HOWLAND TOWNSHIP County panel recommends zoning proposal be denied

A petition will be presented to the Howland Zoning Commission.
WARREN -- The Trumbull County Planning Commission has recommended a proposed zone change that would permit apartments in a residential area of Howland Township be denied.
The proposed zone change would affect a 32-acre area west of Howland-Wilson Road and south of state Route 82. The zoning classification of the three adjacent parcels of land would change from R-1, single family residential, to RA-1, residential apartment.
If the zoning were approved, the area would be developed with 34-unit, multifamily structures. There would be 4.3 units per acre and areas of common space, perimeter buffering, and landscape requirements.
The development would have a private drive with two access points, one from Howland-Wilson Road to the east and the other from Cardiff Lane to the southwest.
Several Howland residents attended Tuesday's planning commission meeting to oppose the zone change.
"We are adamantly opposed to any zoning changes that would take it from single-family homes," Howland resident Linda Siwicki said.
Three objections
Siwicki listed three objections to the zone change: the destruction of the trees, natural habitat, and wildlife in the neighborhood, which could lead to flooding problems; the dangers from increased traffic; and the added burden on township police and fire departments. Siwicki agreed with the planning commission that Cardiff Road is not able to accommodate the heavier traffic flow the development would bring.
Siwicki said she had a petition with more than 200 signatures she will present to the Howland Zoning Commission on Wednesday.
The zoning commission will make a recommendation to the trustees, who will then vote on the proposal, said Mark Zuppo, Howland Township planning and zoning inspector. The trustees usually act on the recommendations of the staff.
Zuppo said the proposed zoning changes do not maintain the existing character of the neighborhood.
"A few years ago we made a comprehensive plan to keep the neighborhood lower density, single-family residences," he said. "The area is heavily wooded, and we're interested in preserving and conserving it. There is historic value there and some streams run through it."
Heavier traffic flow
The planning commission is also concerned about the impact of the heavier traffic flow the zoning change would bring.
The planning commission also recommended denial of a preliminary plan for making Clover Crest Drive, in Champion Township, a township road. It is currently an access road to Clover Crest Golf Club, the Cranberry Court Condominiums, and four single-family homes.
"Right now it's a private drive. It's getting enough activity they want to make it a township road, but to do that it must meet county standards," said Alan Knapp, Trumbull County Planning Commission director.
County standards affect the width of the road, the pavement and require a place to turn around.
The drawing submitted didn't meet all the provisions of the Trumbull County Subdivision Regulations because it had insufficient information about the improvements.

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