Campbell man faces charges

Police found a handgun near the railroad tracks.
STRUTHERS -- A Campbell man is under police watch at St. Elizabeth Health Center after an early morning tussle with police.
Struthers police charged Luis Gonzalez, 25, of 138 Ninth St., Campbell, with aggravated menacing, resisting arrest and using a weapon while intoxicated. Bond was set at $2,500.
A person came to the police station around 1:30 a.m. Monday to report that a man in a white football jersey was shooting a gun outside a pool hall. When officers arrived at the area, they spotted a man wearing a white jersey kneeling by the railroad tracks, reports said. Officers called to the man, but he got up and started walking away, reports said.
Eventually, the man held up his hands and turned around to walk about 30 feet toward the police officers. The man was Gonzalez, and when he started talking to the officers, he was "agitated and fidgety," according to reports.
Handgun discovery
Officers told him they were taking him to the police station for questioning, but while en route, another officer at the scene found a .38 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the area where officers spotted Gonzalez kneeling by the tracks. Around the same time, a 911 call came, reporting that a man in a white football jersey was waving a gun.
When they arrived at the police station, officers advised Gonzalez that he was under arrest. When he got out of the police car, he bent from the waist and started charging toward an officer, reports said. According to arrest reports, Gonzalez "screamed, yelled and spit" at the arresting officers.
Once inside the police station, Gonzalez told the arresting officer and a dispatcher that he would kill them when he was released, reports said.
Gonzalez told officers he was going to have a seizure and then ran into the wall head first a couple of times, reports said.
Struthers police called an ambulance to take Gonzalez to St. Elizabeth's. When he arrived at the hospital, he yelled and spit at hospital personnel, the report said.

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