This year, big bags are back

In the world of fashion, "trendy" is sometimes seen as a bad word.
But trendy doesn't have to mean without taste. And particularly with handbags -- one of the season's biggest trends -- it also doesn't have to mean "strictly of the moment."
Handbags, like good jewelry, can be lifelong pieces that can be re-used season after season, year after year. They can go from day to evening, and from the office to a night out with the girls.
"They can really make an outfit," says Patty Handschiegel, publisher of StyleDiary.Net, a weekly online style resource.
Bigger is better
This season, the handbags to have are bigger than ever. In fact, the bigger the better. The best ones come in cool, bold colors. And they're highly decorated -- buckled, braided, beaded, or with berries (the trendiest of the trends).
"I think the thing with a big bag, it makes a point," Handschiegel says. "A cute little bag is fun, but for a daytime look or for a casual look, or even a work look, a big, cool bag, it makes a statement. And that is what your accessories should do. A big bag can do a lot for your overall look."
Even the sink
So grab your cellphone, lip gloss, compact, wallet, umbrella, bottled water, iPod, Blackberry, hairbrush, fashion magazine, breath mints and sunglasses and toss them all in to a "trendy" oversized statement bag.
And while you're at it, go ahead and toss in the kitchen sink.

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