Furious when Ryan tried to defend his actions, Greenlee stormed out. As Ryan begged for another chance, Greenlee, having learned from David that Ryan was once a sperm donor to make money, took steps to get what she wants. Even as David told Di that it's time for her to become Dixie, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. J.R. later became angry when Tad tried to convince him that Di could be Dixie. Zach offered to release Kendall from their marriage and told her he was through fighting Ethan over Cambias. Kendall opted to stay in the marriage. When Kendall saw Ethan on a date with Simone and told him of Zach's decision, they were both affected by their encounter.
Stunned to discover the bee pollen at Keith's house, Lily arranged for a lab to test whether the substance matches that from Les' car. However, Keith learned about the test and canceled it, then offered a terrified Lily a special drink. Unable to win back Henry because of her deception, Katie said goodbye to him. Having returned to Oakdale, Rosanna told Paul that Cabot is alive and James was behind her leaving town. But when Paul found out that Rosanna apparently trusted Craig more than him, he wished she had never come back. Celia had a new attitude toward Will after learning he bought her the expensive prom dress. At the prom, Casey was the victim of a trap intended for Celia.
Brooke slapped Stephanie, who had suggested that Ridge and Taylor should raise R.J. Later, Stephanie followed through on her threat and revealed to Taylor that Hope is Deacon's child, and that Brooke had slept with Nick the night they thought Ridge died. When Taylor confronted Brooke, Ridge came to her defense. Eric turned down Thomas' request to design for Forrester, claiming he is too young and needs training. When Thomas then called Spectra and asked Thorne to look at his sketches, Sally's interest was piqued.
Tony was arrested when the Marines arrived and rescued the hostages, but Bart helped him escape yet again. Tony then managed to get Brady on the phone with Chloe, prompting Brady to begin a search for her. Instead of heading home, Philip returned to his unit and was quickly enmeshed in a dangerous situation. When Jack passed out again, Jennifer insisted he have tests done at the hospital, as Lexie feared the worst about his condition. Trying for a fresh start, Hope and Bo planned a romantic vacation. Mimi learned that her sentencing date has been moved up. Billie tried to comfort Chelsea.
After sharing a passionate kiss, Sonny and Carly agreed that they can't avoid hurting each other and parted in peace. However, Carly wasn't pleased when Sonny brought Reese to Courtney and Jax's wedding, and interrupted the event. Monica had devastating news regarding Maxie's medical condition. Luke and Skye doctored Tracy's evidence to make it appear that Skye was kissing Alcazar. When Tracy then told Luke she wants to sleep with him, she ended up enjoying the trick he played on her. Courtney was crushed to learn that she has almost no chance of ever having children. Durant threatened to expose Alexis' wrongdoing if Ric and Reese use their evidence against him.
As Alan recalled the fateful night, he was revealed to be Phillip's murderer. Alan hired bounty hunters to bring in Harley, dead or alive. Meanwhile, Gus confronted Alan, who held a concealed gun and was prepared to use it. With Reva growing closer to Nate, she had no idea that he is Jonathan's father and longtime tormentor. In great emotional pain, Cassie said goodbye to Will, allowing him to remain with Alonzo to learn to be a prince. As repayment for helping Josh to buy the TV station, all Sebastian asked for was to be Josh's friend. However, Sebastian told Blake that his plans are falling into place.
Natalie was almost the next victim as she tried to catch the Killing Club murderer, and was pleased by John's reaction to her peril. Meanwhile, John got a clue to the killer's identity. In South America, Renee fumed as Asa revealed that he had her kidnapped. Rachel tried to console Nora, who finally broke down, then confronted Daniel. Jessica's personality returned and, in her search for answers, she was appalled to discover the nature of Tess' behavior. Antonio found out that R.J. is having money woes and convinced Rex to spy on R.J. for him. Riley was arrested while buying drugs.
Trying to hide from security guards at the hotel, Ned and Fancy found a suitcase full of cash in an empty suite and then discovered a dead body, and it's someone they know. Despite Luis' pleas, Sheridan insisted on leaving Harmony. As she packed, Dottie tried to contact her with the new DNA test results. Fox tampered with Chad's computer files, unaware that his half-brother had saved everything on a disk. After an emotional outburst from Luis, who urged Theresa to believe in Ethan's love and not make the same mistake he did, a devastated Theresa looked on as Ethan and Gwen left with Jane.
After Lily told Daniel of the new charges against him, he acknowledged his regret at not being able to have a normal life with her, and said he needs to move so that no one can find him. Nick ordered Phyllis to leave when she snuck into Cassie's memorial service. Hearing Nick vow to the guests that he'll make sure Daniel rots in prison, Victor grew worried about Nick's anger. Meanwhile, a grieving Sharon tried reaching out to her husband, who remained distant. J.T. and Mac shared a steamy kiss, but he stopped before things went too far. Gloria and Kevin's scheme to scare Gitta had unexpected results when, in her fear, Gitta kissed Kevin. When Brittany received another mysterious baby gift, Bobby had a blowout with Angelo over it.
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