There are bigger problems in Boardman than parking

There are bigger problems in Boardman than parking
Regarding the push by Boardman Township Trustees to institute a parking ban on 160 streets in Boardman, Elaine Mancini stated in last Tuesday's Vindicator that "fire codes require 10 feet of accessible roadway at all times. & quot; In researching this referenced fire code, I was told directly by BFD that no such code existed. How do you take action on a fire code that does not exist? Why are Elaine Mancini and Tom Costello pushing this thing through when there is no code to back it up? I'll tell you why. They are feigning action, under the guise of public safety, in order to deflect their continued and embarrassing inaction on the most pressing issue facing Boardman residents today, which is flooding.
As a resident of South Cadillac Drive, and a two-time flooding victim of Boardman's inadequate and antiquated sewer system, myself and other residents intentionally park on the street in an effort to curb the continuous speeding and reckless driving that plagues our street daily. Children darting from parked cars is not a safety issue when cars have to slow to 10 mph, but by freeing the street of parked cars, it will only create an open invitation to those who choose to recklessly speed down our street endangering the lives of the 20-plus children who live there. Also, the majority of the houses on these targeted streets have single car driveways and garages. Where will people park when they have graduation parties or other events? They will be unable to park on the lawns because that will be a zoning violation.
It is interesting to note that during the recent severe flooding, both a BPD and BFD car were stuck in the flood waters with portions of Rt. 7, Glenwood, and Southern Blvd. rendered virtually impassable. Isn't that a safety hazard? One must also ask what else is happening in the council these days? What about spending $3 million more this year than we will be taking in? Sending a police captain to an anti-terrorist training class in Orlando, Fla., over the 4th of July Holiday on overtime? The complete non-issue of Kathy Miller's computer usage?
Here is some sound advice: Fix the known problems first instead of creating phantom ones. Fix the sewer system now and worry about parking later. Listen to Kathy Miller for a change instead of attacking her. Apparently she is the only council member with eye on reason and fiscal responsibility. Election time is right around the corner.
Losses in Iraq are too high; it's time for U.S. to leave
I am a 16-year old sophomore student at Jackson-Milton High School. As everyone knows we have been in Iraq for several years now. We are losing more and more men and women as each day goes on. I believe that it is time for this war to come to and end.
According to statistics (, since the beginning of February we've lost about 191 men. These men and women have not all died in combat but in roadside bombings and suicide attacks. I think that the rest of this war is unnecessary; we've done our job, now it is time to leave. The number of wounded soldiers is also going up. A recent graduate of Jackson-Milton who is in Iraq this past week was hit by a road side bombing. If he had not been in an armored vehicle he would be dead at this very moment.
It's time for us to come home and leave to the Iraqis the task of starting their new lives by themselves.
Don't get me wrong,. I support our military forces. I salute them for what they have done for our freedom and our country. I just think it is time for this war to be over.