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hBurial for Terri Schiavo

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hBurial for Terri Schiavo
TAMPA, Fla. -- Terri Schiavo's husband buried her cremated remains in a Clearwater cemetery Monday, inscribing on her bronze grave marker that "I kept my promise." Michael Schiavo, who had said he promised his wife he would not keep her alive artificially and waged a long legal battle to remove her feeding tube, also listed Feb. 25, 1990, as the date she "Departed this Earth." That was the day Terri Schiavo, who grew up in suburban Philadelphia, collapsed and fell into what most doctors said was an irreversible vegetative state. She died March 31, nearly two weeks after her feeding tube was removed by court order.
Man shouting threats shotto death at courthouse
SEATTLE -- A man carrying a hand grenade and shouting threats was shot dead by police Monday in the lobby of the federal courthouse. The grenade was inactive, but police could not see that as the man held it in his hand, Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said. Witnesses said the man, wearing a backpack that he later strapped to his chest, tried to get past security and began shouting threats. Kerlikowske said the backpack contained a cutting board. The man "often frequented the courthouse as well as the federal building," U.S. Marshal Eric Robertson said, adding he had a "disdain" for the federal government. The medical examiner's office said it would not identify the man until today. In the lobby, a guard saw the man take the grenade out of his backpack, then try to walk across a ledge next to a pool that blocks public access to a secured area, Robertson said.
Smithsonian overhaul due
WASHINGTON -- The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is planning an overhaul that could involve closing all or part of the museum for extended periods. Renovations range from creating a new gallery for the museum's iconic Star-Spangled Banner, which inspired the national anthem and is now too fragile to hang vertically, to more mundane work such as repairing the 40-year-old museum's mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Infrastructure renovations alone could cost up to $50 million. The 200,000-square-foot museum, which owns Edison's light bulb, Ford's Model T, Archie Bunker's chair, Julia Childs' kitchen and Dorothy's ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz," is one of the Smithsonian's most popular attractions, drawing almost 3 million visitors a year.
DJ can be held longer
ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- A disc jockey on a party boat who was the fourth person detained in the disappearance of an Alabama teenager appeared before a judge Monday who ruled there was enough evidence to continue holding him. The decision came as Natalee Holloway's family hired a Texas company to search for her and prepared a lawsuit demanding authorities give them the evidence gathered in the three weeks since the blonde 18-year-old vanished. The court ordered Steve Gregory Croes, 26, held for eight days, said the attorney general's spokeswoman, Mariaine Croes. The two are not related.
hHeavy flooding in China
LIUZHOU, China -- A man pushes his tricycle in the flood in Liuzhou, a city in southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Heavy rainfalls are hitting areas in northern Guangxi, causing water of the Liujiang, Guijiang and Xijiang rivers to reach vigilance levels, China's Xinhua news agency said Monday.
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