Suggestion will put wedding dress to use after the big day

Dear Heloise: The most poignant alternative use I have ever seen for a wedding dress was my girlfriend's -- she had her first child's christening gown made out of it. There was plenty of yardage in the train, and the use was particularly appropriate and meaningful. It was beautiful. Janice from New Jersey
Janice, this is a lovely way to reuse the dress -- thanks for sharing. Just in case you know someone who is getting married or has recently gotten married, I have a Bridal Gown Hints and More pamphlet that is chock-full of great ideas, from wedding planning and organizing to gift ideas and storing bouquets, cake decorations and wedding gowns. To receive a pamphlet, send $3 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (60 cents) to: Heloise/Bridal, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. As you begin planning your wedding, be sure to keep a wedding notebook for special notes and important reminders. This will keep things running along smoothly. Heloise
Dear Readers: Here are some great gardening hints from Heloise Central:
UKeep tools handy in an easy-to-carry basket.
UPaint the nozzle end of a garden hose with fluorescent paint. This will make it easy to find.
UKeep track of the names of flowers, vegetables, etc., that do really well in your yard and garden, so you can replant them year after year.
UWhen harvesting veggies, use a basket. Before taking them into the house, rinse using the garden hose.
UDo a little research before planting, then choose plants that do well in your region. This will save you money in the long run.
Dear Heloise: I have discovered a way to recycle old greeting cards. I type up recipes on my computer. Next, I cut the greeting card in two and glue the recipe to the blank side of the card. The other side of the recipe has a pretty picture on it.
Every time you use the recipe, you can enjoy the card all over again. Plus, it is much better than throwing the cards away or just letting them gather dust. Martha Whitesell, Dana, Ind.
Dear Heloise: Since I like to remember my friends on their birthdays and anniversaries, I have come up with this great idea:
Rather than copy information into a new desk calendar every year, I purchased a weekly planner for a dollar and put in it the birth dates, anniversaries or anything special I want to remember from year to year. The planner stays on the counter near my phone and calendar. When one of my friends calls with news of a new baby or a wedding, I immediately write it in and have the information stored for a long time. Charlene Schroeck, Erie, Pa.
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As a former public-health nurse, I share your concern about public restrooms. My pet peeve is having to touch highly contaminated door handles with my clean hands when leaving. To avoid this, I use either the paper towel I dried with or a piece of tissue as a shield. However, I am then stuck with a paper to discard if there is no wastebasket near the door. Restrooms should be designed so that doors can be pushed open with a forearm when exiting, or a wastebasket should available by the door. Please help spread the word. Elma in San Antonio
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