Paper's suggested solution encourages public cynicism

Paper's suggested solution encourages public cynicism
The Vindicator has proposed a method to resolve the question about Chuck Sammarone's eligibility to serve another term as president of Youngstown City Council. The Vindicator recommends we find a Republican and a Democrat with experience in election law to conduct a review of the city charter. It's a lousy idea.
We already have a person quite capable of interpreting the city charter. That person is the city law director. Likewise, should Democratic county Prosecutor Paul Gains conduct his own review, I have every confidence that his office would handle the matter in a professional manner.
The suggestion by The Vindicator that Republicans would not accept the findings of a Democrat prosecutor only contributes to mistrust and cynicism of an important public office.
The Mahoning Valley is served by many public officials who deserve our trust and respect, at least until proven otherwise. The city law director and the county prosecutor can deal with this issue, and absent evidence of fraud, corruption or something that's just plain dumb, we should respect the outcome.
MARK E. MUNROE, Chairman
Mahoning County Board of Elections
A laundry list of things writer finds wrong with current administration
Just months into George W. Bush's second term as our president, domestic and foreign affairs continue to deteriorate. No matter what the news media tells us, we know that the economy, especially in this area, is showing no signs of improvement.
Social Security is under severe attack. Our southern borders are being overrun to the point we are hearing Spanish announcements in our local Sears store. Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us billions, if not trillions, of taxpayer dollars. Americans and Iraqis alike continue to sacrifice themselves and there seems to be no clear strategy for a timely exit. Gasoline and diesel fuel prices are through the roof and conservation and our environment are taking the back seat to big oil profits. Big brother is sticking his nose in our personal affairs. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a thing of the past for some.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I think we are in terrible trouble as our country continues in this downward spiral. If our government can't fix things within our own borders, how can they expect to fix the world? If our borders are not secured, how can we prevent illegal aliens, perhaps terrorists, not to mention drug smugglers, from entering this country at will? Mr. Bush and his administration continue to allow big business to take their businesses else where, to places like Mexico, China and India. More businesses are incorporating to off shore islands to avoid our tax system and we are left holding the bag once again and worrying about jobs for our children and grandchildren.
Mr. Bush's approval rating had dropped to 44 percent. Translated into layman's terms, this means 56 percent of America is dissatisfied with the job he and his Congress are doing. Where were all of you last November? Did you believe things would be different if Mr. Bush was given another four years? Did you think he would become more concerned about us "little folks" and not continue to line the pockets of the very rich? As I've said before, people deserve the government they elect. It's a shame we all have to suffer for it.
New Castle, Pa.