Wanted: tips for dealing with unruly college roommates

Dear Heloise: Having roommates can wear on a college coed. I try to keep our small living space as clean as possible by picking up after my roommates, thereby enabling their ineptness when it comes to cleaning. It is really annoying to gather shoes, books and personal belongings that have been left around and place them at the bottom of the stairs or near a bedroom door. This makes it convenient for them to pick the items up, but instead they choose to step over or walk around the items and, yes, sometimes trip on them. It seems as though they could at least pick the items up out of courtesy. Jenlizbeth from College Station, Texas
Well, living with roommates (college or otherwise) is a challenge! I'd love to hear from students about how they resolve some of the "issues." Please e-mail me at Heloise@CompuServe.com, and I'll print as many responses as possible. Heloise
Fast facts
Another use for a tackle box: When my husband and I were married 27 years ago, he started taking me fishing. Our first Valentine's Day together, I received a tackle box for my gift. As years passed and my tackle collection grew, so did my need for a larger box.
I made a makeup kit out of the first tackle box, and I still use it to this day. I put decals and stickers on it to personalize it. The little compartments are great and can be made into different sizes, and the bottom will hold larger items. Judy in Arkansas
Dear Heloise: To honor my grandson's first birthday, my daughter held a charity book drive. She asked family and friends to bring a children's book in lieu of a gift. Because of the overwhelming generosity, my grandson was able to donate more than 200 books to the San Antonio Children's Shelter.
Next year, she plans to have an art-supply donation drive. My daughter hopes to instill in Noah generosity and compassion for those in need. Tammy McVicker, San Antonio
How wonderful, and I hope this hint will inspire others to do the same or something similar for worthy causes. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I take several medications, and I have a drug allergy. Since a local store has an engraving machine, I bought a metal luggage tag and listed my name, allergies, medications and the date, and then attached the tag to my key chain.
I update it with a new one periodically when my meds are changed. Susan Bashor, Bakersfield, Calif.
Sound off
I was just wondering how many manufacturers of frozen dinners consider the number of elderly customers who live alone and depend on these meals, but whose eyes cannot read the small-print directions. Easy-to-find and easy-to-read directions could certainly be a sales inducement, don't you think? A Reader, Temple, Texas
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