'QUEER EYE' Is name update enough for show?

The distance between buzz and zzzz can be frighteningly short. Just ask the ABC programming executives who thought "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" would outlive "Law & amp; Order."
The sonic shift you're hearing now is coming from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," which will begin its third season on Bravo tonight as simply "Queer Eye."
The abbreviation "is a nod to the show's status in the world of pop culture," said the channel's president, Lauren Zalaznick, in a news release about the series' return. " 'Queer Eye' has become part of our everyday vernacular."
The producers are trying to rejuvenate the series by having the Fab Five help men who have worse problems than a closet full of Hawaiian shirts and zubas.
They'll come to the aid of, among others, a cystic fibrosis survivor, an injured Iraq war veteran and a foster father of eight. Maybe the new name should be "Teary Eye for the Straight Guy."

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