Health care campaign aims to save 100,00 lives

YOUNGSTOWN -- Humility of Mary Health Partners, St. Elizabeth Heath Center in Youngstown and St. Joseph Health Center in Warren have joined a campaign to save 100,000 lives.
Both hospitals are a part of the Institute for Healthcare Improvements 100,000 Lives Campaign, the first national campaign to save 100,000 lives by implementing health care improvement techniques.
The campaign aims to enlist more than 1,600 hospitals across the country in the next 18 months to make the following six changes to avoid deaths:
UDeploy rapid response teams at the first sign of patient decline.
UDeliver reliable, evidence-based care to prevent deaths from heart attacks.
UPrevent adverse drug events by implementing medication reconciliation.
UPrevent central line infection by implementing a series of interdependent, scientifically grounded steps will also reduce the number of deaths.
UPrevent surgical site infections by delivering the correct antibiotics at the proper time.
UPreventing ventilator-associated pneumonia is the final step in saving lives.

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