Demonstration of traffic cameras planned in Warren

WARREN -- City officials this afternoon were to get a demonstration on how many red light violators could be caught using a traffic camera.
Nestor Traffic Systems of Rhode Island planned to show how the equipment works by setting it up at an intersection. A similar demonstration by the company was recently held in Girard and Boardman.
The video cameras would be set to nab speeders and those who go through red lights, recording vehicles at and near traffic lights.
Warren council is looking at automated cameras for the intersections that have the most collisions and red light infractions. Backing the legislation are council members Robert Dean, D-at large; Virginia Bufano, D-1st; Alford Novak, D-2nd; Gary Fonce, D-at-large; and Susan Hartman, D-7th.
The city would seek proposals from companies interested in a contract to install the equipment and review the data at the company's expense.
The city and company would negotiate an agreement whereby revenue from fines is shared. The company would bill the driver for the infraction.
The traffic areas of photo enforcement would be marked with signs.
The Ohio Legislature is considering legislation that would ban cameras installed at intersections unless a law officer was present to hand out tickets.

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