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA et al vs. Jimmie D. Moore et al; foreclosure.
Talicia Butler vs. Jamie Mullen; stalking.
Kenneth E. Nelson Jr. vs. Ron Carrocce Trucking Co. Inc. et al; notice of appeal.
Barry M. Roupe vs. Shionna Whipple; money.
Alisa Jennings vs. Heidi Thornton; stalking.
CitiFinancial Inc. vs. Anthony A. Mancino et al; foreclosure.
State of Ohio et al vs. Juanita Troisi; money.
U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Kristy Solomon et al; foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA as Trustee et al vs. Hardges Chapman et al; foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA et al vs. Joan Brindiar et al; foreclosure.
ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc. vs. Shirley Bolen et al; foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Alexander Caruso et al; foreclosure.
Lenny J. Toth vs. Sheri L. Noble; money.
Danielle Dykes vs. Marquis Williams; stalking.
Certified Developers & amp; Management Ltd vs. Kenneth W. Splitstone III et al; money.
Anthony M. Sinegal vs. Parker-Hannifin Corp. et al; notice of appeal and jury demand.
Asset Acquisitions Group LLC. vs. Randy C. Dawson; money.
National Check Bureau Inc. vs. Hilda M. Sorriento; money.
MBNA America Bank NA vs. Kimberly A. Murphy et al; money.
Rhonda Sharp vs. James Leonelli MD; money in excess.
American Tax Funding LLC. vs. Thelma M. Hosterman et al; foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC. vs. Keith Adams et al; foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC. vs. Brian Geiser et al; foreclosure.
Michael L. Owens vs. Richard Minik; money.
William D. Yerkey vs. Terry Reichenbach Jr.; money.
Virginia M. DiNello vs. Ruth McCutcheon et al; money.
First Place Bank et al vs. Gregory W. Courtney et al; foreclosure.
Domestic relations
Cameron A. Chrystal vs. Patrick M. Chrystal II; divorce and mutual restraining order.
Patricia M. Yambar vs. Robert E. Yambar; divorce and mutual restraining order.
Neina Mace and Eric W. Mace; dissolution of marriage and wavier.
Kimberly S. Mesmer and David A. Mesmer; dissolution of marriage and waiver.
Real estate transfers
Katie Snipes to Victor Freitas et al, Youngstown, $ 12,500.
Jason Neapolitan to Theodore Alexander et al, Youngstown, $55,000.
Andrews Kosco et al to John Chelbina, Poland, $233,000.
ATFH Real Property LLC to Lisa Johnson et al, Youngstown, $21,500.
Susan G. Paurar et al to Mary B. Kennedy, Youngstown, $135,000.
George Crokie et al to Laura DeSimone, Youngstown, $36,000.
Mashburn Tree Service to Joseph Perkins et al, Poland, $31,000.
Wendy M. Rodgers to Gary E. Rodgers, Youngstown, $40,595.29.
Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning County Inc., to Javier Arroyo et al, Youngstown, $48,000.
K.P.Z. Inc. to William M. Stahl. et al, Canfield, $103,000.
Sandra K. Jones to James R. Speckeer et al,
Youngstown, $67,900.
Timothy Kirk Griffith to Dana Ball et al, Milton Township, $5000.
Christopher Keleman et al to James Dagman et al, Struthers, $92,700.
David Clark to Peter Freiberg, Youngstown, $11,450.
Steven Skibs et al to Patricia Daniels, Salem, $131,000.
Russell Ohlin to Bartholomeu Builders, Springfield Township, $34,000.
Bartholomew Builders to Michael Mason et al, Springfield Township, $200,000.
Mill Creek Homes Ltd to Christophan Rappach et al, Canfield, $249,536.
Donald Jones et al to Martin Joseph et al, Youngstown, $27,000.
Sandra K. Brown et al to Roy Shook et al, Berlin Center, $140,000.
Cord Camera Center Inc. to CCC Real Estate Holdings LLC, Boardman $335,231.
Cord Camera Ceter Inc. to CCC Real Estate Holdings LLC, Boardman, $82,802.
Cord Camera Center Inc. to CCC Real Estate Holdings LLC, Boardman, $54,068.
Domestic relations
Amanda Sue Mitchell vs. Christopher S. Mitchell, divorce to plaintiff.
Paulette Hodge vs. Wesley D. Hodge, divorce to plaintiff.
Thomas B. Cessna vs. Lisa M. Cessna, same.
Minerva Bonilla vs. Luis R. Bonilla, same.
Kathleen A. Cooper vs. Robert C. Cooper, dismissed.
Nancy Kay Harrison vs. Perry B. Harrison, divorce to plaintiff.
Charles L. Carson vs. Joann Carson, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Richard Erb vs. Janice Pariza, divorce to plaintiff.
Janine Johnson vs. Tylon L. Johnson, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Janine Lee.
Alise R. Andrews vs. Kevin T. Andrews, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Joseph C. Jackson vs. Jessica S. Jackson, same, wife restored to former name, Jessica Solida.
Carlie Pallone vs. Michael J. Pallone Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Carlie Lavin.
Brian L. Taylor vs. Iris D. Taylor, dismissed for failure to go forward.
Fredrick Romito Jr. vs. Heidi Dawn Romito, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Anna K. Godfrey vs. William A. Godfrey, same.
Ronald V. Brewer Jr. vs. Jennifer E. Brewer, divorce to plaintiff.
Bershell Lee Scheckelhoff vs. William Scheckelhoff, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Kathleen Ann Nagy vs. Alexander J. Nagy Jr., same.
Jason Gries vs. Nicole D. Gries, dismissed.
Karen Ehlenback vs. Louis Ehlenback, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Melissa Wolfe vs. Steen C. Wolfe, divorce to plaintiff.
James Fullerman vs. Jackie Lynne Fullerman, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Joyce Ann Nies vs. Fredrick J. Nies, same.
Robert W. Kerpsack vs. Marla E. Kerpsack, same, wife restored to former name, Marla E. Schmader.
Cheryl Richards vs. William E. Richards III, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Paul F. Chicone vs. Michele L. Chicone, divorce to plaintiff.
Karen E. Beer vs. James F. Beer, same, wife restored to former name, Karen E. Stahl.
Shawntil R. Shorter vs. Semmie L. Shorter Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Shawntil Williams.
Shelly M. Cashbaugh vs. George Cashbaugh, dismissed.
Shirley Robinson vs. Kevin M. Robinson, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Shirley Griffin.
Kevin Wait vs. Heather M. Wait, divorce to plaintiff.
Diane R. Knolton vs. Alex C. Knolton, same, wife restored to former name, Diane R. Miller.
Amber M. Lattau vs. Matthew D. Lattau, divorce to plaintiff.
Jennifer M. Wilkinson vs. George C. Wilkinson Jr., divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Suzanne Ohare vs. William J. Ohare, divorce to plaintiff.
Evelyn Jones vs. Paul M. Jones Sr., divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Lisa R. Bradley vs. Troy D. Bradley, divorce to plaintiff.
Derek L. Williams vs. Shirley M. Williams, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Mary Beth Biffl vs. Michael V. Biffl, same.
Tracey D. Benson vs. Edward R. Benson II, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Tracey D. McElroy.
Catherine Sue Nolfi vs. Ferdinando Nolfi, same, wife restored to former name, Catherine Sue Holowatuk.
Robin M.Rush vs. Destry Jean Rush, divorce to plaintiff.
Michael D. Repasky vs. Kathi Repasky, complaint dismissed.
Denise Rasley vs. Charles S. Green, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Denise Ferguson.
Rebecca A. Orioha vs. Louis M. Orioha, voluntary dismissal.
Mary L. Hazel vs. Scott W. Hazel, divorce to plaintiff.
Linda Blott vs. John Blott, same.
Brian Mangan vs. Bonnie Sue Mangan, dismissed, parties attempting to reconcile.
Chapter 7
Teresa Carter, 2830 Hillman St., Youngstown 44507, (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield). Liabilities $220,239.54. Assets $150,650.
David S. Roberts Jr. and Sandra K. Roberts, 3544 East Western Reserve Road, Poland 44514, (He: sales, Old Dominion Freight Lines. She: Housewife). Liabilities $224,203.20. Assets $6,700.
Marlene Louise McCray, 9508 Gibson Road, North Jackson 44451, (retired). Liabilities $21,245.50. Assets $2,457.17.
Samantha Lynn Carter, 4272 Center Road, Youngstown 44514, (labor, AFG Insulating). Liabilities $11,605.80. Assets $6,022.38.
Debora A. Fetsko, 3342 Ambert Ave., Youngstown 44502, (RN, Mahoning Valley Hospital). Liabilities $75,964.93. Assets $56,455.
Joseph E. Darby, 6473 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown 44515, (nuclear tech, Gamma Med). Liabilities $29,560.82. Assets $1,070.
Michael W. Scott, 4824 South Ave., Youngstown 44512 and Tracie Buccella Scott, 328 Ward Ave, Niles 44446, (He: pct, Trumbull Memorial Hospital. She: delivery driver, Superior Beverage). Liabilities $147,657.94. Assets $82,150.
Chapter 11
Medical Imaging Network Inc., dba Advanced Radiology, dba Boardman Xray & amp; MRI, dba Liberty Open MRI, dba fdba Austintown Xray and fdba Campbell Xray, 819 McKay Court, Boardman 44512. Liabilities $6,839,290.01. Assets $2,340,428.96.
Chapter 13
Ronald E. Adkins, 5705 Baylor, Austintown 44514 and Pamela S. Adkins, 4125 Stratford Road, Boardman, (He: painter, self-employed. She: unemployed). Liabilities $239,715. Assets $148,650.
Charlie L. Harris Sr., 1718 Overland Ave., Youngstown 44511, (retiree, General Motors Corp). Liabilities $112,990.21. Assets $50,264.78.
Denis M. Robinson and Sandra L. Robinson, 250 Beachwood Drive, Youngstown 44505 and P.O. Box 6483, Youngstown 44501, (He: president, Sanrobsys LLC. She: treasurer, Sanrobsys LLC). Liabilities $703,908.62. Assets $442,150.

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