Marriage licenses
Thomas R. Oaks, legal age, 4626 Fitzgerald Ave., Youngstown, and JoAnne A. McClelland, legal age, 2730 Vollmer Drive, Youngstown.
Gary Powell, 42, of 15175 Leffingwell Road, Berlin Center, and Nancy A. Vaditti, 37, of same address.
Kenneth Gandy, 30, of 370 Sixth St., Campbell, and Yolandra Jones, 30, of same address.
Matthew Migliore, 26, Morrisville, N.C., and Casey Lynn Fisher, 25, of same address.
Samuel Santisi, 52, of 81 Talsman Drive, Canfield, and Donna Takacs, 45, of same address.
Gregory Williams, 39, of 215 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Canfield, and Kelly Dithomas, 34, of 215 Deer Trail, Canfield.
Clinton Page Jr., 27, North Huntington, Pa., and Kellie Luther, 26, of 7349 Eisenhower Drive, Boardman.
George Cowan III, 40, of 110 Kendis Circle, Youngstown, and Cheryl Traylor, 42, of same address.
Rafael Molina Jr., 27, of 446 Coitsville Road., Campbell, and Jody White, 29, of 6401 Duncan Drive, Poland.
Ronald Sounders, 22, of 15060 Apple Blossom Trail, Beloit, and Anita Knippenberg, 20, Brimfield, Ohio.
Brian Cross, 30, of 15640 state Route 62, Salem, and Megan Hill, 28, of same address.
Jason Schrader, 25, of 5681 Baylor Ave., Austintown, and Jennifer Brown, 27, of 2122 Robins Ave., Niles.
Harrold McDavid, legal age, 216 Tremble, Campbell, and Lula Wynn, legal age, 1712 Richmond St., Youngstown.
New complaints
Shannon A. Keck vs. Carl E. Bartels et al, money.
Michelle Bazer vs. Tom Adams, stalking.
Shannon Williams vs. Alexander Hahn, stalking.
U S Bank NA vs. Ronald C. Armour et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. James Morgan, money.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al vs. Lisa M. Scannell et al, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Sherry L. Wensel et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas et al vs. James D. Brown et al, foreclosure.
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company et al vs. Laura M. Aleksy et al; foreclosure.
Jamie Mullane vs. Tallicia Butler; stalking.
Somjai Lab et al vs. Ashley Souder et al, money.
NCO Portfolio Managemnet Inc et al vs. Lloyd E. Moore Jr., money.
Palisades Collection LLC et al vs. Joyce L. Boncyk, money.
Palisades Collection LLC et al vs. Roseann M. Santor, money.
Danielle Bigsby vs. Maurice Briggs; stalking.
Capital One Bank vs Andrew N. Ruscitti, money.
Midland Funding NCC-2 Corp vs Hope Davenport et al, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs Lucille Puhak et al, foreclosure.
Domestic relations
Donald Mitchell vs. Mandi M, Mitchell, divorce.
Terri L. vs. Daryl E. Tomez, divorce, mutual restraining order and poverty affidavit.
William R. Jr. and Kathryn J Ronci, dissolution granted.
Bonnie L. vs. Randy L. Hoover, divorce granted.
Richard J. vs. Lisa M. Inhouse, divorce granted.
Christopher T. vs. Rachel A. Martin, divorce granted.
Jennifer vs. Alfred Eichelberger II, dissolution granted.
Real estate transfers
Wells Fargo Bank et al to Michael Masich, Sruthers, $25,501.
Reo Management 2002 Inc. to Robert Weimer Sr. Youngstown, $59,000.
Ranger Realty LLC to Jesse Benson et al, Youngstown, $71,000.
Rodg S. King to Laurie S. Molocea, Columbiana, $30,000.
Ann I. Adams to Lynn Tabet, Boardman, $157,000.
UDE of Timber Ridge Clinger Ltd to Jerry C. Nepple et al, Struthers, $168,566.
Dorothy Geeway to Carmen Neapolitan et al, Youngstown, $24,000.
Barbara J. Guilford et al to Humility of Mary Health Partners, Youngstown, $2,275.
Betty J. Esposito to CaSonya A. Harris, Youngstown, $30,000.
Linda Marie listona et al, to Kevin Main et al, Columbiana, $65,000.
Nancy Keys et al to Sandra Gillespie, Lake Milton, $48,000.
Estate of Mary Moreno to Lawrence Bodnar, Jr. Youngstown, $54,000.
DSL Properties Inc. to Brian M. Boyd et al, Beloit, $30,000.
Dometia Brede et al to William Jones et al, North Jackson, $264.900.
Minnie Ross to David Clark, Youngstown, $7,500.
Patricia Bates to John Ball et al, Canfield, $123,000.
Janet H. Nagel to Keith Honak et al, Boardman, $75,000.
United Die and MFG Sales Company to McKinley Post No. 76 et al, Sebring, $8,000.
Flora Weber et al to Marilyn Weber, Youngstown, $40,000.
The Bank of New York to Sheray DeMar, Boardman, $98,000.
Gerald Ohlin et al to Mohammed Salamah, Boardman, $65,900.
Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown to K.P.Z. Inc, Canfield, $375,000.
Rocky Matale to George Roberts Jr., Boardman TWP, $200,000.
Christopher May et al to Allyson Ambrose, Canfield, $91,000.
Felicia Nocera to James Farna et al, Youngstown, $150,000.
Joe Koch Construction to John D. Cross et al, Youngstown, $180,000.
Tyler Jones et al to Rodney Cole Sr. et al, Youngstown, $66,750.
Roberta Lannart to Joy L. Henderson et al, Youngstown, $157,000.
Mark E. Rose to Sriram Perni et al, Poland, $298,000.
Carmen Neopolitan to Oksana Mastowe, Austintown, $134,000.
Judith Shafer to Mathew Robertson et al, New Middletown, $82,500.
Metro Centre One to John mcMillion et al, Struthers, $25,000.
First Class Limited Corp., to Jack Walden et al, Youngstown, $9,000.
Joseph Perkins et al to Daniel Duran Jr. et al, Poland, $200,000.
Leonard Fagnano et al to Casey Kissel et al, New Middletown, $65,000.
John Ditchey to John Pardee, Austintown, $143,000.
Florine King to Reuben McMillan Free Library Assoc., Youngstown, $15,000.
Mary Wile to Donald Eash et al, Canfield, $52,000.
Donald Benedis et al to Bradley Dunn, Campbell, $15,000.
Tamala Hacon to Rosemary Colucci, Youngstown, $72,000.
Jerome Radzik to John Kozie et al, Lowellville, $15,000.
Mary Camardo to The Benefit Organization an Ohio non-profit Corp., Youngstown, $160,000.
Mary Howell to 862 Ltd., Youngstown, $200.00
David Clark to James Wallace et al, Youngstown, $15,250.
Chapter 7
Mark Edward Brown, 2433 Sierra Drive, Youngstown, Social Security Administration; liabilities, $109,151; assets $84,700.
Joshua D. Cline and BreAnne R. Cline, 1951 Cherry Hill Ave, Youngstown, he: waste water control, Cintas Corp.; she: none; liabilities, $70,074; assets, $51,600.
Michael J. Dylewski, 4661 Woodhurst Drive, Apt. 7, Austintown, V & amp;M Star; liabilities, $206,338; assets, $81,700.
Chapter 13
Steve Vivo III, 9120 Herbert Road, Canfield, self-employed recycler; liabilities, $222,165; assets $236,800.

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