Nothing but iLove for my iPod

Scientists say that humans only need bare necessities, like food and water, to sustain life. I'd have to add my iPod to that list.
Almost nothing is as great as this tiny 2-by-4-inch, tune-playing technological genius.
Here are five reasons I've fallen in love with my iPod:
1. It keeps the world away. My swim team has to ride a clanky old bus for an hour to practice every day. Listening to several of my 5,000 songs drowns out the noise of the captain telling stories of heroics and the girl in front of me complaining about her boyfriend.
2. It puts a spring in my cleaning. So what if I have to spend my Saturday doing dishes, dusting and making beds? I have my iPod by my side! I just slide the volume up real high and dance as I vacuum and clean my closet.
3. It helps with homework headaches. When I have a gigantic test along with four hours of regular homework, to keep me sane and awake, I simply switch on my precious 'Pod and study away!
4. I never have to buy another CD again! No more hunting for CDs, spending money on blank ones or taking five hours to burn them. All it takes is 10 minutes to load 20 songs on my bundle of joy. (No more battery-buying either, since it gets charged up for 19 hours of fun.)
5. It greets me with a smile each morning. On those days when I wake up to get ready for school and fall asleep in the shower, over breakfast or in the closet trying to find my shoes, once again, my iPod doesn't fail. Just blasting the music while I get dressed or put on makeup keeps me up and running!
XKaytryn Hill is a freshman at Bowie High School in Arlington, Texas.

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