Family denies drug abuse as reason for QB's problem

The suspended Florida State quarterback is in a hospital.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Billy Sexton, the Florida State assistant head football coach and father of Seminoles quarterback Wyatt Sexton, said in a statement Thursday that doctors have told the family "drug abuse is not the problem."
But should the junior quarterback recover from his medical problem -- still unidentified by the family -- Sexton might find his position gone from a team intent on forging forward without him toward the Sept. 5 season opener.
"If Wyatt comes back, we're going to welcome him back with open arms, but he's going to have to work to get our trust back," said linebacker Buster Davis, "because you can't trust a quarterback out there who does things like that."
Davis said he was referring to the behavior that plunged Sexton and Florida State into the national spotlight on Monday, his absence from workouts the past two weeks and his suspension from the team on June 3.
"He hasn't been out here being a team player, and as a quarterback, you're the leader of the team," Davis said.
Found in a street
Sexton had not been participating in informal workouts the past two weeks, and then on Monday evening, Tallahassee police took him to a hospital for evaluation after finding him disheveled and lying facedown on a quiet side street.
"I believe he was [under the influence] of some sort of drug," Tallahassee Police Department spokesman John Newland said earlier in the week, echoing the police report filed after the incident.
But Thursday in his first public comments this week, Sexton's father countered the growing speculation that drugs have derailed Sexton's future as the Seminoles' starting quarterback.
"Wyatt is under the care of physicians for a medical problem, and at this time, he will remain under their care," Billy Sexton said in the statement. "His doctors have informed us that drug abuse is not the problem."

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