1st--Sidoslew (Skerrett)15.808.806.20
Canadian Flyer (Martinez)4.803.40
Eyes for Hannah (Felix)4.80
Also ran: Acting Tips, Omen Way, Save the Forests and Achill. Exacta (3-6) Paid $68.00, Trifecta (3-6-7) Paid $326.60, Superfecta (3-6-7-5) Paid $1,197.00
3rd--Cruzcat (Martinez)5.003.602.80
Dragon the Pot (Cloninger)7.204.80
Opening Wager (Rosendo)4.80
Also ran: Free to Talk, Rentway and Stormin Devil
Winning Trainer: Crumley Jevon - Owner: Double D Farm Corp. Exacta (2-5) Paid $28.00, Trifecta (2-5-4) Paid $159.60, Superfecta (2-5-4-1) Paid $153.50, Pick 3 (3-7-2) Paid $440.60.
5th--Another Rocket (Felix)4.602.802.10
Royal Beau (Munaylla)3.402.10
Devine Lad (Peltroche)2.10
Also ran: To Tell the Truce, Flamingo's World, Main Day and Honor and Valor. Exacta (3-7) Paid $19.60, Trifecta (3-7-2) Paid $39.60, Superfecta (3-7-2-6) Paid $112.10, Pick 3 (2-4-3) Paid $106.60.
7th--G Diamonds (Rosendo)10.204.403.80
Bag of Quarters (Rojas)6.804.60
Run Retsina Girl (Feliciano)5.60
Also ran: Miss Gazelle, Jessica, Foxy Woman and Above All Others. Exacta (2-3) Paid $55.00, Trifecta (2-3-6) Paid $401.20, Superfecta (2-3-6-5) Paid $352.00, Pick 3 (3-2-2) $193.00.
9th--CM Trixie (Cloninger)26.0011.404.40
T's Fashion Find (Bracho)8.404.20
Golden Tour (Meyers)3.00
Also ran: Bubble Dourbon, Lead the Parade, Feed for Speed and Gabrieles Princess. Exacta (1-7) Paid $243.80, Trifecta (1-7-3) Paid $514.20, Superfecta (1-7-3-5) Paid $805.10, Pick 3 (2-5-1) Paid $528.80.
11th--Jachovia (Rosendo)17.807.802.80
All the Doe (Felix)4.002.20
Bet Seventeen (Cloninger)2.20
Also ran: Away to Heaven, Bravo Brad, Cold Cocked, Saratoga River and Sheer Trouble. Exacta (2-1) Paid $52.40, Trifecta (2-1-7) Paid $141.20, Superfecta (2-1-7-6) Paid $227.20, Pick 3 (1-2-2) Paid $757.80.
13th--Pros Flight (Mailhot)6.804.803.40
Croc (Meyers) 7.004.80
Chief Runamuck (Rojas)3.80
Also ran: Union County, Run Halo Run, A Spunky's Crow, Irule, Libertyship Walker, Randolph Leader and Rickitte Tom. Exacta (10-5) Paid $57.60, Trifecta (10-5-6) Paid $349.80, Superfecta (10-5-6-3) Paid $573.30, Pick 3 (2-8-10) Paid $1,163.20.
13th--Awesome Flame7.603.603.80
Divine Favor (J Thompson)3.203.20
Albert's Angel (K Koch)3.80
Exacta 6-4 paid $40.60.
Trifecta 6-4-1 paid $201.
14th--Pocket (Vance)5.403.202.60
Foreverama (K Holliday)3.402.40
Charlie Whiskey (K Kash Jr)3.20
Exacta 7-4 $12.20 . Late Double 6-7 paid $25. Trifecta 7-4-1 paid $34.60. Superfecta 7-4-1-6 paid $116.60. Pick Three 3/6/7 3 OF 3 paid $195.40. Pick Four 1/3/6/7 4 of 4 paid $561.40.
Attendance:2,842. Handle: $1,040,886.
SATURDAY -- 1:20 P.M.
1st--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $6,500.
Jaguar Jet, Cloninger, 117; Here Comes Deano, Cloninger, 122; Financial Line, Rojas, 122; Z's Galore, Martinez, 117; Escalier, Hill, 117; Make a Mile, Creary, 112; Crab Man, Munaylla, 122; Waki Daybreak, Felix, 122.
3rd--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Allowance Purse $13,500.
Moody Bruce, Rosendo, 111; Clammed Up, Rosendo, 114; D's Dessert, Feliciano, 111; Sir Casper, Creary, 109; Soobee Frost, Bracho, 116; Lac Grape, Cloninger, 116; Bright Don, Peltroche, 117.
5th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Starter Allowance Purse $9,000.
Senor de Sol, Oro, 116; Winyah Bay, Rosendo, 116; Mr. Simon to You, Munaylla, 116; Pyrite Dash, Martinez, 116; Eyes of the Critic, Bracho, 116; Clever Jimmy C, Feliciano, 116; Roundtripper, Cloninger, 116; Hacoda, Meyers, 116; Ashtons Dreams, Felix, 116.
7th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies and Mares Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,300.
Live Backwards, Oro, 116; Viva Bourtai, Skerrett, 122; Fortunate Chance, Cloninger, 116; Gimmesumsugar, Felix, 119; Tejabelle, Hemsley, 122; Green Speed, Rojas, 116; Time to Rush, Rosendo, 122; Sandras Sweetie, Meyers, 119.
9th--1 1/16 Miles Surface: Dirt Fillies Age: 3 Year Olds Stakes Purse $45,000.
Perfect Connection, Monterrey, 115; Wicked Wanda, Spieth, 112; Noon Win, Oro, 117; Bold Passage, Felix, 123; Marketable, Rosendo, 116; Queens Over Jacks, Martinez, 113; Celestia, Feliciano, 110; Cho Chang, Cloninger, 113; Flip Side, Wydick, 119.
11th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies and Mares Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,300.
Little Brown Brick, Oro, 122; Gone Awry, Deveaux, 122; Sing A'cord, Munaylla, 122; Shady Inspiration, Martinez, 122; Brian's Lassie, Feliciano, 122; Nana's Delight, Rosendo, 122; Tender Feelings, Hill, 117; Go Baby Go Go, Caminita, 122; Storm Witness, Rojas, 122; Maria Farina, Urieta-Moran, 122; Rare Affair, Creary, 117.
13th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,300.
Immortal Lock, Oro, 116; Mitzies Lil Fun, Skerrett, 116; Roman Gladiator, Mailhot, 116; Bitter Truth, Cabrera, 116; Fast Escape, Bracho, 116; Quiet Winner, Rosendo, 116; Do the Deal, Martinez, 116; Prospector's Way, Rojas, 116; Halo Crossing, Cloninger, 117; Cafe Photo, Urieta-Moran, 116; Yucon Go, Feliciano, 119.
1st--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Trot
Legendary Charmer, Bates; Page Master, Brocklehurst; Whosethemaster, Miller; Hidden Treasure K, Fout; Mama Sang Tenor, Tba; Rose Run Gambler,Harper; Fessup Fred, Tba.
2nd--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Pace
Sam's Illusion, Noble III; Noble Temptations, Kash Jr; Charlie's Noble Id, Harper; Look Sharp Jack, Dailey; Look Logan, Beatty; Ed Venture, Holliday; Timely Player, Fout.
3rd--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Trot
Witch and Famous,Dufford; Wheat Bread, Tba; Indian Hill Rocket, Miller; Master's Light, Grismore; Garbanzo, Myers; Smokein Smoot, Harper; Look Another Kevin, Sugg; Dirt Hog, Dailey.
4th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Pace
Flea Market, Dailey; Im A Noble Two, Ater; Noble Jetta, Dailey; Sam's Clever Boy,Grismore; Art of Rocknroll,Tba; Sweetest Bunny, Steck; Sherbs Gift, Miller; Double The Trouble, Grismore.
5th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Trot
T Q Thunderhawk, Noble III; hn Stevenson, Noble III; M-Twenty Six,Mc Kirgan; R U A Looker,Dailey; Oneforthemaster, Reynolds; Csi Lucky In Love, Nisonger; Trojan Hero, Schaut; Haste, Noble III.
6th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Pace
Herestheconnection, Fout; Crown Time Belief, Nisonger; Wind O Laag, Harper; See Ya Sam, Schaut; Pompeii Connection, Kash Jr; Naturally Noble, Grismore; Martimmy, Smith.
7th--$7,000.00 15-20000HC Pace
Tivo, Sturgeon; Magical Marti, Dowdall; Final Society, Boring; Half Full, Grismore; Solomon's Boogedy, Miller; Look Duke, Miller; Magic Market Ride, Merriman; Second Agenda, Fisher Jr.
8th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Trot
Nathan My Boy, Fout; Goodbye Daddy, Kauffman; Bustamante, Kash Jr; Lookslikea Viking, Steck; Odie, Tba; Son of Kitty Bowl, Wyers; Jc Chaser, Miller; Double D Score, Dailey.
9th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Pace
Compass Connection, Miller; Expresso Forte, Hall; Pure Class, Grismore; Sand Bouncer,Grismore; Vc Express, Noble III; Lowell D Lou,Miller; Perfect Door,Sturgeon.
10th--$8,000.00 25000CL Pace
Artist's Icon, Boring; Mattrofconvenience, Grismore; Brookland Bridge N, Merriman; Depravedhedonist,Kash Jr; Diaper Dandy,Holliday; Mcnally, Merriman; Kountry Cal, Fisher Jr; Magic Dart, Grismore; Chris Crombie, Miller.
11th--$20,000.00 3YR C OSS Pace
Mom's Magic, Nisonger; Mighty Mason,Schillaci; Doctor Viagra, Grismore; Medoland Carter, Miller; Abstract, Morgan; Super Lotto Guy, Miller; Rick's On Belief, Miller; Igotconnections, Harper.
12th--$125,000.00 LAKE ERIE Pace
Metropolitan, Merriman; He Wants It All, Morgan; Cambest Prince, Grismore; Maltese Artist, Miller; Shu Hanover, Holland; Buckeye One, Tba; Chewy Gross, Holliday; Ponder, Kerwood.
13th--$12,500.00 INV HC Pace
Laughing Is An Art, Miller; Ohoka Village N, Miller; Look Both Ways, Morgan; Muhammad Ali N, Boring; Preslash, Grismore; Triple The Money, Grismore; Uphill Battle, Kash Jr; Cam's Fast Gun, Miller; Sharky Osborne, Grismore.
14th--$6,500.00 12500CL Pace
Olivia's Beau, Tba; Black N Gold Pete, Morgan; Moovin N Groovin, Dowdall; Knightwatchman A, Boring; Hard Candy Xmas, Holliday; King's Nest, Merriman; Thethreepannyopera, Sturgeon; J T Express, Perrin; Daddy Daddy Daddy, Fisher Jr; Carolina Austin, Miller.
15th--$5,600.00 10000CL Pace
Wise-Guy Sahbra, Miller; Speedster Sahbra,Grismore; Kiss-N'-Sam, Harris; The Editor, Merriman; Fox Valley Chiaway, Holliday; Petala, Dowdall; Jd's Playmate, Grismore; Como No, Miller; Altamonty, Boring.
1st--Purse $10,500, Maiden Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
I Have Wings, A. Hernandez, 121; Frantanic Panic, D. Whitney, 121; Twocatchacat, O. Pereira, 114; Viva Chrissy, O. Pereira, 114; Tinarina, R. Stokes, III, 121; Onelittlemoccasin, C. Torres, 121; Belazar, M. Andrews, 121; Kittle Camp Girl, B. Marcial, 121; Intriquing, D. Parker, 114; Secret Pattern, D. Whitney, 114; Fairly Secret, L. Rivera, 121; Hello Minerva, M. Ccamaque, 114; Wall Street Woman, J. Barria, 114; Morningstar Stella, J. Stokes, 121.
2nd--Purse $19,800, Claiming $30,000-$20,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Seven And A Half Furlongs (Turf).
Mattie Cakes, C. Murphy, 110; Try Harder, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Lisa's Cat, T. Nguyen, 113; Our Freya, D. Whitney, 113; Wild Meeting, D. Parker, 115; Diamond Mine, R. Stokes, III, 115; Minden Hills, A. Ramgeet, 115; She a Tulsa Girl, M. Ccamaque, 115; Like to Do, J. Rivera, Jr., 117; Tooke Tooke, J. Barria, 110.
3rd--Purse $31,000, Claiming $30,000-$20,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five Furlongs (Turf).
Loveland, A. Ramgeet, 113; Western Mindy, T. Nguyen, 118; Jackie's Hope, J. Felix, 115; Prime Step, O. Pereira, 115; Take a Look, D. Whitney, 121; Abyss, P. Walker, 111; Stormin Janetrose, D. McFadden, 111; Miss Bonn Bonn, R. Stokes, III, 113; Davis's Punch, B. Marcial, 115; Stylish Factor, D. Parker, 115; Elhew Midway, C. Murphy, 115.
4th--Purse $36,500, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, Seven Furlongs (Turf).
Dream Deliverer, A. Ramgeet, 115; Solo Cat, O. Pereira, 115; El Bomba, C. Murphy, 115; Jandemar, H. Villa-Gomez, 121; Unbridled Mate, M. Ccamaque, 115; Rubius, J. Felix, 114; The Nth Degree, R. Stokes, III, 115; To Go, D. Whitney, 115; Triple Shot, D. McFadden, 115; Hot Hand, D. Parker, 115.
5th--Purse $12,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile.
Juan Valdez, R. Stokes, III, 115; Perilad, C. Murphy, 115; Mjahe, . , 115; Mucci's Market, R. Stokes, III, 115; Catawhompus, T. Nguyen, 115; Iwin, D. Parker, 118; Gamblin Caper, M. Ccamaque, 115; Ivars Big Peaceful, D. Whitney, 115; Wild Osceola, O. Pereira, 115; Quiet Reflection, A. Hernandez, 118; Creeky Lane, B. Long, 115; Third Crusade, R. Stokes, III, 115; Mr. Hemmingway, C. Murphy, 115; Sopwith Pup, L. Rivera, 115.
6th--Purse $13,600, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Six Furlongs.
Super Fund, A. Ramgeet, 114; Galvanizer, D. Parker, 115; Whiskey Road, C. Murphy, 118; Midnight Explosion, R. Stokes, III, 117; Inaugural Address, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Lucky Pops, W. Cloninger, Jr., 111; Truly Honored, I. Gonzalez, 115; Goodnuff, J. Stokes, 114; How Good Is That, J. Felix, 115; Executive Willie, B. Long, 111.
7th--Purse $28,700, Allowance, 3 yo, F (fillies), One Mile Seventy Yards.
Unleash the Cat, J. Barria, 112; Sun Bay, M. Andrews, 115; Dart Global, D. Parker, 112; Make Me Know It, C. Murphy, 118; Toni DeNitto, A. Ramgeet, 112; Princess Grandslam, R. Stokes, III, 112; I Said No, O. Pereira, 112.
8th--Purse $23,600, Starters allowance $10,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One and A Half Miles.
Sunshine Bear, D. Parker, 115; Put It Out, D. Parker, 115; Lost in Transit, M. Ccamaque, 115; Bandera Dude, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Castlegate, O. Pereira, 115; Regal Reproach, D. Whitney, 115; Merryhadalilwolf, J. Endres, 115; Single File, J. Barria, 115; Scout Me, I. Gonzalez, 115.
9th--Purse $75,000, Stakes, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile Seventy Yards.
Ask the Lord, C. Murphy, 116; Discreet Hero, C. Murphy, 122; Sea Trek, W. Cloninger, Jr., 106; X Country, R. Stokes, III, 114; Ole Faunty, D. Whitney, 119; Be Like Mike, O. Pereira, 117; Acceptable Venture, L. Mawing, 109; Headline, J. Barria, 111.
10th--Purse $11,600, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs.
Firstlinc, B. Walker, Jr., 114; Hochs in Socks, M. Andrews, 121; Irrepressible Joy, R. Stokes, III, 121; Highland Skirt, D. Whitney, 121; Prime Commander, L. Rivera, 121; Kerricat, D. Parker, 121; Raised Southern, O. Pereira, 121; Cash Career, J. Stokes, 121; Brishlin, C. Torres, 121; That Smith Girl, M. Ccamaque, 121; Naab the Rose, R. Stokes, III, 121; Mt. Margaret, M. Andrews, 121; Printer's Princess, I. Gonzalez, 121; Fly by You, T. Nguyen, 121.

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