CONTAMINATION Army cleaned up radar site in Brookfield, officials say

Asbestos in the buildings may still have to be addressed.
BROOKFIELD -- There's good news about the condition of the former Army radar site property here that Trumbull County wants to sell.
The Army says it cleaned up its mess after it turned over the property to the county, which used it as a nursing home before closing it.
That news was relayed to county and Brookfield Township officials in a Thursday phone conference that included representatives from the U.S. and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies, Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio Department of Development.
This assessment is important because not having to worry about underground contamination from fuel tanks will make the property more marketable.
"To find out the corps has removed 15 underground storage tanks and closed them was good news," said Trish Nuskievicz, environmental specialist with the Trumbull County Planning Commission.
The tanks held substances such as fuel and heating oil.
"They also took contaminated soil from the area," Nuskievicz said. The work was done in 1998 and 1999.
The nursing home closed in the early 1980s; the county acquired the land from the federal government in the 1960s.
First steps
It's possible the old buildings at the site may contain asbestos, something that would have to be taken care of before development there can occur -- even before they can be demolished.
This is not as huge an undertaking as removing underground storage tanks would have been, Nuskievicz said.
The planning commission and county commissioners will be discussing what route they'd like to take to address the possible asbestos, including seeking U.S. EPA funding, she said.
Commissioner James Tsagaris has noted the site is among the highest spots in the county and most scenic.
The first round of bids for the property, however, fell below the county's assessed value; another round of bids may be sought.
In May, Commissioners Daniel Polivka and Tsagaris suggested using federal "brownfield" money for a cleanup effort at the home site. That spurred the Thursday phone conference.

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