Stopping an infestation
Fix plumbing and roof leaks.
Divert water from house with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.
Keep firewood, scrap lumber and tomato stakes at least 10 feet from the foundation of your home.
Don't let mulch or soil touch siding on your home. Keep it about a foot away.
Use mesh screen on all windows, doors and ventilation openings.
Seal nail holes and cracks in exposed wood.
Trim trees so wood doesn't touch your home.
Hire a professional to conduct an annual inspection.
Contact the National Pest Management Association, (703) 352-6762, Consumers get names of qualified professionals listed by ZIP code. Inspections cost about $50; bids for termite treatment are free. Detailed termite inspections, conducted when you're buying a home, typically cost between $75 and $100.
Sources: Terminix, National Pest Management Association

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