HELOISE Steamy mirror? Clear it with shaving foam

Dear Heloise: I read a hint that said burning a candle in the bathroom would prevent mirrors from steaming up. Yesterday, I tried it, and it had no effect at all -- my mirrors were as steamed as ever. Am I missing something? Is there a way to keep the mirrors clear? Paula Bullman, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Paula, although burning a candle can work in a small bathroom for a small mirror, there are a lot of variables involved. Because that didn't work, try rubbing inexpensive white-foam shaving cream on the mirror -- rub in until clear, then let dry. Or you can use a little plain hair shampoo in the same manner. Heloise
P.S. Remember to turn on the exhaust fan and leave the bathroom door and a window open, if possible.
Dear Heloise: I recently returned from a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic, where I ran into a travel glitch.
Our trip was booked through a travel agency, and we received e-tickets for our flights. It worked fine at every departing airport, except at Prague in the Czech Republic. This airport was not equipped to handle an e-ticket; the personnel knew only how to process a traditional paper ticket. The solution, after several phone calls to supervisors and more than an hour of nervous waiting, was to re-create the e-ticket in paper form so that it would be compatible with the system. Had we not arrived at the airport several hours in advance, that problem could have kept us from leaving on that flight and would have started a domino effect with our other connections that day.
So, ask your travel agent to make sure that all airports you will be departing from can handle an e-ticket -- especially when traveling outside the United States. Ruth S., San Antonio
Dear Heloise: I move the chairs around the table so the wear on the seats will be equal. This might not be new, but it is to me -- a houseman who takes care of his wife. Joe C., Indianapolis
Dear Heloise: I've added a small pair of pliers to my gardening tools. In the past, when I tried to pull up tough weeds or emerging pecan trees, no matter how hard I tugged, I only broke the shoot above the ground, leaving the long root to prosper.
But now, I use the pliers to grasp the weed or young tree at the soil line; a straight, steady pull takes out the unwanted plant, root and all. Dale Brannon, Kemah, Texas
Dear Heloise: I have a basement door off the kitchen where I hang a plastic shoe bag in which to put foil, plastic bags and such. It's good for bottles of spices, and it frees up the cupboards and kitchen drawers. Noreen Stevens, via e-mail
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