HUBBARD Mold and mildew become new culprits for the police

The chief says he won't go inside the building for two weeks.
HUBBARD -- It's the case of the mold breaking the man.
A badge and a gun appear to be no match for what some believe is chronic mold and other allergens inside the city's police headquarters.
Police Chief Martin Kanetsky says he believes something inside the building is causing his asthma to flare up, and that has forced him to stay away.
"My doctor has instructed me not to go inside the building for two weeks," Kanetsky said Thursday. "He wants to see if staying out of the building will help."
Mold has been found in the building, resulting in the wet basement's being sealed and seven grievances filed by police officers, claiming health problems as a result.
"We are going to try and determine by the end of the month what exactly is causing the trouble," the chief said.
Mayor Art Magee says he is concerned and will be talking to Kanetsky to find out what can be done.
New building
When Kanetsky was sworn in as chief in 2003 he said his first priority was to move out of the police station, which was constructed in 1870.
"We will be out of this department soon," Kanetsky said.
Magee and council members have been working on building a new police station for several months.
On Monday, council approved an ordinance to borrow $1.6 million to pay for the construction, furnishing and equipping of a new police station. The city is planning to borrow the money through the sale of bonds.
The mayor hopes to have the new building constructed by next year.
It will include a workout area for officers, locker rooms, large evidence rooms and a secured area to bring in prisoners.
The new safety center is to be built off School Street, a block away from the current facility on Liberty Street.

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