1st--V-Mart Bill(Schillaci)3.002.602.60
Ballerina Jewel(K Holliday)7.805.00
Modern Master(C Smith Jr)4.20
Exacta 1-7 Paid $51.20, Trifecta 1-7-6 Paid $233.80.
2nd--Divine Favor(Thompson)5.603.603.00
Scott's Trouble(J Perrin)14.004.80
So Dynamic(A Merriman)3.20
Exacta 3-8 Paid $143.40, Trifecta 3-8-5 Paid $500.00, Daily Double 1-3 Paid $12.80
3rd--Cambest Prince(Grismore)2.202.10
Uphill Battle(K Kash Jr)2.10
Exacta 5-1 Paid $12.80, Trifecta 5-1-3 Paid $38.80.
4th--Hot Rod Hudson(Merriman)2.602.202.40
Life Size(R Fisher Jr)4.204.40
V'annas J C(W Irvine)7.20
Exacta 3-2 Paid $10.60, Trifecta 3-2-4 Paid $112.80, Superfecta 3-1-4-1 Paid $496.40.
5th--Big Mac(G Grismore)3.402.602.40
New Riegel Joy(J Conger)3.803.20
Fugeddaboudit(M Robinson)4.40
Exacta 9-3 Paid $13.60, Trifecta 9-3-4 Paid $107.00, Pick Three 5/3/9 3 OF 3 Paid $9.40.
6th--Preslash(G Grismore)3.202.802.40
The Big Wazzoo(J Perrin)3.602.80
Hard Time Gone(D Ross)3.60
Exacta 6-4 Paid $11.80, Trifecta 6-4-9 Paid $118.00.
1st--Justified Attack (Andrews)14.407.804.40
Late Night Out (GB) (Whitney)6.404.00
Canaletto (GB) (Parker)4.40
Also ran: Film Star, Sargari (IRE), Herr Roesch, Mornings Minion (GB), Chester Street, Stock Rocket and Too Much Avail. Perfecta (1-6) Paid $80.40, Trifecta (1-6-4) Paid $267.40.
2nd--Lady Grace (Stokes)8.605.203.60
Entice Me (Brinkley)11.609.00
Maid of Honor (Spieth)3.60
Also ran: Sunshine Summer, Bella Bella Bailey, Sapphire Hill, Shahalie Lake, Sharp Ways, Merry Grey and Quiet Charm. Daily Double (1-1) Paid $81.00, Perfecta (1-2) Paid $116.00, Trifecta (1-2-9) Paid $569.80.
Royal Actor (Parker)5.803.80
Astralled (Marcial)4.40
Also ran: Absent Miss, Zephyr Hills, Captain Prudent, Chocolate Knight, Bear Trick, Playa Azul and Whatitwuzcuz. Perfecta (8-3) Paid $40.80, Trifecta (8-3-2) Paid $199.40.
4th--Wild Moment (Parker)7.003.403.00
Fight Girl (Spieth)3.803.60
Darlin Jamie (Long)4.60
Also ran: Crucial Point, Bankin On Candy and One Dream Dance. Perfecta (8-3) Paid $18.40, Trifecta (8-3-2) Paid $91.40.
5th--Actuality (Barria)3.602.602.60
Shoot for Gold (Marcial)6.404.00
Wimpy Skippy (Felix)3.00
Also ran: Mrs. True, I Time, Coaxial, Lady Picasso, Delicate Style, Kiss My Wind and Dearly Explosive. Perfecta (3-1) Paid $22.40, Superfecta (3-1-2-9) Paid $270.20, Trifecta (3-1-2) Paid $55.80, Pick 3 (8-8-3) Paid $91.00.
6th--White Angel Light (Barria)27.208.604.40
Soup (Pereira)8.004.80
Petion Pat (Long) 6.00
Also ran: Cash Dancer, Rodion (ARG), Eternal Glow, Mahoning King and West Point Gent. Perfecta (4-2) Paid $174.00, Trifecta (4-2-3) Paid $1,120.40.
2nd--Rock Salt Ronnie (Spieth)4.802.402.10
Fancymanners (Cloninger)2.602.10
The Prodigal Son (Munaylla)2.10
Also ran: Of Good Repute, Cat Tide and Dipped in Rubies. Daily Double (6-7) Paid $20.00, Exacta (7-5) Paid $11.40, Trifecta (7-5-1) Paid $28.60, Superfecta (7-5-1-4) Paid $67.20.
4th--Herpotofgold (Felix)4.002.602.80
Undecided Now (Spieth)6.003.80
Picture Please (Mailhot)3.20
Also ran: M J in the Morning, Secret Compliance, Candy Cane C C and Chi O Queen. Exacta (4-3) Paid $28.00, Trifecta (4-3-6) Paid $89.80, Superfecta (4-3-6-1) Paid $80.70, Pick 3 (6/7-8-4) Paid $161.20.
6th--Shillelagh (Mailhot)23.605.803.80
Sister Velma (Spieth)3.202.40
Brite Lassie (Meyers)3.60
Also ran: Silent Senorita, Allies Love, Champagne Toast and Sip of Wine. Exacta (5-4) Paid $72.60, Trifecta (5-4-1) Paid $392.60, Superfecta (5-4-1-6) Paid $762.70, Pick 3 (4-4-5) $820.80.
8th--El Keko (Bracho)19.606.403.80
Olmos Creek (Felix)3.802.60
If I Were You (Oro)6.60
Also ran: Bullringer, Uno Cuatro, Late Survivor and Pyrite Angel. Exacta (7-1) Paid $63.20, Trifecta (7-1-2) Paid $917.40, Superfecta (7-1-2-3) Paid $1,900.40, Pick 3 (5-1-7) $1,178.40.
10th--Girlish Giggle (Meyers)5.403.202.40
Boot Scooter (Cloninger) 6.803.60
Heavenly Jet (Spieth)2.40
Also ran: Kiosk, Whitewater Way and Summerchance. Exacta (1-2) Paid $33.60, Trifecta (1-2-6) Paid $114.00, Superfecta (1-2-6-5) Paid $301.90, Pick 3 (7-3-1) Paid $141.60.
12th--Maddashfordinner (Creary)14.207.603.80
Miz Bluestone (Munaylla)4.402.60
Bold Classic (Felix)3.60
Also ran: Dinkers Angel, Gold Fabuleux, Kiss for Julie and Deniro's Delight. Exacta (3-1) Paid $43.80, Trifecta (3-1-7) Paid $258.80, Superfecta (3-1-7-6) Paid $1,186.90, Pick 3 (1-4-3) Paid $869.00.
14th--Proper Direction (Cabrera)10.004.803.60
Torke (Cloninger)4.203.60
Wayne's Mister C (Martinez)4.40
Also ran: Biblical, The Black Monk, Din's Got Game, Bleached, Governor Jeb, Miles for Mickey, Answer Me Al, Jimmies Ticket and Elijah the Profit. Daily Double (8-12) Paid $181.00, Exacta (12-11) Paid $46.60, Trifecta (12-11-8) Paid $259.00, Superfecta (12-11-8-4) Paid $30,144.60, Pick 3 (3-8-12) $2,017.20.
MONDAY -- 1:40 P.M.
2nd--5 1/2 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $6,600.
Messenger Springs, Cloninger, 119; Ghazi's Impala, Spieth, 116; World Class Hoofer, Rojas, 116; Iron Hill, Rosendo, 116; Awesome Adam, Martinez, 116; Jhecho, Felix, 119; Sunny Promise, Bracho, 116; Splendid Western, Munaylla, 116.
4th--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $7,500.
U K Kenny, Mailhot, 115; Allied Prospector, Creary, 105; Travelin' Soldier, Felix, 122;
Brave Step, Rosendo, 115; Two Retired Tires, Peltroche, 115; Lyde Award, Hemsley, 122; Capitol Man, Hill, 117; Ring the Witness, Rojas, 122; Grad School, Oro, 122.
6th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,300.
Heroic Spirit, Spieth, 116; Tee's Tempter, Martinez, 116; Bashful Bull, Rojas, 119; Bassmaster, Mailhot, 116; Canadian Edition, Deveaux, 116; Feel the Gold, Bracho, 116; Command the Best, Cloninger, 116; Slew City Express,Magrell, 116; Otis Township, Feliciano, 116.
8th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies and Mares Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,300.
Land Corrupter, Munaylla, 116; Picked Clean, Villa-Gomez, 116; Tara Two, Feliciano, 116;
Laurens Lacotte, Caminita, 122; Another Cafe, Mailhot, 116; Haiti Lady, Felix, 116; Mind Your Ps N Qs, Cloninger, 114; Z Z Jaber Jaws, Hernandez, 116; Pure Gossip, Deveaux, 116.
10th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Special Weight Purse $12,500.
Dave D and Dave W, Villa-Gomez, 117; Da Fonz, Cloninger, 117; On Approach, Oro, 122; R and R Express, Martinez, 117; Tiger Paul, Hemsley, 117; In the Hall, Feliciano, 122; Danzig's Farewell, Creary, 117; That Jo Sparkle, Munaylla, 122; Wally Bear, Hill, 117.
12th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $7,300.
Bugzy Boy, Rojas, 122; Really Good Whisky, Hemsley, 122; Captain Curt, Munaylla, 117; Littlebity Big Jon, Cloninger, 117; Awesome Form, Mailhot, 122; My Happy Dream, Magrell, 122; Doctor Bob D, Bracho, 117; Tow Path, Caminita, 122; Alnwick Castle, Cabrera, 122; Sensational Sabin, Spieth, 122.
14th--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,500.
Twice Royal, Creary, 117; Joy's Little Toy, Martinez, 116; Phils Mistake, Skerrett, 116; Free Chew, Mailhot, 119; Consultant, Cloninger, 116; Pilsner, Rosendo, 116; Germain's Man, Munaylla, 116; Red Bails, Spieth, 116; Tank's Lil Brother, Magrell, 116.
1st--Purse $10,500, Maiden Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Jailbird Jonah, D. Parker, 121; Cedar Top, R. Stokes, III, 121; Real Slick Zeal, C. Torres, 121; Miner's Hope, D. Brinkley, 114; Ultra Special, P. Walker, 114; Battling Bragg, D. Whitney, 114; Dream Ruler, L. Quinones, 121; A Man From Indy, B. Long, 114; Schroeder, O. Pereira, 121; Eights and Aces, B. Marcial, 121; Mjahe, A. Hernandez, 121; Hail Wildcat, A. Ramgeet, 114; Fyrbreathingdragon, D. Brinkley, 121; Dynamite Devil, M. Andrews, 109.
2nd--Purse $16,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Seven Furlongs (Turf).
Skip Telbin, J. Rivera, Jr., 115; Altura, . , 115; Young Trev, L. Rivera, 115; Italian Stogie, T. Nguyen, 115; Rugged Zeal, R. Stokes, III, 115; Love Shuffle, D. McFadden, 115; Furious Chad, P. Walker, 115; Cramming, O. Pereira, 115; Marine Landing, M. Ccamaque, 115; Shogun Empire (GB), B. Marcial, 111; Pratti, D. Williams, 115; Good Night, A. Ramgeet, 115; Brother Julius, J. Sanches, 115; Fariseo, L. Rivera, 115.
3rd--Purse $18,100, Claiming $30,000-$20,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Seven And A Half Furlongs (Turf).
Addison N Waveland, B. Walker, Jr., 113; End the Dance, J. Magrell, 113; Nanny'slastchance, O. Pereira, 110; Clever Miss, C. Murphy, 107; Tip Top, R. Feliciano, 115; Onda Calida, D. Brinkley, 115; Melody Maiden, D. Parker, 121; That's Holly, D. Whitney, 111; Adella, D. Hemsley, 115; Earned Run, J. Davila, 117; Tanannie, L. Quinones, 111; Hunting Roses, J. Barria, 111.
4th--Purse $32,400, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, Seven Furlongs (Turf).
Tippytoebyme, M. Ccamaque, 115; Albaaz, D. Whitney, 115; Prince Emilio, . , 115; The Nth Degree, O. Pereira, 115; Classy Fella, B. Walker, Jr., 115; Counter Punch, A. Ramgeet, 115; Cat On a Rail, D. Parker, 115; Il Capriccio, D. Whitney, 121; Midnight Pass, C. Murphy, 115; Skyey, D. Brinkley, 115; Casino Red, M. Ccamaque, 115; Davonic (GB), O. Pereira, 115; It's a Shortcut, C. Torres, 115; Combat Zone, D. McFadden, 118.
5th--Purse $10,700, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Ishkoodah, L. Rivera, 115; Westys Tiger, W. Cloninger, Jr., 118; American Miner, D. Whitney, 115; Taco Sauce, R. Stokes, III, 111; Gollyitssunny, C. Torres, 115; General Mauk, M. Ccamaque, 118; Hill Road Dancer, D. Brinkley, 115; Vernon Lee, A. Ramgeet, 108; Bumkin McGruder, P. Mailhot, 115; Cords, L. Rivera, 115; Monkeys Uncle, B. Long, 115; Collector, C. Murphy, 114; Soap, R. Feliciano, 121; Quiteaguy, D. Whitney, 115.
6th--Purse $11,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One And One Sixteenth Miles.
Touch Silver, J. Davila, 121; D K Dickens, . , 121; Our Buck, M. Andrews, 121; Mr. Wakette, C. Torres, 121; Kid Kaelin, D. Parker, 121; Gone Hunting, O. Pereira, 121; Floor It Man, P. Walker, 121; Borntoberegal, J. Davila, 121; Striking B, P. Mailhot, 121; Mojoe, D. Whitney, 121; Egotist, L. Rivera, 121; Shilukwa, J. Stokes, 121.
7th--Purse $11,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One And One Sixteenth Miles.
Stop to Dance, B. Long, 121; Mainly Henry, M. Ccamaque, 121; Clark Fork, D. Brinkley, 121; Rural Road, D. Whitney, 121; Senor Gran, T. Nguyen, 121; Savoy's Prince, D. Parker, 121; Captain Keenan, B. Long, 121; Countontherun, L. Rivera, 121; Salish Prince, C. Murphy, 121; Foxy J. R., M. Andrews, 121; Cued Up, O. Pereira, 121.
8th--Purse $15,000, Maiden Claiming $15,000-$13,000, 3 yo, F (fillies), Six Furlongs.
Fernie Honey, P. Walker, 118; Forever Hopeful, C. Murphy, 118; Rich Baroness, R. Feliciano, 118; Tasha's Emblem, H. Villa-Gomez, 118; Peru B Ruby, A. Ramgeet, 118; Hallucination, D. Parker, 118; Camrynlee, B. Marcial, 118; Bar Bee Kay, J. Baez, 111; Daffodil Spring, O. Pereira, 114; Who On First, D. Hemsley, 118; Lightning Edge, R. Stokes, III, 118.
9th--Purse $18,400, Claiming $7,500-$6,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs.
Truly Special, B. Marcial, 115; Backseat Romance, B. Walker, Jr., 115; Queens Are Wild, P. Walker, 115; Alpine Singer, D. Parker, 115; She's the Ticket, O. Pereira, 115; Ton a Run, M. Ccamaque, 115; She's No Bo, R. Stokes, III, 112; Gardeness's Gem, B. Long, 115; Tarrah Trick, D. Whitney, 115.
10th--Purse $11,100, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Keeponthesunniside, O. Pereira, 115; Goldtogowith, D. Whitney, 115; Ms Regina, R. Stokes, III, 115; Mach Ones Girl, M. Ccamaque, 115; West Bound Dream, A. Ramgeet, 121; Sothypann, O. Pereira, 115; A Bag On Top, D. Parker, 118; Littlemisscourtney, R. Stokes, III, 108; She'll Sho Go, P. Walker, 115; Shadyrest, D. Brinkley, 121; Miss Happy, T. Nguyen, 118; Cracked Conch, B. Marcial, 118; U B Ours, L. Rivera, 115; K G Lady, C. Torres, 115.
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Mom's Prize,K Sugg; Mario's Schatzi,J Conger; Lovely Laser,R Angus; Tad Bit More,G Daniels; Rose Run Glamor,T Bye; Sugar Free,J Wengerd; Nan's Coat,M Wollam; Irish Resolve,K Holliday; Gametime Eden,J Thompson.
2nd--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,200, 1 MI
Future Spirit,G Mueller; Georgia Art,A Merriman; Lipsmackngood,J Perrin; A Firm Kisser,D Guptill; Seven Sonny,B Sturgeon; Emperor Osborne,K Kash Jr; Deede's Trick,F Harris; Remember Who,T Van Rhoden.
3rd--TROT, NW1PMCD, 2,200, 1 MI
O Minnie Go,M Wollam; M-Twenty Six,D Mc Kirgan; Humorous Skipper,W Irvine; Lady Milibucks,C Umholtz; Louisa's Victory,J Wengerd; Humorous Baby,K Holliday; Jericho Duchcookie,G Grismore; Mysterious Star,K Sugg.
4th--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI
C G's Nipper,R Lippiatt; Mudges Gal,C Wyers; Myst My Connection,J Perrin; Vine's Discretion,J Joyner; Du Whop,K Kash Jr; Bahama Bomber,B Sturgeon; Asset,G Grismore; Road To The Sea,A Merriman; Sinclair Magic,K Holliday.
5th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Corleones Capo,D Mc Kirgan; Honest Action,R Steck; Sandman Sam,R Eidens; Just Call Me Ike,R Lippiatt; Royal Prescott,C Smith Jr; Mz Shenanigans,F Harris; Moon Chaser,M Purdy; I Do It Too,K Kash Jr; Two Days Odyssey,W Irvine.
6th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Odie,M Wollam; Bustamante,K Kash Jr; Lincoln Lavec,B Sturgeon; Blue Be Queen,R Steck; Honey Leone,W Irvine; Striking Linda,C Umholtz; Rova's Trump,J Wengerd; Black Riddle,G Daniels; Rose Run Fritz,C Wyers.
7th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Leach,G Grismore; Cam Volo,L Rich; Presidential Brat,K Kash Jr; Three Sox Missing,M Robinson; Daresbury Lane N,A Merriman; Turbo Connection,K Kash; Major Cadet,J Thompson; Tickle Me Toy,F Harris; Electric Tan Man,K Holliday.
8th--TROT, NW250PSCD, 2,500, 1 MI
Bologna Lips,G Daniels; Blue Snapper,R Angus; Inkee Wille,R Nappi; I Will Come Over,F Harris; Over Like A Fox,J Perrin; American Challenge,C Umholtz; Laines Replica,A Merriman; Sandy Chaser,R Steck; Olympic Hall,J Thompson.
9th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,200, 1 MI
Jakesgoingtogether,J Perrin; Sweetie Peetie,G Grismore; Foxfire Red,D Binskin; Laughing Jewel,B Sturgeon; Gen D,C Wyers; Grammys First Jate,K Kash Jr; Nf Gallivant,D Guptill; Amazing,A Merriman.
10th--PACE, NW250PSCD, 2,500, 1 MI
Tribal Chief,J Thompson; Nonnel,T Hall; Colour Safe,K Kash Jr; Silentsteel,K Holliday; Dr Stewart,A Merriman; Dart Trick,T Loy; Engine Hanover,G Grismore; Sharp Steve,B Sturgeon; Brets Burner,C Smith Jr.
11th--TROT, NW550PSCD, 5,500, 1 MI
Striking Osborne,G Grismore; Sheffield,C Umholtz; Patriot Act,W Irvine; Wonder After Me,C Smith Jr; Hi Noon Lady,B Sturgeon; Dark Scene,K Holliday; Seaworthy,A Merriman; A Good Message,M Robinson; Anastasia Broadway,J Conger.
12th--PACE, 8000CL NW3, 2,600, 1 MI
Dewy Soakum N Howe,A Merriman; Cheyenne Max,M Dowdall; Meigs Noble Sammy,J Hall; Tyler's Scooter,J Thompson; Taintedbrewhotspur,G Grismore; Hope To Tell Ya,K Kash Jr; John Henry Michael,K Holliday; Bud's Rain,D Ross.
13th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Tsm Roadhouseblues,G Grismore; Two Is Delimit,F Harris; Teasing Scooter,K Holliday; Tooter Lane,C Wyers; Deadwood,D Binskin; Bunny Talk,K Kash Jr; Cg's Joey,R Lippiatt; Leading Raider,J Thompson; Marthas Kirkboy,A Merriman.
14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Turbo Cruise N,G Grismore; N The Other,A Merriman; Gray Flyer,J Green; Cyber Flick,J Mapes; Rinestone Buddy,K Holliday; Cr Tabasco,K Kash Jr; Ty Rogers,B Sturgeon; Major Charm A,J Thompson; Ron V,C Smith Jr.

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