Do-it-yourself survey
Ace Hardware, one of the largest hardware store chains in the country, has a vested interest in knowing what kind of projects are tackled by which kind of do-it-yourselfers and how much of the work they actually do themselves. To find out this information, the company undertook a survey of 1,000 homeowners. What it found out was not so surprising,however, some of the results did seem a bit interesting.
83 percent of those surveyed said they paint bedrooms, kitchens and other interiors themselves, instead of hiring professionals.
60 percent of women who responded to the survey mow their lawns.
Since 2002, the average do-it-yourselfer's list of projects, such as painting, yard and remodeling work, has grown from five to eight.
46 percent of women surveyed said they have fixed a leaky faucet.
Perhaps most unexpected: Money was not the primary reason these do-it-yourselfers perform sweat equity -- 68 percent said they would do the work even if it didn't save a nickel.
Source: Washington Post

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