HELOISE Pet names as varied as the pets themselves

Dear Readers: Well, it's time to share the second installment of unique pet names submitted by our wonderful pet-loving readers. We've had such fun reading the letters. So, read on, and you might just get a chuckle:
URenee Urban of Lady Lake, Fla., says, "Our all-black cat was named Totally, and our black-and-white one was named Partly."
UChandra Davis of Fancy Prairie, Ill., says, "I have two dogs named Milk and Honey."
UPeggy McConnell of Hilliard, Fla., says, "We have Alfie, which is short for Alphabet because of his having 26 toes." (Note from Heloise -- This is a polydactyl, or "mitten paw," cat.)
ULaura Wise of Rogersville, Mo., says, "I had two cats, and their names were Buttons and Zipper."
UMarty and Jackie Gold of Camarillo, Calif., says, "Our dogs are named Buttons and Bows."
UConnie Kramer of Prescott Valley, Ariz., says, "I have one cat named Annie Oakley and another named Arizona Outlaw."
URich and Sheila McCullough of Alliance, say, "We have two cats, and their names are Swiss and Cheddar."
UBeverly Nenez, via e-mail, says, "We have cats named Trick and Treat (who adopted us on Halloween)."
UOne reader wrote in, "My family is a hockey family and has a dog named Puck and a cat named Referee."
UMelodi Terrill of San Angelo, Texas, says, "My sister and I had two cats when we were growing up named Bonnie and Clyde."
Again, thanks to all the readers who took the time to drop us a line. Heloise
Dear Readers: Becky K. White sent us a photo of Kimba, a 5-year-old German shepherd, and Cisco, a 3-year-old tabby cat, who belong to her daughter, Lieveka, and son-in-law, Chad. The photo shows a sleeping Cisco draped on top of a snoozing Kimba.
Becky also says that Kimba was a puppy when Cisco was a kitten. Kimba thought from Day One that she was the mom! Cisco has always been Kimba's "baby," and so she has actually raised Cisco. She worries and frets when he's outside and only relaxes when he comes in (she sits at the window and watches for him!).
Visit my Web site, www.Heloise.com, and click on This Week's Pet to see it. Heloise
Dear Heloise: When cleaning out a fish aquarium, be sure to use cleaners that are safe. Some harsh cleaners might leave a residue (even after rinsing) that could hurt or kill the fish. Jenny in Pennsylvania
Thanks for the reminder, Jenny. For other readers, it's a good idea to get a book on proper aquarium care. Having an aquarium is a responsibility, and knowing how to take care of it is a boon. Heloise
Dear Heloise: Recently, someone wrote saying to use paper clips to keep their birdcage doors closed. I have a better idea: use clothespins. These are safer and work very well. Barbara, via fax
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