Marriage licenses
Don S. Moore, 29, of 12192 Leffingwell Road, Berlin Center, and Bobbie J. Resh, 23, same address.
Jason E. Davis, 36, of 940 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, and Debra J. Nicolaidis, 44, same address.
Michael J. Brocious, 28, of 854 Lanterman Ave., Youngstown, and Chrislyn L. Kintner, 31, same address.
Phillip J. Hahner, 46, of 3898 Ascott Court, Youngstown, and Tracy L. Grantz, 21, same address.
William E. Glenellen, 33, of 903 S. Gray Ave., Youngstown, and Greta Dudash, 29, same address.
Probate Court
Will of Dorothy M. Pacic, estate to husband, Edward.
Will of Robert Bacha, estate to wife, Loretta.
Will of Albert Marchionda, estate to wife, Eleanor.
Docket entries
Daniel Hochendoner vs. Adam Underhill et al, settled.
Shelley Davis vs. Fred Martin Ford et al, settled.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. vs. George K. Hutzler et al, settled.
Bankers Trust Co. of California vs. Joseph J. Burnham, sale confirmed.
Christopher Majoros vs. Brian R. Cyphert, dismissed.
Marx Toy Corp. et al vs. Marx Toys Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Carrie Eckert vs. John M. Rosensteel, dismissed.
Frank W. Marr III vs. Chet Kijowski, dismissed.
Fleetie Hutchins et al vs. Matthew P. Schwartz, settled.
Cindy J. Dressel et al vs. Joseph Duarte III et al, settled.
Tammy R. Brown et al vs. Patrick Jarvis et al, settled.
Matthew Febinger vs. Carole Chonek et al, settled.
William Cunningham et al vs. Boak & amp; Sons Inc. et al, settled.
Lawrence Memmer vs. Youngstown Board of Education et al, settled.
Carol Christoff et al vs. Michael D. Barwick et al, dismissed.
Cheryl Smith vs. Samual Null et al, dismissed.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. Evelyn D. Mendenhall et al, sale confirmed.
John Hutter II vs. Pepsi Cola General Bottlers et al, settled.
Citibank NA vs. Morris Little et al, sale confirmed.
Charter One Bank vs. George T. Prosser et al, foreclosure.
Wessam Zarour vs. Michael A. Stanke et al, settled.
Jerry Rosine vs. City Concrete LLC et al, dismissed.
National City Mtg. Co. vs. Daniel J. Zembiak et al, foreclosure.
Wachovia Bank NA vs. Harry D. Jones et al, foreclosure.
Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Daniel Limbeck et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Patricia G. Golpe et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. vs. Jeffrey A. Yeagley et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Jeremy V. Peterson et al, foreclosure.
Anchor Cigar & amp; Candy Co. Inc. vs. Bluecreek Holdings Corp., judgment for plaintiff.
Erie Insurance Co. vs. Kevin Bole, default judgment for plaintiff.
Midfirst Bank vs. James P. Loveland et al, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Scott Kidd et al, dismissed.
Charles Delville Jr. vs. Matthew Wallace, dismissed.
Aaron Brescio vs. Teresa Scott et al, dismissed.
Katheline Gonzalez vs. Mindy L. Koma, dismissed.
State vs. Leonardo V. Bermudez, 18-month year probation.
State vs. Robert S. Marino, three years in prison with restitution to be made to all victims.
State vs. William Dawson, two-year probation.
State vs. David M. Haskins, one-year probation.
State vs. Timothy Wainwright, probation violated; court imposes original sentence of one year in prison.
State vs. Sheri A. Thomposon, two-year probation.
State vs. Mickisha Day, two-year probation.
State vs. Nicholas P. Hall, three-year probation.
State vs. Clayton Felder, sentenced to two years in prison, pay a $15,000 fine, and to make $5,500 restitution.
State vs. Daylen Harris, 18-month probation.
State vs. Christopher J. Mitchell, one year in prison, $10,000 fine, and restitution to be made to victims.
Real estate transfers
Michal Floyd to Dawn Sanford et al, Youngstown, $23,0000.
Marcia A. Miller to Catherine Williams, youngstown, $13,000.
Keith Mann et al to Michael Thompson et al, Lake Milton, $215,000.
James E. Snyder et al to Harold R. Carpenter et al, Diamond, $23,000.
John Vivo to MTX Properties Inc., Youngstown, $25,500.
Angel L. Caro Jr. to Joseph Mohn Sr. et al, Campbell, $7,500.
First National Bank of PA to Neil R. Kennedy, Youngstown, $17,000.
JSI Properties Inc. to RFW Inc. Sebring, $18,000.
Premier Development Ltd. to Boardwalk Builders LLC, Youngstown, $70,000.
Jacob J. Minneti et al to David H. Bulley et al, Boardman, $269,900.
Robin W. Hirst et al to Matthew E. Cvetkovic et al, Youngstown, $83,500.
728 Roxbury Land Trust to Donald Cusimano, Youngstown, $64,000.
Keith G. Waterbeck to Stephen Walla et al, Youngstown, $25,000.
Keirran Kavanagh et al to John Wilburn et al, Youngstown, $80,560.
Dicioccio Construction et al to Rose Petrilla, Poland, $170,171.
Elizabeth A. Snyder to Jason Dorazio et al, Poland, $126,000.
Anna Mae Ruth Cook et al to Jeffrey M. England, Coitsville, $84,000.
Michael W. Illes to Charles F. Claypoole et al, Youngstown, $84,900.
D.A.N. Joint Verture III LP to Metropolitan Real Estate Inc., Youngstown, $18,750.
Bertelli Homes Inc. to Patrick A. Sweeney et al, Mineral Ridge, $156,530.
Metropolitan Real Estate Inc. to Michael Kelscher et al, Youngstown, $51,000.
Zane E. Bloom et al to Benjamin Langendefer, Poland, $223,000.
Vincent G. Herman to Michael Ragan, Youngstown, $32,000.
Thomas Traikoff et al to Jason Wurst et al, Canfield, $233,000.
Samuel Breese to Joy E. Brozman, Poland, $83,000.
The Anthony Marinelli Trust to Gwendolyn Fish, Youngstown, $7,000.
Zoe Panno et al to Robert Commack et al, New Middletown, $35,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank to Frederick Avons et al, Campbell, $27,000.

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