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Published: Tue, June 21, 2005 @ 12:00 a.m.



2nd--Little Frankie (Spieth) $6.40$3.20$2.10

Lock Tender (Feliciano R.) $2.40$2.10

Awesome Adam (Gonzalez L.) $2.10

Also Ran: Golden Dinner, Artic Gamble, Ginger Daddy, Speedy Pie, Dunne Right, Irule.

Race Time: 1:13.25.

Daily Double (4-7), $23.40; Exacta (7-1), $14.40; Superfecta (7-1-6-5), $142.10; Trifecta (7-1-6), $45.80.

4th--Military Presence $7.80$4.00$3.20

Coasting Barnie (Mailhot P.) $4.80$4.40

Hillbilly King (Gonzalez L.) $5.20

Also Ran: Slew City Express, Heroic Spirit, Mister Hollstep, Trav a Long, Feel the Gold, Command the Best, Leapin Lycius.

Race Time: 1:13.42.

Exacta (1-7), $41; Superfecta (1-7-4-6), $251.60; Trifecta (1-7-4), $137.80; Pic 3 (7-2-1), $144.40.

6th--Allied Prospector $5.20$2.40$2.40

Wally Bear (Hill R.) $2.40$2.40

Due Rite Dixon (Feliciano R.) $3.80

Also Ran: Ring the Witness, Capitol Man, Rhodex, Awesome Form, Double Justice, Bugzy Boy, Benny Q's Winner, Travelin' Soldier, The Man Who Can.

Race Time: 1:14.14.

Exacta (1-4), $11.60; Superfecta (1-4-8-9), $352.40; Trifecta (1-4-8), $106.40; Pic 3 (1-3-1), $418.60.

8th--Two Retired Tires $37.80$12.60$5.80

Sting Me (Rosendo I.) $4.00$3.20

My Happy Dream (Magrell J.) $9.00

Also Ran: Really Good Whisky, Tow Path, Prospectaire, Lyde Award, Another Fast Frog, U K Kenny, Doctor Bob D, Sensational Sabin.

Race Time: 1:14.26.

Exacta (5-7), $165.60; Superfecta (5-7-6-8), $1,659.60; Trifecta (5-7-6), $1,180.60; Pic 3 (1-1/6-5), $501.

10th--I Go Solo (Felix) $6.60$3.80$2.60

On Approach (Rosendo I.) $5.40$3.80

Da Fonz (Cloninger, Jr. W.) $6.20

Also Ran: Dave D and Dave W, Bottle Cap, Warsaw Warrior, Nj's Joey, Noble Luck, Danzig's Farewell, Herecometaxman, That Jo Sparkle, Political Honey, Saratoga Dandy.

Race Time: 1:12.90.

Exacta (1-6), $36.60; Superfecta (1-6-5-4), $470.40; Trifecta (1-6-5), $431.60; Pic 3 (5-7-1), $2,432.60.

12th--Diamond Laur $4.20$3.00$2.60

Amy's Hannah (Caminita T.) $5.20$4.00

Silver Ruckus (Gonzalez L.) $3.60

Also Ran: Canagua, Rackelmylove, Princess Ginny, Land Corrupter, Had to Be You, Pure Gossip, Dance At the Wire, Level Bid.

Late Scratches: Shineing Arrow.

Race Time: 1:13.22.

Exacta (9-11), $28; Superfecta (9-11-1-7), $181.10; Trifecta (9-11-1), $148.60; Pic 3 (1-8-4/9), $82.

14th--Eyes for Hannah $6.80$4.40$2.60

Varsity O (Bracho A.) $9.80$3.80

Red Bails (Spieth S.) $2.20

Also Ran: The Skelligs, Germain's Man, Western Dream, Truckin On, Consultant, Phils Mistake, Starnas, Running Ryan, P. M.'s Snacks

Race Time: 1:46.89.

Daily Double (7-11), $74.20; Exacta (11-4), $83.60; Superfecta (11-4-1-10), $826.80; Trifecta (11-4-1), $288.20; Pic 3 (4/9-7-11), $114.80; Pic 4 (8-4/9-7-11), $1,468.60.



1st--Muscle Sprouts (Merr.)$3.60$2.40$2.60

Meadowbranch Cory (K Sugg)$3.20$2.80

Mario's Schatzi (J Conger)$5.80

Exacta 9-3 paid $9.60.

Trifecta 9-3-5 paid $125.

2nd--Anastasia Ajay (Conger)$2.20$2.10$2.10

Royal Sugar (J Melsheimer)$2.10$2.20

Just About Foolin (K Koch)$2.80

Exacta 2-6 paid $6.60.

Trifecta 2-6-7 paid $33.20.

Daily Double 9-2 paid $4.20.

3rd--Foreverama (Holliday)$4.60$2.40$2.60

Bad Boy Justin (S Carter)$2.80$2.20

Ritchi N (A Merriman)$3.00

Exacta 1-6 paid $10.40.

Trifecta 1-6-2 paid $32.

4th--Hat Fula Pease (Boring)$9.60$3.80$2.80

Stano Icon (A Merriman)$3.00$2.80

Blind Spot (J Collins)$5.20

Exacta 5-3 paid $25.40.

Trifecta 5-3-6 paid $268.40.

Superfecta 5-3-6-1 paid $715.

5th--Chips Fly (Holliday)$7.60$3.60$2.60

Tiglon (Merriman)$3.60$2.40

Manhattan Slick (S Schillaci)$3.20

Exacta 1-3 paid $23.

Trifecta 1-3-9 paid $113.20.

Pick Three 1/5/1 3 of 3 paid $89.40.

6th--M-Twenty 6 (McKirgan)$3.00$2.60$2.40

Rova's Trump (J Wengerd)$22.40$7.80

Bustamante (K Kash Jr)$2.80

Exacta 4-5 paid $46.60.

Trifecta 4-5-8 paid $339.80.

7th--Gettheleadout (Kash)$5.80$4.60$2.80

Teflon Tim (W Irvine)$4.60$3.00

Blazin Bay (T Boring)$2.40

Exacta 7-9 paid $23.20.

Trifecta 4-9-6 paid $54.80.

Superfecta 4-9-6-1 paid $105.60.

8th--Fox Valley Chiaway $3.80$2.60$2.10

Special K (C Hershberger)$2.60$2.20

Divine Favor (T Boring)$2.80

Exacta 2-4 paid $11.20.

Trifecta 2-4-1 paid $34.20.

Pick Three 4,6/4/2 3 of 3 paid $38.80.

9th--Dark Scene (Holliday)$9.20$4.40$3.20

Collegiate Chip (A Merriman)$4.00$2.80

Patriot Act (W Irvine)$6.80

Exacta 7-9 paid $34.20.

Trifecta 7-9-1 paid $355.40.

10th--Dewy Soakum $4.40$2.80$2.20

She's Elegant (K Holliday)$2.80$2.80

Tyler's Scooter (B Sturgeon)$5.80

Exacta 3-5 paid $11.80.

Trifecta 3-5-9 paid $112.60.

Superfecta 3-5-9-6 paid $392.80.

11th--Smok Coalburner $60.60$19.20$6.60

Time Inthe Box (K Holliday)$4.00$2.80

Seaworthy (A Merriman)$2.60

Exacta 2-5 paid $137.80.

Trifecta 2-5-3 paid $699.

Pick Three 7/3/2 3 of 3 paid $472.60.

12th--Glory Bound $45.00$11.80$3.80

Semper Fi Hall (K Holliday)$3.80$2.60

Stan (K Kash Jr)$2.80

Exacta 5-6 paid $189.20.

Trifecta 5-6-4 paid $533.

13th--Killians King(C Wyers)6.003.802.80

Ton of Belief(S Carter)5.804.00

Perfect Kiss(K Kash Jr)2.80

Exacta 1-5 paid $49.20. Trifecta 1-5-4 paid $134.40.


Jo Jo's Nice Guy(K Holliday)4.403.00

Love That Jate(A Merriman)3.40

Exacta 4-6 $84.80 Late Double 1-4 Paid $73.00. Trifecta 4-6-7 paid $476.00. Superfecta 4-6-7-1 paid $777.40. Pick Three 5/1/4 3 of 3 paid $1,581.20. Pick Four 2/5/1/4 4 of 4 Paid $5,871.40.

Attendance: 2,157. Handle: $1,055,585.



1st--Oddy Oddy All Day 44.2014.605.00

Senator Bennett (Pereira)3.802.40

Real Collateral (Long)2.20

Unplaced horses listed in order of finish.

Also ran: Storm This Picture, Critical Times, Dinkers Legend, Heaven's Hostage, Crafty Who, Rebelwithoutacause and My Step.

$2 Perfecta (7-9) paid $154.40.

$2 Trifecta (7-9-3) paid $525.60.

2nd--Lineuponthelevee (Parker)6.803.002.20

Mrs. Bailey (Pereira)2.602.20

No No Cielo (Ccamaque)2.20

Also ran: Party Regent, Okay Renee, Elevenlittledevils, Beachy Head, Belleloise, Case Forty Nine and Saucy's Hot Sauce.

$2 Daily Double (7-6) paid $225.20. Daily Double Pool $23,912.

$2 Perfecta (6-4) paid $21.40.

$2 Trifecta (6-4-3) paid $54.

3rd--Wild Lies (Whitney)33.8019.608.40

Snow Sho (Ccamaque)10.207.00

Sugar Mags (Parker)7.00

Also ran: Traveleze, Victory Spin (GB), The Eden (ARG), Irish Rogue, Stormy Sonata, Easy Change and Truly Relentless.

$2 Perfecta (7-8) paid $376.60.

$2 Trifecta (7-8-9) paid $2,463.80.

4th--Melody Maiden (Parker)4.803.002.60

Sissay (Ramgeet)8.404.80

Star Crest (Pereira)2.60

Also ran: Victorious Halo, Petite Mermaid, Lady Dynasty, Olivia's Dollar and J B's Victoria.

$2 Perfecta (5-1) paid $50.

$2 Trifecta (5-1-6) paid $180.80.

5th--Quiet Charm (Whitney)

Zellie (Williams) 3.402.60

Western Miss (Murphy)3.00

Also ran: Golden Carousel, Adif, It's My Secret, La Hermosa, One Crazy Lady, Summer Do Shine and Wendy's Furl Sail.

$2 Perfecta (7-10) paid $20.80.

$2 Superfecta (7-10-4-8) paid $261.60.

$2 Trifecta (7-10-4) paid $65.20.

$2 Pick 3 (7-5-7) 3 Correct paid $338.20. Pick 3 Pool $18,947.

6th--Stop and Sea (Whitney)12.805.402.80Ide Be Brave (Gonzalez)4.603.00

Dixieland Moon (Villa-Gomez)2.60

Scratched: A's Anchorman, Beep Beep Beep and Dou Temps.

Also ran: Cinnamon Bay, Astuto, Spring Act and Grandiflora.

$2 Perfecta (3-1) paid $60.40.

$2 Trifecta (3-1-5) paid $159.20.

7th--Mr Easy E (Ramgeet)3.402.602.60

Moneyatris (Ccamaque)4.203.60

Breezies Spirit (Villa-Gomez)3.40

Scratched: Gin Makes U Sin.

Also ran: Send the Storm, Royal Step, Siestaville, Bet Seventeen and Mr. Time Count.

$2 Perfecta (4-9) paid $16.40.

$2 Trifecta (4-9-5) paid $70.20.

8th--Classy Fella (Walker) $10.00$4.00$3.60

Visionary (Whitney D.) $3.20$3.00

It's a Shortcut (Torres C.) $11.80

Also Ran: Auto City, Fine and Dandy, Combat Zone, Schwarzwald, Festy Eskimo, Prince Keono, Prince Emilio

Race Time: 1:10.76.

Perfecta (9-6), $39.40; Trifecta (9-6-2), $1,006.00; Pic 3 (3-4-9), $166.60.

9th--Danieltown (Murphy) $2.80$2.20

Bernie Blue (Feliciano R.) $2.20

Hassledontheborder (Parker D.)

Also Ran: Texas Code.

Late Scratches: Let the Fuhr Fly, Cayenne Red, Lite Brigade.

Race Time: 1:04.04.

Perfecta (4-6), $3.60.

10th--Word by Word (Stokes)6.404.603.00

Jet Legacy (Rivera)11.604.20

Dan's Report (Whitney)2.60

Also ran: Morethanrisque, Coby Appeal, Call Me C. J., Linkoman, George Bailey, Rocky Won and Ride 'Em Rags

$2 Perfecta (10-8) paid $81.

$2 Superfecta (10-8-9-3) paid $941.60.

$2 Daily Double (4-10) paid $10.40. Daily Double Pool $22,910.

$2 Trifecta (10-8-9) paid $233.20.

Attendance: 4,312. Mutuel Pool: $44,279.



1st--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Tad Bit More, G Daniels; Lovely Laser, R Angus; Betta Ona Freddie, K Kash Jr; Bail Jumper, M Wollam; Louisa's Victory, J Wengerd; Charming Looker, G Waple; Keno Comet, F Harris; Two Days Baditude, W Popio; Irish Resolve, K Holliday.

2nd-- PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Honeymoon Hudson, L Merriman; Paper Artist, K Kash Jr; Ty's Happy Facts, J Thompson; Ru Lonesome Tonite, C Umholtz; Feel The Pulse, A Merriman; Bunny In A Storm, C Wyers; Jet Litenin, C Smith Jr; Winbak Bini, K Sugg; Forever Friendly, M Wollam.

3rd--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Lorenzillo, A Merriman; Hoosier Choice, K Kash Jr; Mephisto Hanover, K Holliday; Chip's Crescent, R Fisher Jr; Macaneil, R Lippiatt; R Jack of Hearts, C Wyers; Busy Exchange, S Hill; Scoremania, D Mc Kirgan; Royal Prescott, C Smith Jr.

4th--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Uss Kitty Hawk, F Harris; Ja'cash Osborne, G Grismore; Perpetrator, C Wyers; Dedi's Priscilla, T Thomas; Game Benji, K Kash Jr; New Age, K Holliday; Flamin Magic, T Boring; Ak's Bunny, D Ross; Monsoon, J Perrin.

5th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Corleones Capo, D Mc Kirgan; Move Along, J Wengerd; Fax Me The Message, M Wollam; Blue Be Queen, W Irvine; Son of Kitty Bowl, C Wyers; Rose Run Fritz, K Holliday; Ima Cricket Also, J Conger; Sandy Chaser, G Grismore; Environmental, C Umholtz.

6th--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Rella's Trick, C Wyers; Modern's Legacy, C Myrick; Tree Top Tall, W Popio; Jet Trick, E Nead; Peachfuzz, L Merriman; Eddie Mac, J Wengerd; Fijos Future, D Kennedy; I Dream of Jeanie, T Van Rhoden; Pacific Oak, G Grismore.

7th-- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Winsmith Rocky, G Grismore; Stand Tall Mcgraw, W Popio; D-Dar, R Hopper III; Alberto-Fino, D Binskin; Wynsum Shadow, T Bye; Cg's Joey, K Kash Jr; Pointshaver, A Merriman; Sharp Steve, J Perrin; Daresbury Lane N, K Holliday.

8th--PACE, NW250PSCD, 2,500, 1 MI

Matt's Best, W Irvine; Cheyenne Max, K Holliday; Scott's Trouble, J Perrin; Tooter Lane, C Wyers; High Caliber, B Sturgeon; Sheldonian N, R Fisher Jr; Colour Safe, K Kash Jr; Engine Hanover, A Merriman; Awesome Flame, G Grismore.

9th--TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Sugar On Top, J Wengerd; Levic, B Sturgeon; Mj's Master Mind, G Grismore; Earl The First, D Binskin; Chaplins Rocketman, K Kash Jr; I Do It Too, R Fisher Jr; Its Ok Dont Cry, C Smith Jr; Blue Snapper, R Angus; Laines Replica, A Merriman.

10th--PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Tag Him Out Tom, K Kash Jr; Classic Patrol, T Boring; Expresso Forte, T Hall; Lecter Hanover, A Merriman; Fortworth Dancer, W Popio; Northville Albert, D Binskin; Western Empire, D Ross; That Noble Magic, G Grismore; Swift Trick, S Schillaci.

11th--PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI

Country Banker, A Merriman; Mostly Magic, D Binskin; Pacificam, K Kash Jr; Hr Sherrys Jin Jin, K Holliday; Somecharacter, G Grismore; Pentium Chip, C Smith Jr; Defiant Sahbra, B Sturgeon; H J Class, R Eidens; Flaming Sahbra, T Boring.

12th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Nonnel, T Hall; Perfect Door, B Sturgeon; Third Rate Romance, A Merriman; Pompeii Connection, K Kash Jr; Tangys Pocket, C Smith Jr; Sam's Clever Boy, G Grismore; Absolute Authority, T Thomas; Houdini Hill, R Hopper III; Everon, T Boring;

13th-- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

V-Annas Spark, W Irvine; Georgia Art, D Whipple; Royal Tattler, R Hopper III; Teasing Scooter, D Binskin; Sold American, T Van Rhoden; Three Sox Missing, M Robinson; Nuclear Sam, C Wyers; Two Is Delimit, F Harris; Unleash Me, C Smith Jr;

14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI

C G Dancer, K Kash Jr; Falcon's Thaw, B Sturgeon; Ranchwood Francis, C Wyers; Higher Calling, A Merriman; Asgoodasitgets, T Boring; Still Kickin, T Van Rhoden; Don't Question Me, D Binskin; Gray Flyer, J Green; Major Charm A, R Fisher Jr.


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